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Poll: God of War: Ascension. A quick user review & a poll.

This review contains no spoilers.

I finished God of War: Ascension yesterday and I love it.

This review will mainly be for the single player portion of the game. I did play the multiplayer mode, I just don't really have any thoughts except to say that I enjoyed it and that I appreciate any game where you can have fun despite being terrible at it.

Possibly the first thing you'll notice when you start the game is how much the combat system has improved. Instead of being loaded down with a variety of different weapons, you simply imbue your chains with one of four different elements in a way that reminds me a little of Metroid Prime. The revamped rage system is another great addition to the series that makes you really think about how you're fighting if you want to build it up.

In reading some reviews however, I've noticed that several people don't think as much of the game as I do, with Alex Simmons of IGN calling the game "the weakest in the series". You see, while the combat is better than ever, the actual spectacle of the fights is on a somewhat lower scale. For a God of War game, that is. When the first major boss appears, I still had to pause the game so I could walk into the next room and retrieve my socks.

The story is also on a smaller scale and God of War: Ascension feels like a much more personal journey than most other entries in the series. Like God of War: Ghost of Sparta, the story makes an attempt to humanize Kratos; which is probably what you'll end up remembering this game for.

Thank you for reading this review. I look forward to reading your own thoughts in the comments.

My option isn't in the poll: Great, but not the best in the series.


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