What is Monster Hunters and Should I check it out

So, I have a Wii U and been wanting to check other games that would become available. Monster Hunters 3 is coming out(well, the Wii U version is coming) and I wanted to know what the game and series is about and should I check it out?

I'd like to share in this thread by asking which monster hunter game is best on the PSP? Considering I don't play online on my PSP and don't have any PSP playing friends to locally connect to?

As far as I know, it's about hunting monsters. Pretty obvious really, the series is famous for hardcore open world RPG mechanics and freakin' huge bosses.

Its a game about(hold on to your pants now): HUNTING MONSTERS!

Aaaaaaand gathering herbs and shit. But mostly monsters. Story is non-existent, you just go take contracts from someone and go off to kill some of the wild life. Things from raptors all the way to a mountain sized dragon. You have different types of weapons to use, like Hammers, Sword and SHield, Dual Swords, Long Swords, Greatswords, Lances, GUNlances, Bows, Bowguns, and all that good shit.

WHen you kill monsters, you can carves materials off of them, materials that can be used to make armor, weapons, ammo, potions, traps and bombs.

You have a variety of equipment to use, like the bombs and traps I mentioned. You can throw off a flash bang to blind a monster, or lay down a shock trap or pitfall trap to temporarily disable a monster(Pitfall Trap+Hammer+Monster=Whack-a-Monster).

I was in love with the series back on the PS2 and PSP, but Capcom decided to shift from Sony to Nintendo and I'm not too keen on buying any of Nintendo's products to play it.

You could take up to 3 friends with you on a quest as well. Great game in my book, solid A.

I'd like to share in this thread by asking which monster hunter game is best on the PSP? Considering I don't play online on my PSP and don't have any PSP playing friends to locally connect to?

As far as I know, it's about hunting monsters. Pretty obvious really, the series is famous for hardcore open world RPG mechanics and freakin' huge bosses.

I'd recommend Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, as its officially in English and has loads more content than either of the previous Freedoms on the PSP. Or if you can read Japanese/have a way to translate the text, you can import Portable 3rd, as my cousin tells me that game is great as well.

As for the "Open World RPG" statement, I have to disagree. Contracts have different locations, and once you go on a quest, you stay in that location until the quest is complete, you die 3 times or you quit it. Locations like The Forest and Hills, Swamp, Desert, Volcano and others. You can't go from the Volcano to the Swamp or Desert. You leave town, it takes you to your location, you complete the quest, and go back to town.

Monster Hunter for Wii U is the fifth version of the game in 3 years. That alone should tell you all you need to know, because clearly even the developers don't think they got it right the second time.

The games are lifeless, soulless, charmless, empty, boring and utterly vapid. I mean, once you've seen one moderately sized lizard thing then you've seen them all and there is literally nothing else in the games. They are also broken, clunky, stiff and other words for badly designed. Seriously, you can't even target what you're attacking so you have to have to wait until the attack goes through and readjust whenever you miss, not helped by clunky camera controls which are tied to the D-pad even when the right-stick is available.

To the guy above me, clearly he isn't part of the demographic or just doesn't enjoy the series, and most likely has only played the older ones. There IS a bit of a niche for this game, as all it is is constant fighting of different monsters and grind to get material for your weapons and armor.

Oh, and it's the fifth version of the game in 3 years because they haven't been re-working everything in the core gameplay from the ground up each time, they've been [ADDING content]. The core gameplay has improved since the 1st and 2nd generations, which is why the 3rd generation has been so good so far, and clearly it's been good enough to develop the fan-base it has. Things are smoother than they used to be, and fighting monsters has become better and better as the series has progressed. The Wii U version allows you to use the right stick for camera control as well. The PSP games have the D-pad problem, though, which is where the famous "Monster Hunter Claw" term came in.

What was failed to be mentioned though is just how satisfying that can be if you like the core gameplay. Look up some gameplay, and that's basically what you're gonna get. It feels good to have spent a lot of time killing a giant threatening beast and get some rare materials to upgrade your weapons. Sure, it feels like a grind at times, but the fact that it hardly feels like you're just going through the steps with every fight is what makes it fun.

The AI is interesting enough that every fight feels different. You could succeed in one hunt, then get completely obliterated the next, and that's up to your skill. Looking for openings, watching the monster's attack and movement patterns, and using those things to your advantage is what makes hunting FUN. You can't run in swords swinging and guns blazing and expect to win. You need to learn how the monster moves, and hunt it accordingly.

Overall, the game is lots of fun and can be very rewarding. Although, as demonstrated as before, there is a bit of a niche to the level of grind this game can have, which is most likely why CrankyStorming hated it so much. Don't let that turn you away though, the Wii U is part of the 3rd generation of MH games and a lot of the clunky controls and movements have been dealt with. You need to LEARN how to play the game. It's not totally easy to win at everything if you go into this expecting no learning curve. There is a learning curve with EVERY monster. How well you play and learn the monsters you're fighting is what determines how well you'll do. It can be frustrating, but it can be VERY satisfying as well.

And yes, I am a veteran Monster Hunter, but I can get why people would hate the series. Again, niches. I don't know how there can be a niche though when you're fighting monsters the size of houses and larger though, that should sound fucking awesome to anyone!

Monster Hunter is a niche series which might not appeal to you. However I would recommend that you test out the demo and see what you think. Seeing as the Wii U is currently low on games it's worth checking out. I wish you the best of luck if you do decide to get it, but again, it's a niche title.

Whilst the idea of hunting monsters sounds badass, Monster Hunter involves deliberaitng clunky controls to focus on time and strategy on monsters that take an age to kill, promoting far more a realistic approach to hunting than you being some overpowered protagonist.

The entertainment in this is hunting for the sake of hunting. The satisfaciton from taking down your target, alone or with friends, and using the materials you gain to improve your equipment for taking on tougher enemies.

There is no story reward, and I would suggest if this puts you off or you want a faster paced alternative, to play God Eater Burst on the PSP. However, this alternative would make anyone appreciate how alive Monster Hunter's world seems, as God Eater's areas often have nothing but your target monster in it, whereas everytime you return to an area in Monster Hunter, it still has it's indigenous life going on with themselves.

I'm a veteran monster hunter as well and I can say this: If you buy one of the PSP titles, you will definitely get your money's worth out of it. However, you probably won't enjoy it.

The game is ridiculously full of grinding, and on the higher level monsters, you basically have to fight them according to a strict formula. You'd want to have at least one other person you know who plays it and who is actually any good, otherwise it'll wreck your head as he repeatedly dies stupid deaths and costs you your quest. It is possible to kill most if not all of the monsters yourself, but expect to spend all your time looking up Yuotube guides and FAQs for tactics and weapons, having to build weapon and armour sets specifically to kill one monster, getting stuck because you either have to kill at least one other impossibly difficult monster to make these, or because the monstrous CUNT of an item rewards system just won't give you the item you need. Then, assuming you manage to slog your way through all that and kill the thing you wanted to kill in the first place, your reward is to have to kill it another 20 times to unlock a new, slightly different monster to kill at which point the whole sorry process starts over. While you're at that you might get to make yourself a shiny looking weapon or armour set from it, but in most cases that set won't be of any particular use to you except as a reminder that you spent... however long to get it and look at it.

These games held my attention for two solid years in which I played almost nothing else. However, when I stopped playing and the addiction passed (because it definitely is addictive, much like meth or cocaine) I look back at it in shock and wonder how I could have endured it for so long. I certainly can't say that I genuinely enjoyed it.

If you're into these kind of games and are happy to put up with all kinds of abuse for the fleeting moment of sheer joy when a tough enemy finally throws you a bone and dies, then do get it, and good luck to you. But the joyful moments are too short lived given how much other shit the game will make you go through in between.

Monster Hunter is awesome and you should get it. Enough said on the matter

It plays like Dark Souls but with essentially only boss fights and with an emphasis on crafting rather than atmosphere or story. There are weapons which range from medium to absurdly large, you have to manage stamina, roll a lot, and cut tails off of dragons. You also get better by noticing tells, how to dodge attacks, and where to stand under the monster rather than leveling up your character.

Aww, (some) people have explained it so well already.

Just try the demo first, it has two monsters. Then ask yourself, would I still like it if I had to hunt these guys multiple times to get enough items to make weapons and armour. There's your answer.
Gather materials from the field and caves, bring them back to your camp and hunt monsters (with other hunters of course).

Considering I don't play online on my PSP and don't have any PSP playing friends to locally connect to?

Like Deathleaper said, it's either Monster Hunter Freedom Unite or Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.
Unite is an expansion pack attached to Freedom 2. So there's no little reason to pick up Freedom 2 (or Freedom 1 for that matter).
Portable 3rd is the newest of the PSP line but you'll have to import it.

Pretty much animal/ dragon slaying, no really.

You start of with the basic armour and weapons and fighting regular animal (or monster/ wyverm the game like to called them) is quite difficult at this part. The key to success is watching and learning the animal behivour and pattern and also learning to fully utalizing your weapons like using the lance and shield is knowing when to block or dodge and when to use the charge attack.

Once you killed the starter animals, you loot out their bodies for meat and their hides which in turns are the material used for new set or improving the armours and weapons.

After that, new monsters are available and it's right back to the start (difficult to killed so you learn about it and become skillful again). The more you slay, the more better armours and weapons you can crafted out.

By all means it's a fun game at the start but it is a very repeatitive game. Yes there is that side thing by gathering vegetable and gathering other items and selling those when the time is right but the main game revolving around slaying monsters (also capturing them is still the same thing)!

If you have a Wii U then download and play the demo. It's pretty self explanatory from there after all. Based on the other Monster Hunter I've played I'm guessing the series doesn't change much between installments (I'm probably very wrong about that...the last one I played was on the PSP). Anyway, download the demo and decide. I played the 3DS and U demos and they are very similar: I prefer the home version to the 3DS one but wouldn't get either on day one. You may like it more though.

The game itself is about hunting and gathering (from what I've been able to gather). You go on missions to hunt specific monsters and can hunt others to gather resources which can be used to make better weapons, armor, etc.

I'd say there's a lot of strategy to the game. You have to plan out your armor and weapon to what you're hunting. Monsters have elemental attack and weaknesses you have to exploit. Not to mention armor pieces grant abilities, and mixing and matching pieces from different sets is often necessary. It's really frustrating and really rewarding to FINALLY make the armor or weapon you've had your eye on, then take it out to kill some dragon that's been stomping on you. Finding and crafting medical supplies in the field during a long fight is what really makes you feel superior in the game.

Really, I'd say the best way to play the game is with friends. A hunting party you can talk to and coordinate with makes capturing a monster, and getting the super rare drops through careful planning very fun. Half the fun is the pre-hunt preperation.


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