Could a multiplayer mode suit BioShock Infinite?
6.5% (8)
6.5% (8)
Yes, but versus only.
1.6% (2)
1.6% (2)
Yes, but coop only.
12.2% (15)
12.2% (15)
77.2% (95)
77.2% (95)
Other (please explain).
2.4% (3)
2.4% (3)
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Poll: BioShock Infinite Multiplayer

We all hate multiplayer modes being tacked onto every game out there, regardless of whether it suits the game in question, out of some assumption that no game is "complete" without it. Arguably one of the worst offenders was BioShock 2, which slapped on multiplayer that nobody asked for not only because the first game's campaign was more than sufficient on its own, but because the original's singleplayer-centric gameplay, preserved wholesale in the sequel, was ill-suited for multiplayer. BioShock was slow and meticulous by design, built around exploring the mysterious world around you and tracking down anything that might be used to give you the edge you need to survive. It was a gameplay style more or less diametrically opposed to competitive multiplayer.

This brings us to BioShock Infinite, which I have not yet played, so please forgive any inaccurate impressions on my part. Between gameplay tweaks such as two weapon slots, the greater emphasis on fast-paced action against a large number of enemies, and the Skyhook providing a robust and exhilarating movement system coupled with large, open environments, Infinite's experience seems far more suited to a multiplayer mode than that of BioShock 2. Perhaps more importantly, I can't think of any games that emulate an appreciably similar experience. I'm hardly the first to notice that you can get a reasonable facsimile of the latest Call of Duty's multiplayer from any number of sources, most notably any of the previous yearly Call of Duty installments. BioShock Infinite, on the other hand, would stand a good chance of bringing something unique to the table.

Now, I'm sure that at this point most of you are pointing to possibly the worst thing about multiplayer modes added to primarily singleplayer games, which is that it divides development time and resources between the two and consequently yields an inferior campaign. This is particularly heinous in a franchise like BioShock where the story told by the campaign is arguably the game's single most important component. Despite the points I've been raising, I view BioShock Infinite's singleplayer as important enough that, even with all the potential offered by a multiplayer mode, I'm glad they didn't direct attention away from the singleplayer to make it. So let's suppose that, now that the singleplayer is finished and released, multiplayer functionality could be implemented via DLC without any problem. Do you think the endeavor would be worth Irrational's effort, or should BioShock Infinite continue to steer clear of multiplayer altogether?

No, because the game is fine as it is . Adding a multiplayer mode through Dlc won't change much because Bioshock Infinite does'nt need it.

The combat in the game is fun, but its definitely the other bits that you keep playing for. Take away all the other bits and the cracks in the combat start to show.

That said the multi in bioshock 2 i found quite fun. If it wasn't for the crippling lag it could have been really decent.

I think it's something that could work, zipping around on the skyhook is great in single-player and if they could transfer that to multiplayer I'd definitely have a go. And with all the weapons, gear and plasmids in the game you could get a decent variety of loadouts/classes, or have the gear customisable before the game and the weapons/plasmids as drops around the map.

Yeah, I'd have a go.

Co-op would be great. Your AI partner is great, but this is really a story that should be shared with someone so that you can have lengthy conversation about the ending over a glass of absinthe. It'd also help with the finding everything achievements because that really is tedious. It wouldn't be too hard either, because the parts without your partner, you could just have the co-op buddy explore the world observer ghost style. That way, we could also take in the stunning setting without having to worry about blood splatters and dying.

They definitely need to put a multiplayer mode eventually playing the campaign core awhile begins to get boring real fast. It's nice to have multiple options of game play.

I don't see it working really. You should try the game, you'd see why. While the environment IS big, it's most certainly not open. You move from one small area to the next via the air rail thingies, and the environments are pretty linear. You could make entirely different MP maps of course, but I just don't see a MP having something new and fun to offer, it'd be a gimmick at best.

The draw of Bioshock is not its gameplay or level design, for the most part, but the story and characters.
Adding multiplayer would add nothing to the overall experience.

Yeah, because Bioshock 2 was so popular.
I wouldn't mind a sort of Horde mode thing based around the civil war-ish bit, but a multiplayer like deathmatch or whatever? No thanks.

I think if you built the multiplayer levels in a way that managed to distill all of the things that make the combat sections in the singleplayer so fun... Things like the verticality, the ease and speed of traversal and the large open areas you could make a fun little competitive multiplayer mode in it for sure.

Whether or not it needs it... Probably not, I would rather more singleplayer DLC to be honest.

No, Bioshock doesnt need multiplayer.

Also, I dont know about anyone else, but I would like to see more games with Bioshock's shooting mechanics. You could basically "hip-fire" through the whole game with very little punishment in terms of accuracy. But if you did decide to use the Iron sights, there was still a higher level of precision.

I would love a multiplayer FPS that plays like Bioshock, I just dont want it to be Bioshock.

It doesn't need it, but neither did Mass Effect 3 and that turned out surprisingly good. Not that I'm asking for it.

It doesn't need it but I would have LOVED co-op.

Yeah, because Bioshock 2 was so popular.

Up yours, Bioshock two was great, and the multiplayer was kick fucking ass, and if you don't think so you're OBVIOUSLY JUST TROLLING[1].

OT: As I mentioned in my not serious part of this post, I loved Bioshock 2's multiplayer, and will defend it to Heaven and back, so if they did a job on par with that, I'd go for it.

[1] In case you had trouble cutting that sarcasm with your knife, this addendum should be more than enough.

Irrational spent a year trying, I believe them when they say it wasn't going to work out.

I think co-op would work, competitive could work too if done right.

It absolutely doesn't need it, it's great as it is. I'm glad Irrational didn't include any multiplayer, I don't think it would have added anything to the game, and it just wouldn't have felt right... I wouldn't mind multiplayer DLC, but I think a more single-player would be preferable.

I'm one of those level headed unspeakable heathens that don't mind multiplayer being added to anything.

Probably not, I thought the gameplay was too...well, weak to add a substantial MP experience.

That said, zipping around the skylines would definitely make for some thrills.

I don't think it's needed at all. There are scores of other shooters one can play to get your multiplayer FPS fix. Rather I would like to see some DLC based in alternate realities.

Personally I think the game is fine as it is. A competitive multiplayer wouldn't work and co-op would dilute the experience because you have another player hopping around distracting you from the story.

Multiplayer would never have worked with infinite, the vigors would have had to be eliminated completely, as half of them would be instant death for another person if they were to land. The skyrails also wouldn't work, it'd just be people knocking each other off la Assassin's Creed Dogpile[1] because skyrail attacks are auto-targeted. The guns are weak enough that it would probably work if it were just a shooter, though.

As Hazabaza1 suggested, a horde/survival mode would fit the bill perfectly for bioshock gameplay.

[1] You know, when one person makes a kill, then is killed by their follower, who is killed by theirs, etc, etc, all in one spot on the map.

I was dead against MP in Bioshock Infinite, but after I have played it... I'd love to see it now! Enjoying the combat a lot and MP would be hella fun.

The whole slow scavenging thing is there in Infinite too, and really that doesn't make it not suited to multiplayer. The gameplay moves at a similar pace for 2 and Infinite - which is to say quickly 'cause everything dies fast - and beyond the arbitrary 2 weapon limit, which I'm fairly sure was in 2's multiplayer, and the skyhook there isn't a lot of difference.
Its also really not balanced at all for multiplayer. Only 3-4 weapons are worth using, and whilst tonic variety allows things to get shaken up a bit, it also leads to a lot of things people hate in competitive multiplayer - being stunlocked by an enemy who has the right tonic, or stuck up in the air, or W/E really.
Honestly, rebalanced and redesigned it could work for an interesting multiplayer. Really I'd like it to go a more Quake/Unreal Tournament styled combat system with Sky Rails added in. That would be amazing fun multiplayer. Add in the tonics, but balance them fairly, and it'd be great.

No. And I'm glad it doesn't have one. If it had a multiplayer component I imagine it would be a fast paced one, similar to Quake. So why not play Quake instead?


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