Help... I log into SWTOR and there're no servers to choose from...

Posting this on the SWTOR customer service forum was the obvious first move, but for some reason my accout's no good for the task. So I might as well ask around in here. I've been playing SWTOR for a week now sans problem until yesterday. Whenever I made it to the character select screen, I was told to supply a valid mail address (which I hand't so far) to play as my regular character. So I did. Next time I logged in, I didn't even make it past the select server screen, which was totally empty (no servers to choose from, just one big empty slate). And that's that. I've tried looking for people with similar problems and tried out similar solutions (selecting/deselecting compatibility, running as admin, etc.). I've got nothing. Any suggestions as to how I might fix this? Oh and I'm F2P if that's of any relevance.

Welp, problem solved. I'll just post here just in case someone searches a similar problem: if you get Code Error 4001 on the server screen (i.e. no servers available), go to Start and run 'msconfig', deselect "Run start-up elements" in the General tab, then select "Hide Windows services" at the Services tab. Reset when prompted et voila. Previously to that I had tried running both launcher.exe and swtor.exe on compatibility mode AND as an admin, deleting some files and letting the game patch them for me, changing my password, etc.; but I'm pretty sure 'msconfig' did the trick.

Not working for me, unfortunately. Still having blank server list with a window of Error 4001 popping-up later. Tried the fix above, admin running, compatibility (XP sp3, 7, off), deleting files, reinstalling, clean reboot, opening ports, shutting down firewall (that is the only way to even go as far as to the blank server list, with firewall running the game just freezes at the artwork loading screem), clearing dns cache, or whatever that was...... I would be very thankful for a savior, as I am combating the game for a few months by now, and I do not like to lose a battle.


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