Games you like that are "uncool" to like.

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I like Silent Hill 4: The Room, which is supposed to be the worst SH evah... and I had a fun while with Origins and Shattered Memories as well... I get it, the first few games are the best, but that doesn't mean the rest are that bad. I thought Memories was very atmospheric and had some pretty sweet graphics on the PS2, of all consoles. And Origins, yeah, I know they're trying really hard to recoup the feel of the first few games but I enjoyed collecting all the disposable stuff and smashing baddies with TV sets to boot. And the locations were nicely designed - the asylum, the theater, the motel...

Harry Potter: Chamber of Secrets for PC. I just loved the exploration and all the castle secrets, plus the relative freedom to roam that you had for a game of the time. Great experience.

I guess it's uncool to admit that when I played them first, I found Doom 3, Dead Space, & F.E.A.R. pretty scary. Not really scary, but pretty scary. (Also a huge fan of Resident Evil & Silent Hill; don't get me wrong, those games are a helluva lot scarier, SH2 being the most scary game I've played. But I can't deny that I was quite scared in F.E.A.R. as well. Also in the Ravenholm chapter of HL2).

Diablo III: the added focus on items is interesting and yes, you still *can* play legitimately without plunking a fortune in the cash-based auction house. The RMAH is utterly unbalanced in any case; you're better off ignoring it entirely. I didn't have any problems with the DRM, as all three Diablos are games I can only stand to play in one or two-month spurts. Any more and my brain turns into grey sludge.

SimCity: guess what? I've been able to log in last night! Whee, I'm one of the lucky ones! Only I'm locked out, right now. Fuck.

From what I've been able to see, the added focus on the micro-scale squeezes the entire scale of your average city-building process down to a few hours. After that, it's upkeep time. Hours and hours of upkeep and trying to beat back the ghastly spectre of debt. That's always been the best part of the game, for me - trying to stabilize a city into a profit-spawning entity that doesn't require more than the occasional tweak.

Call of Duty: Black Ops: I mostly mute my mic and all incoming players and give myself the lulz as long as I'm not kicked out by impatient and performance-obsessed wannabe MLG idiots who call anyone who doesn't have an impressive K/D ratio a faggot. So, well, expert plenty of purposefully derpy charges and nonsensical grenade throws.

I mostly play with friends and we're usually tired or drunk when we do play. As a result, I don't have enough dignity to spare to consent to capturing or uploading anything. ^^;

Battlefield 3: same thing, mostly. Private match + coworkers + beer = seeing if you can't bogart someone else's F18 by doing half a barrel roll and landing in the open cockpit.

You mean that's not how the game's supposed to be played? You mean I have to shoot people? HERESY, SAYS I!

Lets see...

Any JRPG I own(and theres a lot).

Castlevania LoS and MoF.

Resident Evil 5
Resident Evil 6

Yeah. I actually love both these titles. Sure, they've got their flaws and such, but I really enjoyed both of them and I had a great deal of fun.

Pick a COD, any COD. I love the Modern Warfare series to death.

I enjoyed Duke Nukem Forever. I thought it was a Duke Nukem game, though I didn't wait in anticipation nearly as long, I thought it was fun and served its purpose (though, this experience is the PC version)

Metal Gear Solid 2. A lot of people complain of Raiden, but I didn't care too much. They didn't get rid of Snake, just changed characters for a game. It was still another great MGS game to me.

And according to a lot of other people on this thread, The Sims 3...I've loved pretty much all Sims games, excluding the ports on handheld consoles (well, I know they aren't really ports but rather their own experience with the Sims name on it, but I did rather enjoy The Sims 2 on the PSP) Anyway, The Sims 3 isn't my favorite, the Sims 2 takes that easy, and I understand how EA is milking as much money as possible from it, but I get my fix on one of two expansions and fill the rest of it with user created content.

Years ago I had the best time playing Kirby Air Ride for Gamecube. The racing was pretty fun, but the main time I spent in the game revolved around the City mode. I spent so much time scooting around that city, getting all the best powerups, dealing with the random events, and slamming the competition in the end-result minigame; and I'm only talking playing it alone. Playing with relatives and friends made it one of the funnest competitive games I've ever owned, where everyone had a great time in the end, and most matches seemed fresh and different. Only like a year ago did I find out, apparently everyone hated Kirby Air Ride and considered it totally awful with no redeemable qualities.
Almost the same story with Star Fox Adventures. It wasn't the best game ever, but I enjoyed it, and found a lot later everyone hated it. I can see people wanting a "real" Star Fox sequel, though, which I can understand.(I never played the originals until after Adventures, so I guess I didn't have expectations)
Recently though, I've been enjoying World of Warcraft, and I get the most guilty feeling when I play it. It's been pretty much unanimously regarded as that "super geek/nerd/loser" type game with some sort of universal shame tagged onto playing it for as long as I've known about it. The discomforting view most people have of it gets to the point I don't like to even talk about the fact I play it.
"Haha, yeah I'm playing.....some game..... ....."

I love Deadly Premonition.

And probably my most grievous heresy amongst the gaming community - I liked Silent Hill: Downpour and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. And this is coming from someone who has played all the SH games except for Origins and Book of Memories.

Deadly Premonition is still one of the most underrated titles I can think of, with York being one of the best protagonists out there.

I enjoyed Downpour more than SH4, and Shattered Memories may be in my top two favorite Silent Hill titles. Not to mention it having one of the best soundtracks of the series.

*desperately flees rapidly approaching Silent Hill purists*

Well let's see...Final Fantasy X-2 was my first FF game and I fell in love with it. Really if you don't think of it as a sequel to X and you can overlook all the weird "girly" stuff, it's a ton of fun. I spent over 100 hours on that game before I bought a PS3. I also played an inordinate amount of Shadow the Hedgehog way back when because I was obsessed with the character and the game's atmosphere, and that's definitely an "uncool" thing to say. On that note, I liked Sonic Heroes a lot for awhile as well, before I realized that it was kind of a complete mess and drew away from Sonic games in general. I will also admit my former obsession with MapleStory before Nexon fucked the whole thing up by making it pay to win. Now when I look back on it I think "Well, I was only 14," but seeing how my Maple companions were ashamed of the habit and hid it from their real-life friends made my impressionable mind feel so very uncool for playing it, too.

I also feel lame for playing Fruit Ninja and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy so much on my iPhone, especially since not too long ago I was one of those people who took "filthy casual" as a serious insult, but they're really fun time-killer games. I'm not a handheld gamer at all, but those sorts of games more or less satisfy my cravings when I'm unable to use my home consoles.


I'm a big fan of Japanese games in general, and JRPGs in specific. And as the gaming press has been telling us for the last few years, the Japanese game industry is irrelevant and behind the times and we should all be playing Western games because that's where real innovation is taking place. *eyeroll*

Oh yes, and this. How could I forget? Though honestly, I just got Persona 3 FES and I think it's the most badass thing in the universe right now, so everyone else can go suck it.

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

From the attacks it suffers for being "tacked-on" and "taking away from the single player", I really didn't think it was tacked on at all, just an optional extra. I thought the mechanics and the first 98.9% of the story showed that the MP didn't subtract anything from the SP. And oh yeah, it's really fun! I love the mechanics of it, and the amount of DLC that Bioware have given away for free for it is fantastic, loads of new characters, maps, weapons and equipment to unlock and use. Yes, the random card based system for unlocks does suck the balls at times, but it does allow me to lord over my friends who just don't seem to have the luck of the draw that I do :P

Sonic Rivals

Goddamn, I love this game. Pretty much the main reason I've kept my PSP for this long. Love the 2.5D style of platforming for it, love the mechanics, love the soundtrack, love everything about it. Which reminds me, must get Sonic Rivals 2......

Dragon age II

Don't get me wrong, whoever at Bioware came up with the idea of reusing the same 4 maps over and over again should be hounded out of the entire video game industry, but the rest of the game is fantastic. I love the new combat system, the new combat animations that aren't just the same basic move over and over again, the new levelling system, the narrower, more personal story, Hawke, Varric, Isabella, Merril, Aveline, all of it basically! Yes, there are flaws (such as the damn map issue!), but it is a very good game and I had a lot of fun with it. Feed me your hate!

@ The Faxanadu love from the first page:

I had no idea that there was an actual following for that game, I never knew anyone who played it when I was growing up and got weird looks when I would bring it up as one of my favorite action RPGs. Especially when I would say I liked it better than Zelda II (NES) - I had people just tell me I was flat out wrong having never played Faxanadu.

Let's add to the list of other games I like that are generally disliked:

Dragon Age 2: Seriously. Improved combat, better characters (although I missed Leliana), and a much improved story. Mostly the combat drew me in, though. I *DESPISE* auto-attack in games, unless it's turn based.

Final Fantasy XIII-2: While I was pretty "meh" on 13, when I got 13-2, it was easily my favorite jRPG of 2012. The improved combat system (although I loved 13's combat system), the cool characters, and ability to explore just really drew me in. The story structure also REALLY reminds me of Chrono Trigger.

Final Fantasy X-2: Seriously. I love the job-system (and don't mind the eye candy at all), I loved the combat (seriously, best in the series next to 5's)and the story was a nice, fun break from the overly-dark dramatic stuff of the rest of the series.

Alpha Protocol: This is just a really fun RPG, with the best conversation system I've ever seen. Seriously, this game got a lot of scorn, because it's a bit buggy and unbalanced, but get through the bugs, and you'll find an amazing game with a really great story, and really good customization for your character. Just remember, it's an Obsidian game, so it'll be buggy and unbalanced, but flawless in every other way.

Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers (Wii): This is just a fantastic zombie hack n slash on the Wii. I never played the 360 prequel, but on the Wii, you're getting a fantastic hack n slash experience, with plenty of unlockables.

I fucking love Microsoft Excel. Spending hours getting all the columns to add up can be a major headache but once you do it is better than crack cocaine.

Also I am a massive fan of the X series.

Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts.

Yeah, the vehicle creation is fucking awesome. Deal with it.

I have no idea what's uncool because I ignore other people's opinions.

I still think Bioware is brilliant, even at their worst. 90% of ME3 was pretty damned great.

Dragon Age 2 .... It's clear they cut a lot of corners, but they put a lot of heart into the soap-opera aspect of the game, plus hours and hours of satisfying voice acting, and really I'm just in it for the story.

Indigo Prophesy and Heavy Rain as well. Great storytelling, even if the stories were kindof schizophrenic.

Well I don't know if they're "uncool" or not, but two games I love that everyone seems to hate are Assassin's Creed 1 and Far Cry 2. Far Cry 2 especially is literally my favourite game, and although it got good reviews from journalists the online community (whatever that is) seems to despise it. But I love it to bits, and certainly prefer it to FC3, for the same reason I prefer Cornish pasties to candy floss.

You're kidding me. Liking videogames has become too widespread to be considered uncool, so now we have to make tiers withing liking videogames?


Black Ops 1. It's about the only CoD game I've played, and say what you will about repetition and stifling ideas, the gameplay is pretty polished. Still didn't like the linearity of the campaign, but I did like the multiplayer. Not as much as BFBC2 though, and if that classifies as uncool, put that on the list too.

That's about it, but in the interests of full disclosure, I probably would have liked a fair few games better had they been the only ones in their series. Like AC3. But no, I played all the other ACs and thus it was a disappointment.

I enjoy playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 with friends.

Also, I friggin LOVED Too Human. REALLY underrated game.

Me too. Too Human left on the cliff hanger, are we doomed to wonder "what next?" for all eternity.

PS Loki, Thor, Hod, and Baldr are amazing characters.

Wish you didn't have to kill Hel(I think you killed Hel at least)

Let's see... The last three Bioware titles for one, although I'm quite certain that's only "uncool" on these forums specifically. Well, except for Dragon Age 2, pretty sure that was overall not well-received by the gaming community, but yeah, I'm quite surprised at the number of people around Escapist that believe The Old Republic is a bad game.

Alright, how about something less topical: Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. Yes, I will play the shit out of this game if you hand it over to me. Yes, the utterly stupid story, horrendous dubbing, and piss-poor controls are so fucking awful it's practically laughable. Doesn't matter to me. And no, I don't know why.

Faxanadu for NES:

Whoa whoa whoa--When exactly was I going to get the memo that the shear awesomeness that is Faxanadu is considered an "uncool" game by anyone?!

red alert 3.

sure, it's old and a strategy game, but that doesn't make it any less good.
also, good ol'-fashioned commie hating.

I've mentioned these games multiple times in other threads. I'll keep it short this time.

1. Mass Effect 3. Best game I've ever played. Period.

2. Dragon Age 2. It had great role-playing options and the repeated use of the same environments built sentiment for Kirkwall such that it felt like a home I was defending.

3. SWTOR. Because how many MMOs can you think of that have a different, fully-voiced central storyline for each class? I just wish they'd remake it as a single-player game with co-op/competitive multiplayer options.

Off-topic: can kiss my ass.

Darksiders II. I've heard a lot that this game wasn't very good or was mediocre but I like it a lot and I'm very sad that this universe probably won't be continued.
L.A. Noir. I finished it in one sitting (no sleep or little to none) because it was so enthralling. I also like the last song very much, and the world that felt quite alive.

Does Mass Effect 3 count?
*After reading first page*
Huh, okay then I guess it does. Really the only thing I didn't like about the ending was...the freaking credits. First game epic track to play us out. Second game, same thing. Third game....eeeeh a sort of okay theme that doesn't last very long then a miss-mash of tracks from the game...

I will add though that I experienced the game with every piece of DLC available at the time so that likely helped things.

Oh! And Splinter Cell Double Agent. Seeing how everyone considers everything after Chaos Theory trash, I think... right?

well this is easy. WoW

@ The Faxanadu love from the first page:

I had no idea that there was an actual following for that game, I never knew anyone who played it when I was growing up and got weird looks when I would bring it up as one of my favorite action RPGs. Especially when I would say I liked it better than Zelda II (NES) - I had people just tell me I was flat out wrong having never played Faxanadu.

Whoa whoa whoa--When exactly was I going to get the memo that the shear awesomeness that is Faxanadu is considered an "uncool" game by anyone?!

I guess I should have just assumed outright that because I'm on an actual gaming forum, that people would actually have liked/loved/worshipped this game like I did. I seriously knew no one - zip, zero, nill - that played this game. That means I knew just as many people - zip, zero, nill - that actually liked it...

Makes me...



AssCreed 1 because I thought it had by far the most interesting setting.
It was also weirdly detached, cruel, and unflinchingly honest in a way no other AC game even attempted to be. A breath of fresh air, if you will.

Makes me...



Shhhh shhhh... It's okay. I understand.

Don't have negative thoughts. Remember your mantra...


I didn't buy the game, nor am I planning to any-time soon but it's 'issues' are extremely entertaining to watch.

Most recently, AC3, the sheer amount of mass distaste for this game astounds me. Sure the ending left a little to be desired, but, everybody knew it wasn't going to be the actual last game in the series so it obviously wasn't going to close anything off. The new areas and cities were a wonderful change of pace. The combat was freakin' stellar and the naval missions were freaking great, the story was awesome, I think a lot of people hate Connor because he isn't Ezio 2.0, but I thought he was pretty good personally.

Other than that, I like COD Black ops 2, personally I think it's the best COD since the original COD 4, it did just enough to really make me enjoy it, especially after the massive disappointments every game in the series has been since the original.

Mass Effect 3. Sure the ending bugged me a bit but I was only playing one way and in a sense the ending gave me closure. Plus I loved the build up to it. Next is the Modern Warfare games. Hell, I even enjoy playing the online!

Going on to smaller games... I really enjoyed Alice: Madness Returns. I've only heard people complain about it. Yes it is buggy and the combat is one dimensional but it is so crazy that the awesomeness overpowers me!

Well, ive got a couple, a few that have already been said most likely.

ME3 - The -whole- game. Beginning, middle, end, and multiplayer. It was an amazing end to such a great story. It was worth waiting the week to finish ME2 again with ME3 sitting next to me.

AC3 - Not much to say, love the game, even though people cant get into it.

Medal of Honor: Warfight - I havent played the single player at all, but playing multiplayer with some former military men was awesome.
Me: Oh look, I have a streak for a tri-pod mounted grenade launcher.
Buddy: *Gasp* I have to hear it. Set it up somewhere safe.
Me: *Sets it up and starts firing it*
Buddy: That... is... so... awesome... It sounds and looks like the actual one.

Call of Duty: Oh nooooo, theres a new one every year with DLC. So? Its fun to play, and millions of other people agree.''

So... yeah

There's a few for me actually...

Bad Day LA - widely regarded as a piece of turd from American McGee, I thought the gameplay was way not as horriblr as people made it sound like. Then, it was actually really funny for me. The line, "You want a kid? Take this one!" had me on the floor both times I played it through.

Duke Nukem Forever - to mention a more recent one, yeah. Maybe I liked it because I didn't anticipate it greatly and I didn't want it to be the masterpiece everyone was expecting. It's a pretty fun and occasionally funny game, really.

Darkened Skye - even though it only has product placement from Skittles, people regard it as an advergame. I saw it more of a cool little action adventure with some heavy product placement. It was allright.

Atlantis - The Lost Empire - one of my all time favourites. This PS1 game is, as you probably guessed, a movie cash-in. But it's done so satisfyingly well, that I just played it like 4 times through so far. A shining example of a game that doesn't do anything new or doesn't bring gaming forward with anything original, yet still remains a really good experience.

WoW would be the obvious choice here.. but I haven't played WoW for a year.
If the game is seen as "Uncool" to like just on this site then i'd say the FIFA series, sports games really don't get a good reception here, I'll admit it's not polished to perfection, but it's an enjoyable way to spend a night with a few friends.

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