What would Sony have to announce to get your juices going?

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With the impending announce of its Next Gen (if rumours are to be believed) I'm wondering what can Sony announce that would make people excited. I'm kind of meh about a new gen myself.

1) Hardware specs? I wonder if anyone gets excited about this anymore. Gone are the days of polygon/sec or FLOPS touting. It's fair to expect that power-wise the PS4 and the NextBox will be in the same ballpark, enough that differences in multiplatform releases will be minor, as they are today.

2) New control schemes? This has become a differentiator, but a kind of moot one I think. Dualshock+Sixaxis+Move? Anyone cares?

3) Exclusives? The bread and butter of consoles, but what can they announce? A new God Of War? Uncharted? KillZone? None of those get my adrenalin going.

I'm not going to lie, I know I'll end up buying it eventually, but I'm not forgetting that I got burnt last time when the price was reduced months after I bought.

For now I just can't get excited.

That they're not bothering with any motion controls or touchscreens or Facebook/Twitter smartphone/tablet media hub rubbish.

That they're not bothering with any motion controls or touchscreens or Facebook/Twitter smartphone/tablet media hub rubbish.

This alongside new exclusive IPs that aren't full of derp.
Only then, would I be happy.

Five hundred ninety nine US dollars.

All kidding aside, I think we have to see streaming backwards compatibility for all PS3 games, both on PS4 and Vita, to really be exciting. If Sony can pull that off, the resulting library of titles (not to mention the Wii U Tablet emulation) will put it in a class of its own compared to Microsoft and Nintendo's products.

I haven't gotten excited about consoled in a long time because I know I will buy them anyways. I don't care if it's a PS3 that allows you to play 2 games at once, I will buy it because I am an idiot.

They'd have to announce that their console is $300 or less. Maybe 400, but 300 would really get me going. And yes I realize there's no way that's happening, but still. A poor college student can dream.

If it's around $300 and The Last Guardian is the launch title.

If by some act of God they do that then they can have my money right away.

That they saw the error of their way in releasing console games/consoles and are moving to a proper framework: the PC and that all their new games will be made for windows/Linux.

Uncharted, if they announced one as a launch title. That would be it. Day one for sure!

Some good Vita games... Aside from Soul sacrifice, Murumasa and Tearaway I don't see any exciting upcoming releases.

Give me a fucking next gen Jak game already. The HD Collection was a massive tease.

1: That the hardware specs will be up to par with current high-end pc's.
2: That it won't ban the possibility to sell your used games.
3: That it won't be always online required.
4: That it won't have things like social media on it.
5: That they didn't go with the touch pad on the controller, and kept their tried and true old design.

If they announced all of those for the new console, THEN I would be interested. Otherwise, no thank you.

Full disc based backwards compatibility with PS1-3 games.

The end of their attempts at handheld gaming.

The end of motion/touch/psionic implant control.

The option to use the old PS Store, because the new one is measurably inferior. It takes about a full minute to load, tv and games are no longer separated, the search function has been handicapped, and actually finding the particular thing you are looking for takes way longer than it should. I used to be able to boot it up in about 4 seconds, see all the new stuff that week, and pass 99% of the time. Now it actively wastes even more of my time.

All those impossibilities aside, there really isn't anything in particular that Sony could do to excite me. Nintendo is currently lost to me with its Wii U nonsense, but the 3DS is looking good though I hate 3D luckily its optional. M$ was dead to me before the original Xbox was released.

Literally the sole game I currently know to be in development on any platform that still interests me is Dark Souls 2. Since I only like to play those games offline so far, even that game will have a lot of content I won't be enjoying.

I would love a new IP that was basically the Elder Scrolls minus all the lore etc. Basically a good first person RPG that Bethesda or Id or EA or Gearbox hasn't driven into the ground yet.

I don't need fully voiced dialogue, 400 labyrinthine dungeons, or really fancy bells and whistles. I just want an interesting fantasy world to dink around in with a character I can create and grow. I already have that in PWI, but I'd rather have a better one. ES Online looks pretty cool. If it made its way to PS4 then I might be interested.

It doesn't need to be better than Elder Scrolls, but it does need to be better than Sacred 2 and Kingdoms of Amalur. That REALLY shouldn't be too hard.

I'd settle for something like The Summoning, or Grimrock, or even a new Puzzle Quest that doesn't suck like each game after the original has.

I love Etrian Odyssey, but it would be nice to have another option for dungeon crawling. No randomized levels preferably.

Sony! Where's my Demons' Souls 2? I WANT IT NOW.


Sony, just give us an option to enable digital copies of games on PS+ that are brand new copies. I'd like to play my PS3 games whenever. Oh, and backwards compatibility is a must.

"Exclusive to the PS4, Resident Evil 2 Remake"

I'd just be splashing all over the floor.

Honestly, just a video game system. Like, literally, just a video game system. I'm tired of having a bunch of apps and other useless content that I never use, and when I do try and use it, never works right. Hulu on the Wii spends more time buffering than actually showing the episode, and Zune for the Xbox was just a worse way of typing the song in on youtube to hear it.

I'll give the Wii credit, though, in that it never shoved this kind of content in your face like Xbox did. For the most part, if you didn't want something on your main Wii menu, it could be removed.

But just a plain, simple system, with decent enough power to get games running at 60 fps with a wider FOV would be nice. Then just start working on the exclusives and third party support.

"For the first time in seven years, we have a competent marketing team!"

Backwards compatibility and more Vita functionality would be just dandy. I'd also love a new Killzone though, especially if it took the Mercenary apporach and allowed you to fight for the Helghast.

Backward compatibility - at least to PS 3 is a must but I would like to see PS 2 playable again since they've discontinued, PS 1 being on the PSN is ok with me (more than 15 years back I don't expect them to go on disk honestly). If NOT PS 2 compatible I would like a store credit for games I already own on disk at the PSN store - half off or more seems appropriate to me.

No or only optional touch / screen in controller / gimmicky move crap. I do not want this. I do not want it forced upon me by any console, period. Respect the older gaming generation while you're off innovating for the new people. Choices are good.

I'd also like to see them keep backing things like Thatgamecompany and the stuff they put out and keep that stuff flowing into the PSN store. The store could use another overhaul, I think someone already mentioned that they have made it more difficult to navigate with the most recent iteration. iTunes did the same crap recently and I wish everyone would leave things that aren't broken the hell alone.

Price point is going to count, but at the end of the day I will save up if it is worth having. Of course, I won't be buying the first wave unless they co-release some title I can't live without (buggy first wave PS stuff has hit my house before).

Yes, a new God of War would be sweet, it seems to be the new Megaman for me, except unlike Capcom, Sony havent anandoned me yet. Not sure how Ascension will turn out but if they keep the same quality as all the other games in the series Ill keep buying.

Now I would still wait for some price drops though.:P Unless they buy Crash Bandicoot, make them their mascot again and force Naughty Dog to make as many games as there are Mario games + MediEvil, do something with it damnit. If I get these its day one purchase.

The Last Guardian.

Day one purchase of the PS4 if that is where I can play it.

Transfer all you PS3 data (trophies, online name, etc.) to the PS4 no problem.

All former PS games, from PlayStation to PS3, will be able to be played with not problem. And I mean put the game in the actual system from the physical disc, not streaming. If there's a way to copy it from the disc to the system itself, I'll settle for that.

$300 at launch with no 'superior' version that works better and costs more.

I don't think any of those things will happen though, so I think I'm just going to sigh and go back to playing my old systems for a while.

New MediEvil
New Twisted Metal

I wouldn't even care if you couldn't sell used games at that point.

I've never really been into Sony. I decent controller would be a good start.

I don't get the problem with social media on a console, if you don't like it, don't use. Judging by how big it is someone likes it and I see no reason to take that away from those people just because I wont even consider using it myself.

OT: Tales of Symphonia with some improvements along with another two Tales of games and I think I would buy it. I did buy ps3 because of Tales of Graces after all...

Hardware wise:
16Gb RAM, Equivilent of i5 3730 processor, equivalent of 670GTX, 512Gb SSD and CLC liquid cooling, for cheaper than it'd cost me to upgrade my PC to that level [$360].

Peripheral wise:
Keyboard and Mouse as a fully functional control scheme.
Flight Sticks
Full on virtual reality

A great Strategy game or old-school RPG. Don't care about shooters or action games, way too oversaturated in them as is.

Odds of it happening?
Absolutely 0. This is why I'll stick to my PC, sorry Sony and Microsoft.


A crapload more powerful than the PS3
Backwards compatibility with PS3
Large collection of games ready to be released with it
Maintain free online play

Yes I know that will never happen (especially the price) but you wanted to know what would get ME excited. I'm not anticipating excitement, if that makes sense.

Game-wise, I'd like to see:
A new MediEvil game. Hopefully without the "Kiddification" the remake suffered.
Launch titles which don't suck ass

EDIT: Also, a new Monster Hunter!

Console-wise, I'd like to see:
Backwards compatibility for my PS3 games (if they can go back further then I won't argue)
The ability to transfer games bought on PSN to the PS4

it can cook, clean, be" adventurous" and dance the robot pretty well.

They'd have to announce that they are giving everyone in Australia and New Zealand a free PS3/4 in apology for ripping them off for so long.

Another thing is that the console will NOT block used games, be fully backwards compatible with EVERY PS3 game and NOT have to be always online to play games

Or if they announce HL3 as a multi-platform (MUST include PC) release via steam.

A 400 USD starting price, the Last Guardian as a launch title, a more durable and heavier controller (larger would be nice as well), backwards compatibility and some other nice exclusives.

If it had those things I'd take out a loan to buy it day one :p

They are releasing thatgamecompany's back catalogue on PC. That's about the only thing Sony can do that will interest me.

That or bring the release date for their new console forward so devs can make games for a system that has more RAM than my phone.

If it's around $300 and The Last Guardian is the launch title.

If by some act of God they do that then they can have my money right away.

That's actually a really bad sign when a game switches consoles mid development. Especially as a launch title.

-Still have free multiplayer.
-Get MGS and FF back as exclusives.
-No "always online" bullshit.
-Backwards compatability. I know that this won't work because of how stupid the PS3 innards are but still.
-Them showing an open world game that doesn't perform like ass.
-Them dropping the Wii ripoff.

I'm probably gonna get a PS4 regardless of the above purely because I like their exclusives and Japanese games tend to favour Sony.

Can't imagine why...


I suppose that's what happens when you ask a console question on a site where 65% of people said that the PC was their gaming platform of choice (though that survey was 3 years old).

All I'm seeing is "Make it a PC that costs less than mine". Sad.


1) Backwards compatibility with PS3 would be nice. Odds: 400:1. The hardware for the PS3 and PS4 aren't going to get along.

2) A new Disgaea, FF Versus XIII, and a decent Hack and Slash (New Onimusha?). Odds: 3:1, 15:1, 30:1

3) Standard Sony controller, maybe make it a little more durable. No bloody touch screen. Odds: 1:2.

4) $400 price tag. Odds: 2.5:1

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