Games you like that are "uncool" to like.

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I like Duke Nukem Forever, it's not the best game ever (far from it) but I can't see the flak it gets either.

Super Mario Sunshine.

Seems quite uncool to like Call of Duty games, you get labeled into the same group as ADHD five year olds jacked up on mcdonalds and mountain dew.

Mass Effect 3 also, though I wouldn't say 'uncool' as people just find it surprising and when you say 'except the last five minutes' seem to accept it.

The game series I do love and know it's deeply uncool of me is Armoured Core. I understand completely why people think they are terrible but I just can't help myself, they are my gaming crack addiction.


Ah yes, all those threads about how lame Faxanadu fans are. How could I forget?

As for myself: Medieval II gets a lot of shit from Total War fans, but it's still my favorite in the series, and I like it better than Rome...though I doubt I've ever been accused of not being cool because of that.

I've also enjoyed a lot of Call of Duty singleplayer, and by this point, there's probably no series out there which gets more hate thrown in its general direction than CoD.

Team fortress 2- I'm not sure how popular it is in this community,there are plenty off people who I've met who've snickered at this. (I think it's the hats)

Clive Barkers Jericho: I just liked the atmosphere and action horro b movie schlick this had going. Liked the mechanic where you actually control a dead character and your spirit moves between squad members to take control of them.
Ai is meh and enemy variety is poor in that theres only a few different ones per theme, but for all its faults, i seriously had tons of fun.

Hunted demon forge: "a game for twats by twats" if i remember yahtzees verdict on it, one of the best coop experiences ive ever had.

Most recently, the new Devil May Cry.

I like the new Dante. Yes, he's a prick, but it actually makes sense when taken in context with his backstory (no family, no memory of his early childhood, hunted by demons from a very early age, etc.). Furthermore, he quickly gets his act together, stops being a douche, opens up to people, shows his capacity for compassion and loyalty and generally develops in a fairly believable direction. The old Dante was cool, but he wasn't a person, he was a wish fulfillment fantasy taken to the extreme. The new Dante works much better as an actual person.

Other than that, the level design is awesome, with some levels being truly interesting setpieces and featuring changes of perspective and visual tricks that help freshen things up. The combat is crisp, tight and fun, with plenty of variety in weapons and moves. Sure, the "normal" difficulty is pretty easy, but once you hit Son of Sparda, the game will start kicking your arse if you're not careful. Even the plot is reasonable, with a few decent twists and a nice does of social commentary, which is welcome even if it us quite unsubtle.

All in all, I don't really have any complaints about the game and I'd rate it fairly high in most if not all categories. It's an overall good game and it's a shame people got fixated on the hair color change so much (which turns out to be a moot point anyway)...

that, for all the same reasons (cept the bit about SoS kicking my ass, games still to easy :p)

I'm a big fan of Japanese games in general, and JRPGs in specific. And as the gaming press has been telling us for the last few years, the Japanese game industry is irrelevant and behind the times and we should all be playing Western games because that's where real innovation is taking place. *eyeroll*



I cried a little for Chief at the end, makes me wonder what will happen to him come Halo 5

I kind of hope that there won't be a Halo 5. Not that I think Halo 4 was bad, but:

What now? You are replying to something I didn't write. What is going on?

Did you not like what I posted so altered it in your 'quote' to troll me lol?

Okay, I have no idea how this happened. My comment was supposed to go to the comment above yours. My bad.

Here's what my post should have looked like:



I really like Conflict Desert Storm on the PS2, I vastly preferred it over Socom at the time.

I absolutely loved that game when I was younger. Tough as nails on the later levels (Scud boulevard/alley anyone?), and I still haven't completed it, but it took up so much of my time.

On topic, I loved Halo 4. There were some bad points (retcons and errors in the backstory etc), but overall I loved it just as much as the older games. And the ending, oh good god the ending. All of my manly tears were shed.

I cried a little for Chief at the end, makes me wonder what will happen to him come Halo 5

I kind of hope that there won't be a Halo 5. Not that I think Halo 4 was bad, but:

I have a couple in particular.
Super Mario Sunshine (GCN)
Sonic Heroes (GCN)
Shadow the Hedgehog (GCN)
Megaman Network Transmission (GCN)
Arc Rise Fantasia (WII)

Dragon Age II, Final Fantasy XII and Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.

The Sims (all of them, but one especially, because of the awesome music), SoulCalibur (it's not exactly the most hardcore or respected of fighting games), Legend of Zelda (because people who don't play it inaccurately claim it to be unoriginal), Dragon Age II, Pokemon (because it's "4KIDZ >:(" ), Super Mario Sunshine.

Also I'm excited for the new Sim City.

Also I used to play and still really like the lore of Runescape.


Same here! I actually found myself liking the characters in the new DmC. I went back and played DMC3 just to make sure I wasn't overrating it based on nostalgia, and found that the combat in 3 was still on another level compared to the new one. So I think if they bring in some of the complexity of DMC3's combat but keep the current aesthetic (and PLEASE keep the grappling system that eliminates the awkward platforming of the past games!) then they could have something truly special in a year or two.

My other "uncool" game is Final Fantasy VII. Yeah, I know, VI is great, and I guess it's suddenly cool to like Tactics again (not that I'm complaining!) but I've always loved the utter scale of the story of VII. I like that it had the balls to kill a character you felt close to in a way that was totally random and un-heroic. I like that it threw in cyberpunk elements and actually used them as a metaphor for the inevitable damage to the environment that comes with industrialization, and the impossibility of curtailing corporate greed.

I mean, the game delves in detail into its' fictional cycle of life and death - and not just the usual bullshit about souls and crystals. It painted the entire planet as a single collective organism that recycles its' matter from one form to another. And when humans, just a single insignificant part of that organism, start causing more damage than they're worth, that planetary organism literally UNLEASHES ITS IMMUNE SYSTEM ON YOU.

I'll admit though that the combat is balls, and everything that's been added to the story since has sucked (that includes Advent Children and Crisis Core. Ick)

I think the movie licensed Harry Potter games for the PS1 were quite possibly the best book/movie videogame adaptations ever made. They're damn fine games in general and I still love them even now.

Lego games are bloody brilliant fun!
Metal Gear Solid 2 is one of my favourite MGS games
I enjoyed the 1st person platforming in Mirror's Edge

So yeah, suck it.

There is no such thing, if there's a game that I like that someone thinks it's "uncool" to like, then to fucking bad for him/her.

I like Call of Duty, definitely a faux pas around here, also Halo games.

play a jrpg on a bus,

now you know what uncool feels like.

I enjoy playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 with friends.

Also, I friggin LOVED Too Human. REALLY underrated game.

Too Human was awesome. I had blast with it as well. Makes me sad that I don't have a 360 anymore.

I also like Call of Duty when my friends get on. I'm the one who brings knives and throwing axes to the gun fight. Makes people so very, very angry.

I dunno.. Dragon Age 2 maybe? I actually liked the departure from an epic yadda-yadda story to a more personal, restricted one. The characters were awesome enough to carry the game despite it's 4 maps and the combat was decent enough to not drive me away.

Also Diablo 3. I REALLY liked the gameplay. I liked the new skill system, I think it's so far the best implementation in any Diablo clone (we sort of have to come up with a name for the genre, it has quite a few games now), the combat was visceral, fast paced and fun and it's not just mindless clicking (though it certainly could be a lot better in that regard).

Too bad they balanced the game around the AH/RMAH and completely fucked it up. Also someone should smack Metzen around the head a few times. With something heavy. Possibly covered in shit (you know, like Diablo 3's story)

Also fuck you Activision-Blizzard, it seems it WAS possible to add an offline mode after all.

I also liked DNF, like a few other people who posted here.
A friend of mine liked Aliens: Colonial Marines.

I didn't really "like" it as i bought it at launch and i'm still only about 3/4 of the way through act 2, but i thought that D3 didn't deserve all of the hate it received.

I liked resident evil outbreak 1 and 2, and thought that they were actually just as good as the games in the main series, maybe even better than the original.

Other than that, i liked half life 2 which is apparently unpopular around this forum.

I like Transformers Fall of Cybertron despite it having not won any awards at all and flying off almost everyones radar.

I'd also add Metal Gear Rising for it's new to the table sword play dynamics.

Proverbial Jon:

Lego games are bloody brilliant fun!

Lego Star wars: The Original Triology ftw! Trying to 100 percent it costs alot of time but I did enjoy it.


Andy of Comix Inc:
I'm surprised how many people are picking really populist games. Hell, games that were both critically and commercially successful. I know The Escapist community has tried to keep up its "indie cred" and such, but come on guys. You can't pick Black Ops 2 of Battlefield 3! They were multi-million sellers! Hundreds of thousands of people play them every day! They have enjoyed great success and have secured themselves massive fanbases. If playing popular games is "uncool," then, well, what the hell is cool.

Possibly because they are commercially successful is that they are disliked by many people. Not only people here tend to think of massively successful games as little more than innocent, popcorn entertainment at best; but popular games are those that are most likely to be uncool to like (not popular games just don't garner enough attention to be considered cool or uncool). If I said I liked "FUEL", for example, that wouldn't qualify because its so obscure its coolness would go either way.

Well that's stupid. The popular stuff is obviously cool. Because it's popular. "Coolness" is just a popularity contest, right?

And I mean, I know people do go against populist opinion here at The Escapist - Yahtzee seems to help along those lines - but elsewhere in the rest of the fucking world, something that is popular is usually considered trendy. We're a bunch of hipster elitist douchebags over here at The Escapist; I myself will cop to that. But I'll also cop to the fact that their popularity making it "uncool" for us is probably a sign that it actually is sort of cool, and we're just completely undermining for the sake of it.

The Escapist and other such forums are a really bad gauges of what makes a game "cool" in the so-called "real world".

I think the one game that would qualify for this would be Dragon Age 2.
I enjoyed it enough to overlook the repetitive locations and second to third wave of enemies during every encounter. The combat was more fast paced than DA:O, but, playing a mage and all, I missed the more strategic approach.

One thing I do look back to was a comparison in DAO between fighting with my mage warden in the Proving, where I had to calculate my moves and order of spells and Alistair's fight against Loghain, which was ... quite boring... bash bash bash... healing potion bash bash bash.. I win.

Aaanyway. Even though the combat was simplified in DA2, it was rather nice to see my mage treat his staff as more than just a glowy stick.
And the characters! I loved the characters, as flawed as they may have been.
So yeah...

Pink Gregory:
Seemingly Dishonored and Bioshock.

I've heard more people say they were boring, stupid or otherwise than good. But I loved them. LOVED.

Fuck all y'all.

Wow, who are you talking to? Haha
I see people lauding those games as the second coming of gaming

For it me would be The Sim 2. Sure, I was a pre-teen/teenage girl when I played them, but goddam they're fun. Got me into modding too, which is never a bad thing.

I really like Dragon Age 2. Origins might do a few things better, but I don't think Dragon Age 2 was the huge step back everyone seems to think it was.

Also, I genuinely enjoyed Splinter Cell: Conviction (and yes, I have played the other Splinter Cell games), which seems to be a bit of a social faux pas around the escapist for some reason. I especially liked the... second mission (I think) where basically all you had was a silenced gun, a broken car mirror, and a mansion full of nice squishy people. Sure the game was kind of easy, but it was fun. And to me that's more important than being challenging. For example, I don't feel the need for genital torture before sex.


Also, I friggin LOVED Too Human. REALLY underrated game.

You're absolutely right. I was warned (by Yahtzee in particular) that it was horrendous having the combat mapped to the right analog stick. How it felt for me was like a twin-stick shooter on steroids with RPG elements. I only got it a month ago, but that game really caught way too much flak. Sidenote, I find it funny that when I put it in my 360, it just doesn't have "details" at all. No "similar" games, achievement list, DLC, nuthin. Just play or install to HDD.

"Too Human" distributor was forced to recall all details about the title as a result of an Unreal engine dispute.
This may have been addressed already by someone else, so sorry if it's on the latter 3 pages at all.



Oh God, it's such a beautiful game. I don't even care if you judge me, Imma be farming my Wirlms like nobody's business! Xx


Faxanadu for NES:

There is absolutely nothing uncool about Faxanadu. Its a Classic!

Let's see... I really liked Dead Space 3. Not and much as the first two, but it felt like it was a natural progression from the other two games, as opposed to a lot of game series' third installation mark.

I really, really liked Bioshock 2. It wasn't the most necessary game to make ever, true, but it was interesting to see more of how Rapture functioned, and protecting the Little Sister portions were a blast for me.

I love Deadly Premonition. To give you an idea of my gaming habits- I've been playing games for 20+ years, and on average I play approximately 20-30 titles in a year - not meaning all brand-new releases, but anywhere from bargain bin to Triple A . I would place Deadly Premonition in my Top 5 all-time favorite games, and I KNOW this just rustles the jimmies out of a lot of people. They can deal with it.

And probably my most grievous heresy amongst the gaming community - I liked Silent Hill: Downpour and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. And this is coming from someone who has played all the SH games except for Origins and Book of Memories.

Well... playing any game back in the day was considered uncool. right up there with D&D and reading comics. you young folk take not constantly having to justify or hide your hobby for granted.

But a particular game, Kingdom hearts... my dad walked in on me playing the the little mermaid quicktime was really embarrassing.. i think i would have rather had him come in an see me looking up porn.

As far as not "hip" though. ... I got nothing, I'm that hipster making you feel bad for enjoying the sell out corporate crap you should feel bad for enjoying.

Now if you'll excuse me , I have to go play a Rpg about Disney™ Characters made by a major Japanese publisher.

Monster hunter. Some people just think the idea behind it is stupid, and the fact it takes so long to find creatures and learn how to kill them takes too long. I dont know, i like hunting IRL. but i just cant see myself hunting a duck, you know? If i wanted to fucking hunt, i want to hunt a Rathalos.

Oh, I also forgot a couple:

Binary Domain: I liked the animations for robots falling apart, and the story was pretty interesting in it's own little way, haven't checked out the MP buut...

Mindjack: It was just so cheesy! The mechanics were clunky and the story was negligible but there's something appealing about controlling a monkey with two guns on it's back or a cowering old lady who pulls an assault rifle out of nowhere.

Final Fantasy XIII: I've played most of them since I was a kid, and while some of the characters were annoying (Hope, Vanille) the linearity kind of reminded me of MOST of FFX and the story was definitely differently. But I liked it, so much that I bought the Crystal Edition of FF XIII-2.

Oh, and lastly FF VIII, equal favorite in the series with V. The Junction system is easy enough to work out, the story was enjoyable if a little confusing at times, and dat intro cutscene, my brother and I had mouth's agape when we first saw this (and by extension the Battle of Balamb Garden)

Oh, and the soundtrack =D

Too Human, Brink, Warhammer 40k Space Marine (some people have attacked me for liking it), Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, and Aliens Colonial Marines. These are just the ones that come to mind right now. I bet if I look around my house I could find some more.

Edit: Binary Domain, The Darkness, The Darkness 2, Fallout 1, Fallout 2, Fallout New Vegas, and all (but the post EA takeover) bioware games.

I do believe that I have not yet been ninjad, so here we go:

Dark Void.

I really liked the game, it was a source of extremely cheesy, strangely awesome fun.

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