remaking Vs sequels ? better for games to go with remakes ?

ok here me out.

in games, as in films, there is a need for companies of a certain size to be able to churn out product that sells. its just a fact of life.

if a product does well they look to sequels and/or sometimes remakes of choice selections.

in film remakes are perhaps most often considered lesser but usually both continue to sell in a back catalogue. this helps keep film companies afloat.

i reckon this underlying return from a back catalogue is less of a factor in the games sector overall at lest partly due to the technological side.

this means its gonna be harder for any games company or collection of companies when they reach a certain size to stay in business compared with film (or indeed music) who have back catalogues. i think they are inherently more reliant on current sales.

so are remakes perhaps a better option for the games industry than bland endless sequels and "shovel ware" as a staple ? they would give sequels production breathing space in the release schedules perhaps enshrining better quality and there there are certainly plenty of candidates one could argue for and the idea seems to be gaining ground with HD versions of games.

if they are going to come into being in numbers should we maybe have some input ? :P
we even could help the industry...come to think of it there should be a poll website where just nominate games to be made...and no i don't mean kickstart.

and someone should start a firm that just goes round partnering up with devs from classic games and doing a remake (or a sequel i suppose) and streamline the whole thing. bucks to be made there...

ye make me an updated Thief.
i'll buy that :P

so what do you think ? if both are going be, let say "passable", or "alright" would you rather have a remake of a chosen game (utilizing current techs ofc) or "another" sequel ?

personally i think sequels should be a bit better on that and wouldn't mind just "passable" remakes of quite a few games...i think there is very real untapped potential for at least a partially demand led business models.

Can I go with "neither"? I don't like remakes because...why should I? While sequels are good as long as they are actually, you know - good. All in all if a series has ended appropriately, I don't see the need of either a reboot or a remake. I'm open to spinoffs, though - go ahead and stuff more things in the universe - I like that (but it has the sequels limitation of "don't break it").

However, if forced to choose between a passable sequel or reboot, I'll certainly go with the sequel.


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