Do/Have you play(ed) BBG
Yes - Still do.
28.6% (2)
28.6% (2)
No - Used to play.
42.9% (3)
42.9% (3)
Never have.
14.3% (1)
14.3% (1)
What is a BBG?
14.3% (1)
14.3% (1)
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Poll: Browser Based Games.

I used to play a fair few different ones Vagabonds quest, Space (I can't remember if that was it's full name, I can remember some of the races though xD), Planetarion (which I still play), Neopets (yeah I know :S) and a couple of others that are leaving me blank when it comes to their names.

I got into them as they were about the only things we could play at school, without getting busted or bringing in a dedicated console and pleading to be allowed to set it up.

Thought I'd set up a topic as the one I play in has a somewhat dwindling player base, and I am guessing it's a common trend among the er, genre(?)...

Also am I right in think that due to being able to play games like angry birds and their ilk on a phone that people that play them (BBGs)are a dying breed?

So yeah I am just wondering how many people here play or have played any and which ones?

To answer my own question a bit more:-

I mainly play PA for the community that I am involved in (plus I can play it while I am at work without dedicating too much focus from walking around xD). I've been playing it on and off since about y2k.

Yea I do enjoy some browser games. I used to play a hell of a lot of Runescape a while back, before about '09 when they overhauled a lot of core systems and I got out.

I am however I huge Kingdom Rush fan, and although the iOS version is better, ill boot up the browser version from time to time at uni when I get a spare moment and play a level or two.

I don't think browser games will die, they're good for very small indie games and whatnot. I think we will see more browser games being ported to iOS/Android though, and perhaps vice versa perhaps... providing the control schemes can be adapted.

I think you are right about dwindling player bases as more and more people move away from dedicated desktops to tablets and smartphones though.

I used to play the odd Artix Entertainment game, like Adventure Quest and Dragon Fable, but I don't think I've played them now for about 4 or 5 years. Playing browser-based games just isn't how I'm used to playing games so I just kind of avoid them.

I think the only one I really played the hell out of was Kingdom of Loathing, especially back in 2008-9 when I first found it and I had a really brief resurgence of playing it at the tail-end of last year, but I've since stopped playing it again. I guess most browser-based games will probably move with the market to iOS and smartphones, although they probably won't completely die out.


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