Trials is Coming Home! (But is it really? Hopes and Fears)

Oh, boy. 10 days! I've neverever in my gaming life looked forward to a release, let alone so much.

For the strange things among you who have no idea what I'm talking about: It's a motorcycle Trial "simulator" (for lack of a better word) which started as a Java Browser game a couple of years ago (Play it on miniclip here or download the whole "Trials Legends" for a Like on Facebook over at the developer's site here) It then turned into a fully fledged PC game - and I got immediately hooked. THere are dozens of other games out there that surely are "greater", but imho, there is hardly one which does its thing so flawlessly perfect.
When Trials Evolution came out last year for the XBox I was halfways serious in my consideration whether to buy an XBox, 1200 points and an unspecified amount of Live just to be able to play it.

And now, in 10 days, it gets released for the PC as the Gold Edition. And I'm giddy with excitement. So, first question here: anyone else? How come this isn't a topic?




I pre-purchased it yesterday, seeing how Steam was telling me that I would get access to the running Beta. So, after it downloaded, I hit 'Play' only to see some blue overlay appearing which belonged to some... UPlay?. At first I actually had no idea what this was, but then I saw my username in the top corner which read "Das_n3rvt" which is german for "this_is_ann0ying" (it's "ann0ying" because "annoying" was already taken:) and I remembered.. yeah, Ubisoft, Assassin's Creed or something. Oh, well. You will not spoil my fun, superfluous game serviceDRM measure. But then I looked on and saw that it requested a CD-key. Oh, sure, I'll just check back to Stea... No CD-key. No CD-key at the time of this writing.

And then, more importantly, while browsing the Steam forums for a solution or at least an effing clear statement, I got more of a bad taste than I ever expected. Stupidly high system requirements (for what essentially is an XBox port), crashes galore, lost saves, f*ked up textures and so on and so forth. Sure, there are also people who ask how to get this last gold medal they need, but my overall impression is... not good.

I'm scared. Who else?

so, alternatively, how do you still feel about Mass Effect's ending?

I'm sorry to hear they messed up the port on PC. Maybe I'll try it on Xbox though.

I'm sorry to hear they messed up the port on PC. Maybe I'll try it on Xbox though.

Actually, the story came to a very happy end the same evening I made this thread - someone, something somehow fixed the issue with the non-existing keys and all that was needed then was lowering shadows and antialiasing. Been playing ever since :) Yeah, you should try it.


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