Is it just me or is the Steam client getting slower?

Fresh install (a few weeks old) of Windows 8 so also a fresh install of Steam. Clicking on anything in the Steam client seems to take a few seconds. Anyone else?

I have Windows 7, and Steam has always been like that for me. Clicking anything usually takes a second or just under a second to load.

I think they are preforming a lot of updates at the moment - it'll settle pretty soon.

Yeah I've noticed that alot lately as well.

For me the whole thing is slow atm, not just the icon.

Takes a little while to load up a page when I haven't done it before but otherwise it's fine for me.

I find mine takes forever to load the store and stalls when starting up. I also had to reinstall it twice because it stopped opening completely for reasons I am uncertain of.

It's actually been pretty unstable for me for quite awhile now.

It takes a bit, back when I could actually load the damn client. Now, it refuses to load as it says that I'm offline. That's a load of BS as I was browsing the Internet for a solution while loading Steam. I wish I had some idea where to go next.

It's always been fairly slow for me. It does seem even slower now though.

I'm in the "it's always been slow, but seems to hang when changing pages" camp. I was trying to get to the Steam Workshop to check out some of the user dungeons for Grimrock, and it took about five minutes for it to switch from my games list to the workshop. Does the same thing when going from list to store and vice versa.

Works just fine for me. If it's hanging while looking through your games library you have a problem. If you're complaining that it takes a second to load a store or community page then you must realize that Steam is basically a web browser connecting to a server to retrieve that information.

Expect it to be a bit slower during peak hours or times when people are downloading a lot.

Certainly has been a lot of updates latley. That's all I can see.

They've changed the updater and I suspect allot of the internal coding these last few months.

Most likely to bring the now 3 platforms (Windows, Mac OS and Linux) up to the same standards.

I notice my client updates damn near every other day, but other than that I havent noticed a big slow down

I've thought it's been running fairly slow for the past few years, personally...

dont know about getting slower but it always was pretty slow for me it also liked to make my computer hang hence why I got rid of it, its just a shame I can now not play the game I bought in a shop.

Steam's been incredibly slow as of late, and also freezing up my desktop completely.

It's always slow for me. I don't use any tabs other than the library and occasionally the store page because it takes an absolute age for it to realize that it has to load something.

It's been like that since I can remember, and it's mostly not the client at all just the reliance on server response that takes it's sweet ass time even for shit you just want to load from the bloody hard drive.

Absolutley. It's gotten to the point where I now use steampowered for all of my purchases and community features. I only use the client to install and launch my games.

Its actually started working quicker for me the last day or two after whatever patching they did, apart from the store being as sluggish as ever of course.

Every now and then the store is a bit slow, but restarting the client often improves it.

No worse than normal for me. I keep it on offline mode though, don't know if that makes a difference.


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