What would Sony have to announce to get your juices going?

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Onimusha as a launch title (or released in the launch window) so long as it assumed Dawn of Dreams never happened. But most importantly, just don't force an "always online" internet connection or lock out used games. So long as they get those two hardware specs right the rest will fall into place.

Oh, for an added bonus, it'd be cool if they started using the Japanese Sony mascots world wide. Why? Because they're fucking cats. That's why.

A really big franchise game coming to PSVita as exclusive would take me by surprise.

Like hoping that MGSV is actually MGSVita.

As for PS4, I see myself buying it within years. I like their exclusives and its controller doesn't seem to be way outside my comfort zone that I have with DS3.

All I'm really expecting out of the new consoles are better specs. I don't care about innovative control systems or radical new whatevers, just put out a system with better specs than you have now and let developers get to work on making what they can out of it. I guess it should be said, in light of last time, that a healthy launch library would be a good idea.

If they bring back Gex, Medieval, and another new Sly game I'd probably be sold in an instant.

I thought hard about it and i dont think thats possible.


A crapload more powerful than the PS3
Backwards compatibility with PS3

Please pick one. you cant have both. you can have a powerful PS4, or you can have a PS4 that is compactible with PS3 design and continues the tradition of being awful platform to work on.

I suppose that's what happens when you ask a console question on a site where 65% of people said that the PC was their gaming platform of choice (though that survey was 3 years old).

well, consoles, for the high market share they have, are completely obsolete for any decent task by now.

Give me a fucking next gen Jak game already. The HD Collection was a massive tease.

that's a terrible idea, and let me tell you why:

Jak X
The Lost Frontier

While the Precursor games never had the best story (or consistency) they were always decent, and were solid games.

Daxter had a plot that fit nowhere in Jak 2's continuity (though i guess that could be justified by saying Daxter was busy lying through his teeth), but it played like a very long Daxter section from Jak 2. Not fun

Jak X continues in the series tradition of having a glaring continuity conflict (spargus city's existence was justifiable, Kras City's is not) but taken just as a plot, it's functional, even if the idea that the poisoned racers would compete to win, instead of work together, is a bit ridiculous. The problem is that the driving is the same as the desert cars from Jak 3, and the terrible physics make the game nearly impossible to complete.

The Lost Frontier: Takes the concept of continuity and rubs it on a hobo's balls. Game plays about as well as those same balls.

Granted, all those games were made on the cheap by no one who really cared, but it seems like sequel decay to me. Jak & Daxter was solid, if unforgiving, platformer. Jak 2 was frustrating as hell, but was still a solid game. Jak 3 took out all the challenge, as well as a lot of the platforming and things that weren't giant combat scenes or vehicle driving

1) Hardware specs?

2) New control schemes?

3) Exclusives?

1 - There are people who care and there are people who will never be satisfied by consoles because of the power housed in their futuristic, Hyper-Computer from the distant future. Personally, I stopped noticing when people stopped talking about 'bits'.

2 - I can't stand motion controls...this is what keeps me from getting into Skyward Sword and since it seems like the next Xbox is going to integrate a new form of Kinect, that's going to keep me away from that particular console. Based on what I've seen of the leaked PS4 controller, it looks like Sony is afraid of two things: scaring off Sony fans and looking like they're afraid to innovate. It looks like the thing has a screen on it like what the Wii U has but the controller itself looks like not much of anything has changed in terms of layout. I'm staying away from it if the core titles require Move though...

3 - Sony doesn't have as many exclusives (or rather, the potential for exclusives) as Nintendo but it has Microsoft beaten...in a big way. I can't help but see the Xbox 360 as Krillin when it comes to exclusives (Halo = Destructo Disc and Gears = Solar Flair...oh wait, Goku knows both of those...never mind). Anyway, I may end up getting the next playstation console because I'm really curious about Sly, Uncharted, Twisted Metal, Sony All-Star, Starhawk, Jak & Daxter, Ratchet & Clank, God of War...I'm even looking forward to the inevitable Little Big Planet/Modnation crossover! The exclusives are why I grabbed a Wii U, Gamecube & 3DS and, it's going to be why I end up grabbing a PS4 HOWEVER...

(this is technically the end...the rest isn't really related to why I would get myself a PS4...this is kinda the opposite)

...The PS3 has been almost infamous when it comes to how many multiplatform games ported to it had bugs, glitches and, other anomalies. Just ask the people who bought anything by Bethesda for their PS3. I'm going to assume the PS4 will be better off than the PS3 but such multiplatform glitches would make me think twice about getting a game on the PS4 if it's also available on the Wii U.

As for the rumors; if it's confirmed that I won't be able to play used or, borrowed games on the PS4 then I won't buy one at all. If it's confirmed that the PS4 must be connected to the internet at all times in order to run games, I won't buy one at all. If it's confirmed that PS4 games are all digital, with no option to purchase them physically, I won't buy one at all. Admittedly, that last one isn't really a rumor...but if Sony seriously released the PSP-Go, there's not really anything stopping them from up-scaling for the PS4 or a possible final form of the PS3. One which I doubt anybody would purchase (much like the PSP-Go)

Sony Playstation has to show that it is in the business as selling a platform for GAMES.

Microsoft - arcade, social networking, streaming, multimedia, app, kinect clusterfuck.
Nintendo - occasional party/family based entertainment.
Mobile (Android/iOS) - repetitive, simple, as-and-when games.

They need to make the PSN Store much more accessible for finding games. Keep bringing in those innovative, exclusives that you don't see on other consoles, while supplementing them with more AAA titles. Make sure any control gimmicks, apps, DRM, subscription fees, and internet connections do not get in the way of getting to and playing games. i.e. don't try to compete with markets that only include games and aren't video game markets.

P.S. This ended up being more of a suggestion for Sony Playstation's trading practices rather than the PS4 specifically.

Mainly number 3. They already have the best controller of the big 3 IMO (hence why it's barely changed from the PS1 days), so it's all about the exclusive games to use 'em on.

Backwards compatibility.
New Kingdom Hearts.
New Zone of the Enders (or a new mecha IP).
New Castlevania.
New Tales game (or a new CRPG series).
New Wild Arms.
New Breath of Fire.

Basically everything that made my jaw drop on the PS2's release.

If they had a three disc changer so I wouldn't have to get up to take out Star Wars on Blu-ray to play Katamari Forever before bed.
If they announced several exclusive new IPs.
And if they said they bought back Crash's license from Activision. And Naughty Dog is working on it, but not forced to.
And a regular controller with no gimmicks.

The only think I care about is new games. I had no problem with the PS3 and for all I care they can just stick a 4 over the 3 and I'll buy it if the new games come out for it. I really, really need Fallout news, and a new Mass Effect game would be appreciated. If a game like these or similar is announced to be a title game then count me in. If not, I'll wait to see what happens game and price-wise.

A partnership with Valve to make the PS4 a Steambox style console.

Backwards compatibly.

Thats pretty much it.


That's really the only reason I would ever pay attention to Sony.

I'm wondering what can Sony announce that would make people excited. I'm kind of meh about a new gen myself.

As someone meh about this current gen, here is what would excite me about the next:

1. Backwards compatibility with PS1, PS2 and PS3 games. Seriously, this is getting ridiculous. We should only need 1 Playstation on our entertainment center. And since the PS3 is capable of playing both PS2 and PS1 games already (even though they took out PS2 games), just making the PS4 backwards compatible with the PS3 should do it.

2. I also want to see pretty much every dead Sony franchise resurrected, some as launch titles. A new Jumping Flash, Warhawk (NOT starhawk), Crash, Jak etc. I didn't care for Uncharted or Infamous at all. (LBP was ok... but the visual gimmick got obnoxious for me quick.) Who knows, the next PlayStation allstar game might actually have a roster! (ZING!)

3. Actually get and keep exclusives. Give people a reason to buy your console and not the Xbox. It was pretty weak that Sony let so many IPs slip through their fingers because not enough people had PS3s and developers didn't think they could make money by selling a game just on that console.

I'd buy something as small as the ps2 slim that can play ps2 and ps3 games as well as playing dvds and blu-rays.
0 shits given about the "next gen", just wrap the previous ones up properly already so I have something worthy of replacing that ps2 that still lumbers under my tv.
The technology should have more than caught up for that one by now, you can fit something many times more powerful than the ps2 into a fraction of the space it took. It's the vita.

They'd have to announce a buyout by another company like Samsung or something, because Sony has NEVER "got my juices flowing" for anything they have ever done. They've been mildly entertaining a few times, but they have at best, always been what I expect as standard for being in the console race. At worst, they've been nothing short of contemptible.

I'd like them just to announce the damn thing. Then I'll worry about specs, price, and launch games.

1: That the hardware specs will be up to par with current high-end pc's.
2: That it won't ban the possibility to sell your used games.
3: That it won't be always online required.
4: That it won't have things like social media on it.
5: That they didn't go with the touch pad on the controller, and kept their tried and true old design.

If they announced all of those for the new console, THEN I would be interested. Otherwise, no thank you.

Im not bothered by 1 and 5 but definitely agree with 2,3 and 4 Microsoft has already killed any chance I will get their next Xbox purely because of always online and tagging games to my system so if Sony just kept their system as it was I would be happier.

If they said that they were getting rid of trophys and profiles and allow you to use any hard drive or usb for memory that would be even better it really annoys the hell out of me that its so much harder to just take a game around a friends house and show them stuff now.

I would also like them to announce that they will properly convert currency when bringing the console to the UK i.e 400 dollars does not equal 400 pounds.

Backwards compatibility is a plus but not essential as I still have my old consoles.

Good games are what im really interested in though as long as they dont lock the console right down like Microsoft are doing I will get one eventually otherwise I will just get the WiiU.

Maximum Bert:

I listed all of those but I do agree a good starter game or two (and several others to suit other people's tastes) plus backwards compatibility would be HUGE pluses. I want to be able to keep playing my guitar hero and dragon's dogma. As I don't have the luxury of being able to afford a new console (especially one costing over 200 dollars) without selling my old one.

Though there are rumours that they will be adding a streaming service to the game, so you can stream PS3 games from their service to your PS4 and play them like that. Problem is though that online streaming always produces a bit of input lag, and that you probably have to re-buy the game knowing Sony...-.-

Basically, what I've read is that they will be streaming PS3 games and maybe some PS4 games, but that most PS4 games will still be physically buyable in stores. Something I have mixed feelings about.

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