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Metroid Prime.
For the LONGEST time I had absolutely no idea that you could perform Beam-Missile combos. I knew the Super-Missile - charge up a regular beam and press the missile button. But I had no idea about things like the flamethrower - charge up the plasma beam and hold the missile button. Oh boy, once I found those out I went nuts with them!

In recent times, the only one that comes to mind is the quick select in the gamebyro Fallouts. I cursed so hard when I found out about that after spending so damned long opening up my pip-boy everytime I wanted to change weapons. Then I realised I could map aid items (including stimpaks) to the quick select keys and my mind was utterly blown.

Back in the day though (like, when I was like... six? seven?) and I was playing Total Annihilation, realising that I could skip ANY level that was being too much of a bitch (such as the missions on Thalassean) was the most incredible discovery of my youth.

King of Asgaard:
You can hold down the action button in Fallout 3 to continually drink from a receptacle, instead of having to press the button over and over.
My mind was blown when I found out on the forums a few months ago.

This I did not know!! :O I think I may actually be sad enough to go dig out my copy right now to test this.... I swear I have a life...

Thanks fellow arachnophobe!!

I played no more heros twice to bitter mode thinking darkstep was random and you had to lean the controller left or right
Was shocked when i was finally fighting sir henry that you actually flipped the controller up the same way you pop a wheelie on your motorcyle. That fight was still long but it made kicking henry's ass so much less complicated
god i felt like a twit

everything in Metal Gear Solid and Rising ever.


It was depressing because I had died roughly twenty times fighting those Gargoyles, whereas using a summoning made them insultingly easy.

I didn't know you could sprint in Resident Evil 4 until one of the swinging blade puzzles about 60% into the game.

However I still liked the slow pace and chunkiness of just having to walk.

I didn't realize that until halfway through the El Gigante fight. Before then I was always calmly walking away from people with chainsaws. lol

The geth shotgun in mass effect 2 + 3... not only is it a long range shotgun that deals massive damage and has homing projectiles...but you can charge it up for even MOAR DAMAGE!!!!!!!!!!!????!?!??!!!!!!



OT: You can press ctrl to see the items in Diablo 3 before you pick them up?

I'm not sure if this counts; but back when the original Playstation roamed the Earth I was playing Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, and somehow it glitched and it let me get to the late-game demon-sacked city early. I had no idea the game had glitched, however, and so I was fighting demons that needed dozens and dozens of hits before they'd go down. I was thinking it was sadistically difficult and it took me bloody ages - my hands were aching by the end of it.

I was later telling my friend whom I'd borrowed the game off about how bitch hard the game is. How those demons just won't die and how I think I have carpal tunnel now and he starts looking at me funny...

"Er, when I was playing it they weren't that hard. Couple of hits with the Fire Sword and they die."

"... There's a Fire Sword!?"

You can do MORE than one attack at once in VATs in Fallout 3 (On third playthrough).


What do you mean, are there different kinds of attacks? Or that you could do multiple 'tags' per VATS usage?


You can do MORE than one attack at once in VATs in Fallout 3 (On third playthrough).


What do you mean, are there different kinds of attacks? Or that you could do multiple 'tags' per VATS usage?

Multiple queued attacks, not multiple types.

New Vegas did add alternate attacks in Vats for melee weapons if your skill was high enough, though.

I didn't know about Mass Effect's Mako heavy canon until pretty far into the game...

Took me a helluva long time to kill a Geth Colossus

Oh I got another one.

Final Fantasy 7 was my first real JRPG play-through and I was at Cosmo Canyon doing fine until that boss at the end of that place. You know, the undead guy. Obviously, the easiest way to beat him is to use some powerful healing item on it such as a Phoenix Down or an X-Potion. Things that you get moments before the encounter. However, being my first game like this, I did not realize that this tactic was a thing, so I tried to actually fight the guy. After something like 3 or 4 hours of dying, grinding, and repeating, I finally gave up and asked my brother to do it. I felt pretty dumb when he beat it in less than a minute then handed me back the controller.

EDIT: Should mention that my brother is kind of an ass and knew the whole time that I could beat it easily, but didn't tell me because my frustration was funny to him.

Actually, I'd consider just throwing a Phoenix Down or X-Potion cheating. It is a legitimate boss, which can be beaten just like any other.

Oh and on topic: HOLY CRAP YOU CAN SAVE PAHN???
In Suikoden I, I always assumed that Pahn was destined to lose to Teo since the fight seems impossible and the story continues if he loses. Little did I know that by winning I'd also save Gremio eventually (albeit AFTER him being eaten alive by man-eating spores) :)

Playing "SimCity something something old" as a young kid
English isn't my first language, and I didn't know which button was save and load, so I guessed every time and got it right about half the time.
Accidentedly saving over a completely destroyed metropolis (a pre-made map), and losing loads of my own save games =)
When i finally got it, I was like, "OH, this is the save button"

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