Weird game "habits"?

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In rpgs and such i tend to accumulate level ups so as to get more then 1 skill point/talent point/whatever to play with.
I dont like taking baby steps on a stat screen basically, it does lead to game being harder depending on how far levels up are, but well its a habit.

Otherwise what else...

Oh yeh in rpgs (again), if given the option i tend to make a character as close to me as possible for easier immersion.
Its only in subsequent runs i vary it up. Im one of those who contributed towards mass effect series being mainly played by male shep soldiers :(

Otherwise its all rather classic, i find it frustrating in most games to progress to next area if i havent discovered all the collectibles/secret i want to discover (so to use tomb raider as an example: tombs and relics, id be annoyed when realizing i needed an upgrade from later in the game and would go back to that area asap as soon as i got it, didnt care for the gps caches though so those didnt count in my book).

In WoW, I still push for achievements on my hunter. As though the account wide logging wasn't there. Be easier on my Mage? My Shaman? Nope. Has to be my hunter or it doesn't count.

The only exception is if I ever try to chase the BG/Arena ones. PvP is not my thing. I'm willing to go with the face roll class of the month.

In dungeon crawlers or Borderlands/Fallout style games, I have the tendacy to pick up as much stuff as possible off the ground or off the corpses of enemies that is deemed useful, especially health and ammo which I hoard.

Don't know know if it's weird, but I must get 100% completion on every level.

If I have a character class choice I always play the Warrior style class. I cant stand the idea of picking things off from away all the time. I like to get up close and hit things in the face or take them out with assault / heavy weapons.

Constantly reloading my gun.

Search the entire area for any sort of collectible until I have made sure I've gotten everything. Then get pissed off when I find out I missed something.

Shooting the arms off of a flood in Halo Combat Evolved and have them follow me, seeing as they desperately try to attack me but can't without their arms.

Also in Halo Combat Evolved, whenever you melee a dead elite, pretty much a fountain of blood would come spraying out and all over the floor. I would melee a single corpse multiple times to see how much of a mess I would make. This actually lowers the framerate a lot.

It takes just around 100 stacks of Pre-War Money to fill a bathtub in Fallout 3 or New Vegas, although a little more doesn't hurt to really give it that stuffed appearance.

I know this from giddy experience.

Im with the "SEARCH ALL THE THINGS!" and "clear out the whole map" crowd. Also if I know there are named "special" weapons in the game(example: "Lucky" from fallout: new vegas) then I have to get it, even if I am not going to use it.

I love love love RPGs and games with great stories. I listen/read to every single piece of dialogue possible, and fill in gaps myself. I never skip dialogue or cutscenes, much to Mr. Saeph's chagrin. I find this leads to a more enjoyable experience, since I can weed out really boring or stupid side-quests and only participate in interesting ones. I will play a game as many times as I can see myself getting new parts of the story.

In regards to collectibles, I'll try to get them, but if I miss them or I've been staring at it trying to get to it for more than a few minutes, I'll just skip it. It's not worth my time delaying the story. I have a feeling that contributes to having no 100% completions....

Mine would probably be crouching when I hit the ground in most First Person games. The origin of this would probably be Halo PC, where crouching as you hit the ground negates impact damage. Hence I would use it when I jump off of really tall shit to get away without getting hurt.

Didn't help against midfall damage from falling for too long though...

I reload all the damn time.
Often I only fire one bullet and I compulsively reload, getting me killed more times than I'd like to admit.

In GTA I just have to run over motorcyclists if I see them on the road.

Those are the only two that come to mind right now.

Doing a "pacifist run"... GTA. Am I the only one around here avoiding the pedestrians?

Also, sometimes I reload to play a mission in a different time of day which I think it would look cooler in.

i am a hoarder a tidy hoarder but a hoarder all the same across all my skyrim saves i have a drawer full of jewelry and a drawer full of books and a sack full of smiting materials box of soul gems a cupboard of food items one for weapons though many of them get sold im not that bad
i was the same with both of the new fallouts
with mass effect 1 the game was always complaining i had too much stuff with 2 and 3 i always worried that i had left some box unopened and therefore un-hoarded
also hate spending money unless it will make more down the road fable 3 had me sitting on a great big pile of cash a quarter of the way through
with gta it was feltzers or cheetahs when i was driving some place i would ignore many other perfectly good cars and look for a cheetah or a feltzer well until i got desperate for a ride saints row was well i cant remember the name but it was a sporty convertible too

also when ever you have a map that fills in as you explore i must fill it in completely, even if i see the cornor of the area that leads to no where and theres nothing there, i must go and make sure that map is filled in

In the Elder Scrolls games (and sometimes fallout) I have a bad habit of picking up random, mostly useless items like forks, spoons, burnt books etc. and then placing them in random places. My favorite trick is to clean out a hard to reach chest somewhere in a dungeon and stashing it full of forks, the thought of a future adventurer sighing in dismay when he fought all this way just to find out his prize is 57 forks is priceless.

Also, back in morrowind I had the same habit but due to the fact there were no physics I was able to create the "Leaning Tower of Crap" in Balmorra. Just a huge pile of junk reaching to the absolute terminal point at the top of the world, I usually had to use a couple of levitation spells to get to the top after awhile.

Finally, I have a habit of confusing my buttons sometimes, like just yesterday I was playing Bioshock: Infinite and wanted to reload my gun during a down time moment and accidentally hit Y and used the sky hook to rearrange some poor black woman's face. Y_Y

Compulsive quicksaving. Literally every 10-20 seconds.
Blame it on STALKER.

You only quicksaved every 10 seconds in STALKER? Man, you like to live dangerously.

Personally I hate it when I did a section sub-par. For example, if I get spotted in Deus Ex and I still manage to kill everything, but reload because "I could've done that more efficiently". The same applies to STALKER - I kill everything and then be like "well, but I got hit a few times so now I lost a medkit (of the 50 in my inv). I can do better than that".

I will religiously avoid using anything that's remotely consumable unless I really have to. Ranging from health potions to ammo.

I also tend to uncover the entire map and explore every nook and cranny. I'm very wary of missing stuff.

In Oblivion, no matter what characters I play if they're required to murder someone or I just want to murder people,I have to steal their pants.I've had lockers full of just random pairs of pants.I don't care about them if I say find them in a shop but I must have them from the dead. Typing that out I realize how creepy that sounds so I'l also mention my more normal one of saving twice everytime just in case.

This is another of those interesting threads that makes me think.. because I honestly don't think I'm aware of every habit I've developed, inside gaming or out of it.

Still, here are the things which immediately sprung to mind:

- Open ALL the things. No, really. Borderlands 2 is where it really came to light; I can't walk past anything that looks even remotely openable without at least trying to actually open it.

- Obsessive reloading. I'm not sure why I do it, but I do literally have to reload roughly every few shots or so.

- Rounding up quests/missions and doing them all in one go.

- Trying to make sure my equipment matches.

Whenever I play games with muted protagonists with written dialogues (Dragon age, Elder Scrolls, Jade Empire...), I'd recite their words in the tone I see fit.

I also cut off every dead bodies' limbs in Fallout 3 and NV. Always picked Bloody Mess as one of my first perks, it helps with melee weapon degrading.

I very very rarely use my favourite characters in fighting games whenever I duel with real people, because I don't want them to lose.

I like to save all the completed side quests in the same area and hand them all up at once.


Personally I hate it when I did a section sub-par. For example, if I get spotted in Deus Ex and I still manage to kill everything, but reload because "I could've done that more efficiently". The same applies to STALKER - I kill everything and then be like "well, but I got hit a few times so now I lost a medkit (of the 50 in my inv). I can do better than that".


My equipment in RPGs have to be colour and style co-ordinated or i start to get twitchy. Made leveling in wow back in the older days quite enjoyable cos styles and colours varied like you wouldn't believe grrrr especially in vanilla it wasnt too bad in the burning crusade or lich king. Always managed to find a piece in those which matched what i was wearing. One good thing i can say about cata and that dopey panda expansion pack is its got that transmogification system (allows you to make your gear look like something else). Just a shame it is plagued by so many crap design changes like that seriously cut down talent system.

Occasionaly had the same problem with dragon age origins but thanks to all the custom content gear and all that i can find something my style AND IS COLOUR CO-ORDINATED (caps are used to again remind you dear reader of how much colour co-ordination mean to me! arrrghhh)

In FPS i have a habit of saving the rare ammo for the big insanity nuke guns...and never bloody using them. (see fallout 3 for mini nukes or BFG in doom)

In games i try to do everything at once (finding all collectables, do all side missions) and end up ruining some of my enjoyment as a result sometimes. Feels damn rewarding if you pull it off though.

I cannot play games on easy difficulty even if i struggle and suck on normal. I just end up giving up the game as a result. I wish i didn't do that.

The Wykydtron:

Style Points my friend. Style Points

>.> you know, when ever some one mentions 'style', I pretty much picture The Ginyu Force >.>

These commandments are to be followed.

1) all life not 'player shaped' in any given area that is kill-able is to be slain. laughing like a crazed murderer optional

2) all breakable objects are to be broken for the goodies that may lay in side

3) all goodies are to be collected, no exceptions

4) in the case of MMOs, if there is a monster that requires at least one full team to bring down on the map, it is to be hunted down and slain before #1 begins.

5) said world bosses are to be checked for solo-ability, if solo-able they are to be slain post haste

Here's a Skyrim one I've noticed I do... every so often I have to walk to the nearest lake and punch a mudcrab to death, and then keep punching it for another minute or so after that. I've not worked out why I do this but, man, it's got me through some tough nights.

Oh, and I've never posted here before. Hello!

This is more of an out-of-game habit but unless I can't do it, I NEED to start from the beginning with a franchise.
I went back and played all four previous Devil May Cry's before getting into the new DMC.

I keep suicidally rushing for round after round in multiplayer shooters, before I realise what I actually need is to go take a piss.

Oh my gawd! I just realized I do this! In fact, I need to take a piss right now and instead, I am here typing random stuff!

Also, I tend to play a bit too realistically in games like CoD. I sneak through doors, wait for a sound, look for a sign of the enemy, expect my teammates to stick with me and communicate when in reality, all I gotta do is run as loudly as possible knifing people.
No, I don't like any other FPS, ironically.
...No, I'm not that good at CoD, obviously.

I also tend to stick my tongue out a bit when I'm really concentrating in the game.

Also, my characters in most RPGs that require you to create your own character must NEVER wear a helmet that covers his beautiful face I crafted for him. Even if he's dying in battle, his face will be seen by he dies!

I also hoard most healing items. Any other items, I don't care much for. But if I have 90% health and I see an item that recovers 20% health, I cannot walk away and just leave it there. I would try to get rid of 10% of my health so I can use that item. Then I can move on.

And yeah, I also do the explore-the-map-first thing. That way, I know where I need to go and what I'm allowed to do and such.

Open all the containers! "But you have full inventory, and there's nothing worth buying." Open them anyway!

Gotta check everywhere. Even though my dragonborn (one of them anyways) has over 4 million gold, and nothing to spend it on, I go through every dungeon cave and field evaluating what items I find will give me the largest GPT: Gold Per Trip.

Having the same issue in Far Cry 3, which is getting me shot a lot, and led to an interesting encounter with a tiger and a the same time.

Collect everything. Leave no stone unturned, no crate unopened, no spoils of battle floating in mid air. It doesn't matter how mundane or useless to me, I have to pick it up. Full inventory? No problem. Sell/store some stuff, go back for the rest of what's left behind.

Minimap in the corner of the screen? Shouldn't be any grey/unexplored areas on that thing, definitely not.

Kit/equipment/clothing/whatever is wearable has to match or coordinate. I think I take more cares about my in-game appearance than I do my actual appearance...

I'm sure there's more, but those are the main ones.

Hehe I am with so many others in many things here.
I horde like no tomorrow, thinking "I might have a use for that", but end up selling it to make room for something else that I think I need.
Needless to say, my bags and banks are always full. Currently playing The Secret World, where you can buy more bag space with ingame credits, which leaves me broke as hell.. Im at 270 slots now >.<

And the things like saves (I have every savepoint in FFX devided over 2 memorycards), the reaload whenever possible, and the making things harder for no reason. Like Torchlight 2 on elite with no potions.

But they all seem quite common, so not sure if I have any weird ones.

Perhaps only, even though I am a guy, I just have to make a female character whenever I can.

I like to collect useless stuff in games like Fallout and Oblivion that mean nothing and make them a part of my character.
As an example, in F:NV i always carried a harmonica with me, because i liked to pretend i was some kind of lonely traveler who played harmonica on his travels. Same with a flute in Skyrim.

My gaming tendencies, arranged by genre:

Open-world games (The Elder scrolls/Fallout and such): I try my hardest not to be some kind of kleptomaniac adventurer. If I can find a way to succeed in the world doing a simple business that's NOT adventuring, I will always do that. It got a little weird in Skyrim when all of these guards kept saying they were "adventurers like me". I picked crops for a living and ran away from dragons. When did I become an adventurer?

RTS/TBS: I enjoy roleplaying in these games even when doing so would be counterintuitive to victory. I get a little sidetracked trying to make base camps that look aesthetically pleasing even when other players come knocking on my door with trebuchets.

FPS games: If I can avoid using guns, I will.

I once attempted to beat zombies to death with a propane tank in L4D. Pretty ineffective.
What else?
In Halo, I make a habit of trying take vehicles into buildings or pretty much any area where they don't belong.

YES! In any game, squeezing vehicles into buildings makes me giggle like a school girl, so I always try it.
The best one has to be taking a motorbike up that massive tower in GTA: San Andreas just so I can drive it off the side.
Over and over...

...and over.

If it's a gun game I always have to have a 'signature weapon' eg. DEus Ex human Rev - 9mm pistol all day everyday.
In games like Skyrim and oblivion I enjoy making up random backstory for my guy.
In Dragon Age I'm a major roleplayer...

Reloading all the damn time, even when just one bullet is shot. And in any kind of rpg or sandbox game I need to finish every quest.

Blood Brain Barrier:


In the new Tomb Raider I have to collect every document/artifact/GPS cache as well as complete all challenges. Mostly for all the XP so I can spend those points.

That must be terrible. I couldn't wait to finish the game considering how boring it was, so I rushed through it as fast as I could ignoring all that crap.

Its a good thing you didnt played any of the old Tomb Raiders then.

If the new one is boring to you (I didnt found it boring I actually thougt it was good. Not great, but eh), then be glad its not the orginal ones... ugh, now THOSE were boring as sin games.


The usual, really. Exploring everything migth be a strong one but in some games I actually get burn out of it, so maybe not that strong...

But if there is ONE heavily OCD going on me, its reloading. Cant really stand not having a full clip. Its VERY hard to NOT reload, even when I know its not a good idea. Damn.


In any Elder Scrolls game, if I read a book, and it gives a skill up, I keep it. Even if it means Im burdened, and have to throw away a piece of gear.

Lol, I do this EXACT same thing. History of the Empire? Eh. Chronology of magic use? Whatever. A book that makes me better at lockpicking? MUST READ.

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