Can Someone Recommend Me a Good, Lesser Known Action Game?

One of my favorite games of all time is Uncharted. Although I can recognize the numerous flaws in it, I just love it because of the grand scope of the adventure you go on. I'm really looking for a game to capture that feeling. I have played a pretty big amount of adventure games, so a lesser known one is really what I'm looking for. If you could recommend a good one to me that would be great!

More of a shooter than an action game, but Spec Ops the Line kinda reminds me of Uncharted,destroyed Dubia kind of remines a ancient ruined cities in Uncharted,and the whole trip feels like one of those Uncharted journey minus the platforming, the combat feels the same though.
I like to think of it as

Don't read the last part OP.

What systems do you own? From what you posted, I know you own a PS3 so I guess I would recommend either Infamous, Grand Theft Auto 4, or Shadow of the Colossus. Even though those are about as far from "lesser known" as you can get, one of them may be the type of game you're looking for. If you say what other systems you own, then I may know some games that could fit what you're looking for.

Well you do need to give us a bit more context, you are looking for brawlers, platformers, FPS, TPS, puzzles, story, combat heavy?

Psi Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy
Second Sight
Metal Arms: Glitch in the System


I suggest you to play this game, Legend of Fae.

It is a mix of RPG and puzzle game like the well known game Puzzle Quest.
The different is of course you are always use the puzzle game for any action you must make, even if you want to walk!

Very interesting title and I recommend to play.

Oh! A game like Uncharted? Then I don't know. I should check for an answer. Later.

I don't know how well known it is, but Vanquish is a pretty great action game with some really cool gimmicks.

It's not like Uncharted, but GOD HAND is one of the best action games ever. So is Viewtiful Joe by the same studio, but that's a side-scrolling action game so idk if it's what you're looking for.

Obvious Bayonetta and inFamous, as well as seconding Spec-Ops (though that game is not one you'd play for lighthearted fun and adventure like Uncharted is.) The new Tomb Raider is another obvious recommendation. Sleeping Dogs is also good if you haven't played that.

Admittedly God Hand is the only somewhat lesser-known game on here, but action games are not my usual genre.

Binary Domain, a sci fi game taking place in Neo Tokyo. Great story and atmosphere, squad AI lacking at times but nothing major.

Some people recommending spec ops. Might not be what you're looking for, but fuck, if you want to see a game that would have revolutionized videogame narratives if it sold well, don't not play that game. The worst thing you could not do is not ignore playing this game.

if you liked uncharted you would probably like enslaved: odyssey to the west. Cool atmosphere and characters, nice gameplay, some neat set pieces. It's not like amazing cult classic-y status but its a very good game.

Binary Domain is a solid shooter with an above average story. Check it out.

I could definately recommend a lesser known action game to you but since BioShock Infinite just came out I won't.

I'll recommend BioShock Infinite instead.

It's £23.96 on Green Man Gaming.

I know it has already been said but... you have to try out Spec ops: The Line. It's narrative is just mind-boggling. though if you prefer a "Beat'em up" kind of game, I would reccommend's quite fun.

Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom if you wan't something very different. Its a hack n slash/enviromental Puzzle/Giant Ogre partner game.

Not many people played it but I really enjoyed it, its a charming wee game.

Nothing like Uncharted at all, but I agree those games are great.

well theres inversion.. but i heard its not good.

how about that crazy Japanese gears of war game but with mech's?
or that game where its inspired by the journey to the west and you have a sassy red head for a partner?

sorry brain does not work at 2.00 o clock in the morning.

Seconding vanquish.

It's really ridiculous, but so much fun to play. The combat is fluid and provides just enough challenge.

All of the above are great action titles add in Space Marine, anything by Platinum Games.

However the OP seems to want adventure games like Tomb Raider.

Well these would be my suggestions

El Shaddia
Dark Souls (although this is very oldschool in its difficulty)
Legacy of Kain series, especially the original Soul Reaver, (SR is written by the same talent behind Uncharted, the GFX might be dated but the narration and voice acting still blows most games out of the water.)
Maybe Zelda or Dark Stalkers.

Beyond Good and Evil is one of those great-under-the-radar games. It's an action title with a Zelda feel to it. It's $14.99 to download on PSN if you're interested.

I recently played through some of the Tomb Raider games again, and despite occasional buggy platforming and animation weirdness, Underworld was a pretty cool adventure... but if you haven't absolutely play Legend or Anniversary instead.

I also recently enjoyed playing through Wanted: Weapons of Fate, it was dumb fun for super cheap if you want a quick fix.

Enslaved and Tomb Raider are the only games I know of that are in the same actual genre ('inspired') by Uncharted. I couldn't tell you how good they are though

For shooters, check Hard Reset.

I'll third Vanquish. Extremely fun, hectic and fast paced action game. It's a Third-Person Shooter at heart, mind you, but it's incredibly fun.

Also, Sam Gideon's a boss.

If you don't mind slightly outdated graphics, you can go look up Oni. An action/shooter/brawler inspired by anime Ghost in the Shell.
It's fucking amazing, and blends gunplay and unarmed pretty nicely together.

Oh, don't worry, jebara. I know it's true.

Freaky Lou:
It's not like Uncharted, but GOD HAND is one of the best action games ever.

Yeah, God Hand is one of my favorite games of all time. Thanks for bringing it up. And just to add a tad more context to the post, I'm looking for a game with good adventure and combat, well intertwined. So not based entirely around the combat, but what is there is strong.

Not really lesser-known (although it didn't sell very well), but Darksiders. Specifically, Darksiders II as it is an improvement over the first in almost every way.

The combat system is very fun and smooth. Also, if you like the loot system of ARPGs (i.e. bags overflowing with weapons and armour after a couple of hours questing), then Darksiders II is for you.

Prince of Persia is a lot like Uncharted if you cut out everything but the parkour. The series is pretty good, just get the HD collection because bleh. WW looks like shit on PS2 even WITH component cables.

Read no further, play Flashback: The Quest for Identity.

If you like Uncharted this is basically the precursor to it, back in the day this was amazingly animated and had full cutscenes in the age of cartridges. Infact on the Genesis/Mega Drive box it brags "The CD on a cartridge" and it's a damn good port.


You run, jump, climb and shoot, you get more gear as you go and it's an insanely fun game. The controls are a bit of a thing to learn but it's amazing and the precursor to uncharted in ways I'd someone who also enjoys the Uncharted games.

Binary Domain. The game is pretty fantastic.

crusader no remorse/ crusader no regret.. older isometric shooter with destructable terrain. i would suggest the alternative controls for it where you walk with your gun drawn

I don't think Warhammer: Space Marine was particularly popular, but it was some of the most fun I ever had playing a game. Highly recommend for a brainless action game, pretty sure there's a demo for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Vanquish also should have a demo available. Very fun game, worth the $20 I paid for it.

Yeah, Vanquish, and Enslaved are never recommended enough. They're fantastic games everyone should play.

Like others, I will also recommend Vanquish.

I'll also put up Mirror's Edge, because the game, sadly, didn't sell too well.

Most of my recommendations come from 6th gen games, so they may not be what you're looking for.

Viewtiful Joe
Metal Arms: A Glitch in the System
Rayman 3
Astro Boy: Omega Factor
Otogi 1 and 2
Jet Set Radio and Jet Set Radio Future
Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge
Blood Will Tell
Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands (the Wii version. Surprisingly good. Liked it better than the HD one)
The Jak and Daxter series
Star Wars: Republic Commando
Panzer Dragoon Orta
The James Bond sixth gen games

that should keep you busy for a while


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