The Best Easter Eggs in Games.

Just a thread to discuss hilarious easter eggs you find.

The idea for this was prompted from me playing some Skyrim (Dragonborn DLC). I found a Reaver Marauder wandering around the wilderness, and since these guys are normally hostile I went to say hi. He was just walking in circles saying things like 'All that treasure' and 'lost' but he had loads of cool stuff in his inventory so I picked his pocket and he caught me. He didn't attack, but put up a magical shield. Marauder. Shields. Marauder shields :D
I don't know if this was intentional but Bethesda if this is I love you even more.

Personally, my favorite easter egg is finding a flower in Journey, an obvious callback to That Game Company's last game, Flower. Clever. Easily missed but clever.

Persona 3

You're playing a computer game, whose character is from the first two games.

There is only one Easter Egg I even care about in Video Games:

The Hell Valley Sky Trees Are Always Watching...

To me it's the Roosterteeth crew having a cameo in Halo 3.

There's a really random fridge with its door blown open strewn haphazardly in the Mojave Wasteland in Fallout:NV. I believe between Goodsprings and Primm if I remember correctly. It's got a badly burned skeleton with an Indiana Jones-esque hat on his head stuffed in there. You can even take the hat.

Yeah because riding a fridge out of a nuclear explosion is a good idea :P

Oh and Hazama from BlazBlue makes nerdy pop-culture references while still maintaining a verbal tirade of abuse on some unfortunate soul. He gives Pro tips and even shouts SPOILER ALERT at someone. He's such a fun character. Definitely jumped to the top of my favourite video game characters list.

Not really an 'easter egg'...
But I like how, after beating Vanquish, you get to blow up rocks with the development teams face on them.

It's kind of a fun way to end the game.

I liked how persona 3 portable had the main character from Catherine sitting at the bar. When you talked to him he would talk about his dreams.

I'm playing through Baldur's Gate at the moment (classic, not enhanced) and it had some references that struck me as odd. I don't know whether you would consider these easter eggs, they're more foreshadowing, but whatever. Anyway, there are points in the game where certain NPCs give dialog that refers to coming troubles in Amm, Icewind Dale and the mage Jon Irenicus. It strikes me as odd because this is the first game in the series, but it references all the other infinity engine games which would come later. It makes me wonder whether the whole series was planned out from the beginning.

Early on during The Bard's Game, you end up in a forest full of wolves, and two of the items you pick up from killing them are 'red riding hood' and 'picnic basket'

Oh, and the Beer song


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