Games you like that are "uncool" to like.

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Call it a guilty pleasure, call it seeing the good in everything, whatever you want to call it I'm sure we all have at least one game that we like, even though it's "uncool" to like it. If you bring up the fact that you like it, more often than not you will get criticized for it, either because it's too "mainstream", or there are just too many things wrong with it to everyone else.

Right now, I think the most significant game I like that's "uncool" is Diablo III. Yes, the stuff surrounding it is utter BS. I will never be a fan of always-on DRM.

The game itself, however, I actually think is really fun. It's not as deep as Diablo II (Or Torchlight II for that matter), but for what it is I actually find the game to be very enjoyable. Hell I even liked the story for it. It wasn't anything great but after I finished it, I honestly had a hard time seeing why people were bashing it so much.

Well, aside from

Still, for what it is I really like Diablo III, even though I understand why a lot of people don't, especially when the DRM is brought up.

Most recently: Assassin's Creed III.

I really liked the wilderness and colonial settlements, it kept me interested far better than the tales of Ezio in Italy, considering I couldn't even get halfway through Brotherhood or Revelations. Plus, dem naval battles.

Slightly older: Also Diablo III. I've got no ties to the franchise, I never played either of the first two when I was growing up or anything, and I got it for free out of a World of Warcraft promotion Blizzard did since I was going to have a constant subscription to the latter anyway. Lag issues early after launch aside, it was a lot of fun.

Depending on who/where you ask: Mass Effect 3, Halo, most Sonic games, Bioshock 2, Crysis 2/3, Playstation All-Stars, Dragon Age II, Gears of War, and probably a few others I can't think of at the moment.

EDIT: Oh, Dead Space 3 as well.

Mass Effect 3.

Moving on.

Angry Birds. I really don't see why anyone would hate on this game. Well, okay... I do, it's because it's popular among non-"hardcore" gamers, and people can be complete twats about that sort of thing, but I don't see a good reason to hate on it. It's a thoroughly amusing way to kill time in a waiting room or during a slow lunch break.

Ernie's Big Splash... I used to play this game for hours as a kid small child...

Faxanadu for NES:

I enjoy playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 with friends.

Also, I friggin LOVED Too Human. REALLY underrated game.

In these parts its ANY HALO GAME.

Seriously, I have fun with these, they are awesome.

Wait... Why is it uncool to like 'mainstream' games like Diablo 3, Mass Effect and other popular games already mentioned? I don't... whatever...

I really like Conflict Desert Storm on the PS2, I vastly preferred it over Socom at the time.

Also I recently played and really enjoyed the 2012 reboot of Syndicate.

i like sims 3 .. i win :D

I still enjoy Bioware's games, notably Mass Effect 3 and, yes, Dragon Age 2.

I also do enjoy the occasional Call of Duty.

Here on The Escapist, that pretty much makes me some sort of leper.

A lot of stuff. I've mentioned them in these threads many times before, so I'll spare the list for now.

I liked Shadow the Hedgehog (game)

I like Nintendo games (taboo around here)

I like the Halo games.

I like Angry Birds, its a fun and harmless timesink.

i like sims 3 .. i win :D

As do I, but not sure if my pc can handle another expansion pack!

Also: ME3 (sure some bits hurt, but the overall game rocks and the multiplayer is still fun a year on)
And the Uncharted series (why does the series get so much hate, sure Drake kills more than the black plague did, but there great games!)

I like Nintendo games (taboo around here) is?

Whenever we have these threads, I'm always amazed by the stuff people say about the things they think other Escapists hate, since I rarely see any evidence of it (well, except poor old BioWare, we still get a lot of muppets ranting about what an awful studio they are). I like Nintendo too, I just never play their stuff because I have an Xbox.

OT: I've been playing a lot of Gyromancer lately, which is just about the least cool thing I've ever owned. It's a JRPG with a paper-thin plot, stupid character names and designs, a battle system that's one part Pokemon to two parts Bejewelled Twist, it's gloriously stupid and ridiculously addictive. I imagine it would be uncool if anyone else had ever heard of it, but as it stands I'm still pretending to be the Fonz because nobody knows how lame I actually am. Score!

Heroes of Newerth.

There's the "MOBA three", Heroes of Newerth, Dota 2, and League of Legends. League of Legends is the young cute one which everyone dotes on. Dota 2 is the old one which is reliable and familiar. Heroes of Newerth is the middle child who got drunk one night, made an ass of himself and fell down the stairs. He may be cleaning up his act now, but everyone still sees him as the drunk prick who fell down some stairs.

I don't think anything I see regularly bashed around here is in my library at all.

The Syndicate remake, Dead Space 3, Halo 4, FIFA 13 and Prototype 2 (the story may suck but its a whole lotta fun)among others.
I also, really enjoyed Mass Effect 3, there may have been issues with the ending but after playing it a few times through and with the E.C I still love it

Final Fantasy X-2.

I mean yeah, it had a ton of bad shit. The majority of the characters were really one-dimensional, all the pandering to teenagers with raging hormones with all the silly half-naked costumes, the mostly incoherent plot (even for a Final Fantasy game), etc.

But the rest of it... was pretty solid. There was an absolute ton of sidequesting, the combat system was really fluid and engaging, the class swapping mid combat added an element of challenge to some of the later fights, and even the list of accessories was more varied than the typical JRPG/FF game with some seriously powerful boons balanced by some really harsh negatives.

The world exploration felt a *lot* more open than FFX (which honestly isn't that hard, since FFX was the most linear final fantasy game ever made ever), with a lot of jumping over chasms and climbing walls that contributed to making the world feel bigger.

It gets a lot of hate, and it definitely deserves a good portion of it, but X-2 had a number of fantastic features that people always seem to forget about when talking about final fantasies.

I really like Conflict Desert Storm on the PS2, I vastly preferred it over Socom at the time.

I absolutely loved that game when I was younger. Tough as nails on the later levels (Scud boulevard/alley anyone?), and I still haven't completed it, but it took up so much of my time.

On topic, I loved Halo 4. There were some bad points (retcons and errors in the backstory etc), but overall I loved it just as much as the older games. And the ending, oh good god the ending. All of my manly tears were shed.

Pretty much any 1st person adventure game. It's cool to like the old Lucasarts games but clicking your way around a lonely environment interacting with nobody and doing puzzles is about as far from cool as you can get.

Most recently, the new Devil May Cry.

I like the new Dante. Yes, he's a prick, but it actually makes sense when taken in context with his backstory (no family, no memory of his early childhood, hunted by demons from a very early age, etc.). Furthermore, he quickly gets his act together, stops being a douche, opens up to people, shows his capacity for compassion and loyalty and generally develops in a fairly believable direction. The old Dante was cool, but he wasn't a person, he was a wish fulfillment fantasy taken to the extreme. The new Dante works much better as an actual person.

Other than that, the level design is awesome, with some levels being truly interesting setpieces and featuring changes of perspective and visual tricks that help freshen things up. The combat is crisp, tight and fun, with plenty of variety in weapons and moves. Sure, the "normal" difficulty is pretty easy, but once you hit Son of Sparda, the game will start kicking your arse if you're not careful. Even the plot is reasonable, with a few decent twists and a nice does of social commentary, which is welcome even if it us quite unsubtle.

All in all, I don't really have any complaints about the game and I'd rate it fairly high in most if not all categories. It's an overall good game and it's a shame people got fixated on the hair color change so much (which turns out to be a moot point anyway)...

I kinda love the new DmC.
I played and liked Devil May Cry 1+3, and i would have a hard time saying DmC is universally better than 3, but i adore the level designs, the cool setpieces and the Regular/Angel/Demon Weapon Gameplay. I bought the "Vergil's Downfall" DLC pretty much blind today. I rarely buy DLC and almost never without reading a bunch of reviews, but i want to play more DmC, so, sold.

Actually, i really like Ninja Theory as a Developer anyway, so you can add "Enslaved" to the list.

Mass Effect 3.
Look, i didn't like the ending either, but the rest of the game was pretty amazing. Even the multiplayer surprisingly worked as a small little distraction.

The Syndicate remake was alright, fun to play and pretty (and once again, i did play Syndicate...Syndicate Wars, at least). Hardly a favorite game or something i'd replay in the near future, but it was...good.

Also, Dungeon Siege III was a whole lot of fun in local CoOp, and while i can only speak for the console version, i liked the streamlined action-y feel of it (i mean, Dungeon Siege was always the sort of streamlined Action RPG, wasn't it?)

Also, I friggin LOVED Too Human. REALLY underrated game.

You're absolutely right. I was warned (by Yahtzee in particular) that it was horrendous having the combat mapped to the right analog stick. How it felt for me was like a twin-stick shooter on steroids with RPG elements. I only got it a month ago, but that game really caught way too much flak. Sidenote, I find it funny that when I put it in my 360, it just doesn't have "details" at all. No "similar" games, achievement list, DLC, nuthin. Just play or install to HDD.

My pick is Madden. I love American football, I love being able to dick with it in the RL offseason, and the online franchise is a blast with the drafting, trading, and micro-RPG elements. I get that shit every year for my birthday. No shame.


Faxanadu for NES:

You can't just post any game man. Faxanadu, though it probably carries some "hipster-label" nowadays, is awesome!

OT: Hmm, what is "uncool".. I suppose my fondness of WoW fits rather well, I still play as often as I can and I really enjoy it. I ended up enjoying Dragon Age 2 alot more than the first one... I'm struggling here actually, I don't really care what anyone else thinks about the games that I enjoy sinking time into.
Oh! I've gotten into VN's this past year. Does that even count? I mean, those that do not enjoy VN's/never played any doesn't consider the genre at all, so it's not like it is considered "uncool" to any greater extent. That would imply that people were aware of them.

Dead Space 3. Game is still fun and atmospheric. I actually like the progression to more actiony gameplay. Not by any means because it's better but to me it makes sense. Like Allen > Aliens, Evil Dead > Army of Darkness.

Battlefield 3. Or other "unoriginal" and "uninspired" military multilayer shooty shooter. Thye are my thing and BF3 is top of the line.

I'm surprised how many people are picking really populist games. Hell, games that were both critically and commercially successful. I know The Escapist community has tried to keep up its "indie cred" and such, but come on guys. You can't pick Black Ops 2 of Battlefield 3! They were multi-million sellers! Hundreds of thousands of people play them every day! They have enjoyed great success and have secured themselves massive fanbases. If playing popular games is "uncool," then, well, what the hell is cool.

Anyway, probably Duke Nukem Forever for me.

Also, I friggin LOVED Too Human. REALLY underrated game.

It was critically panned, not "underrated". Generally "underrated" means it flew under the radar, like Psychonauts, which was received positively but sold incredibly poorly.

Is Euro Truck Simulator cool or uncool at the moment? Either way, I like it.

Eh...I kinda like MW3, it's a functionally competent shooter and a blast in multiplayer, even if the singleplayer is kind of hilarious in all the possible ways.

*Raises his hand from the back of the class*

Uhm...I really liked Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future's buggy, UPlay is shit, and it's optimization is terrible, but the story is interesting in an over the top way, and the optical camo is kinda fun...Just wish they added A.I to Guerrilla Mode...

On another note, I found Splinter Cell: Conviction to be fun...I like the idea of Sam on the run...I consider myself a stealth game vet (Thief 2, MGS, Hitman etc.) and I found it interesting.

You're gonna yell? I'll just sit back here then.

Indigo Prophecy. yes, the game took a complete 180 from the amazing first half and literally turned into the matrix, but even despite that I really enjoyed it, despite most hating it. The game being solely quicktime events didn't help, but I'll forgive that cause it introduced me to the band 'Theory of a Deadman'.

Well, I'd hardly say it's 'cool' for an early 20's male to say he really likes Animal Crossing, so I'll go with that.

Well, I'd hardly say it's 'cool' for an early 20's male to say he really likes Animal Crossing, so I'll go with that.

Damn fine game though. My GC-disc broke some time ago.. I should try to find a new one. If I had the money I would invest in a 3DS or a WiiU and get one of the new ones. It's just pure happiness!


Well, I'd hardly say it's 'cool' for an early 20's male to say he really likes Animal Crossing, so I'll go with that.

Damn fine game though. My GC-disc broke some time ago.. I should try to find a new one. If I had the money I would invest in a 3DS or a WiiU and get one of the new ones. It's just pure happiness!

That sucks dude. I'm so psyched for New Leaf it's crazy. There's this fantastic catharsis I get from the game- hardly anyone else seems to 'get' it though.

Apparently I am wrong for wanting to play Sim City.
Not that I care.

Brink. Nonexistent single player and launch issues aside I enjoyed that game more than *sets up citadel* Team Fortress 2.

Diablo III - I Like the game, even though I'm disappointed with some parts.
ME 3 - great game with the exception of the the last five minutes.
RE 6 - Yeah, it isn't scary, it's more action, the story is weak and the game's design is really weird (which is kind of enjoyable again...), but I still kind of enjoy it...
AC 1 and AC Revelations - mainly because I think II and Brotherhood are utter shit.

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