Gears of War: Judgment - A love/hate relationship

I feel the need to vent and see if anyone feels the same on the latest Gears of War entry. A little background... Gears of War has always been my go-to shooter ever since the first game. I'm not a fan of Halo or CoD or most other shooters for some reason, so I've played a ton of Gears and was highly looking forward to Judgment. I do like several things about it, such as the more fluid combat, better movement, more customizable loadout, etc.

However, I've got serious concerns on all the changes they made to the multiplayer specifically:

- Several game modes cut out
- Several multiplayer characters cut out
- No "down but not out" in anything except Execution
- No iconic curb stomp. Completely nixed.
- No iconic "active reload"
- No more planting grenades outside of campaign
- Certain game modes only have some grenades but not all. (Ex: Execution only has smoke and spot grenades)
- Several maps only available in certain modes (Overrun maps can't be played as Deathmatch maps, and so on)
- You can no longer play as Locust vs COG. It's always just Red vs Blue humans. What happened to the locust in multiplayer?

It seems like they just cut out way too many things that made Gears what it was and catered to the Call of Duty fans (no offense CoD folk). They took the Gears of War feel out of Gears of War. Is anyone else concerned about this, or am I crazy?

Yeah I think it's a case of trying to change too much at once, it might bring in a new audience for later games but it will push veterans away. I was miffed when they cut Guardian in 3 and then brought it back but you had to pay for it, so you can guess how I felt when the modes in Judgement were just generic shooter modes with the exception of overrun. The thing that really got me interested in Gears were the unique modes like Guardian, Submission, Wingman and Execution. I enjoy change in a franchise but not if the change removes the games signatures. I hope that the two new modes on the way are really unique modes that I've never seen before. If they gave me the option to purchase all the modes in previous games for 400msp(maybe 800) I'd bite their hands off, please Epic pretty please do this. I don't really mind the Red vs Blue instead of COG vs Locust, I do mind the lack of multiplayer characters though.

Now that's enough moaning, time to focus on the positives. I am really enjoying the campaign and the new smart spawn system(or whatever it's called) there's so much action. I'm on chapter 4 so far and my only gripes are that the story is a bit shit, there isn't much of a story really. The declassified missions are a welcome addition for me, however they could be a little more challenging even on hardcore they're a piece of piss. It's a load of fun trying to get the three stars on each section especially with the declassified missions enabled. I can't comment on survival as I haven't played it and don't plan on doing so at this time. I have to disagree with you on your point about maps being mode specific. I find it's better because it allows the maps to be designed with that mode in mind, like on Gears 2 some of the maps just weren't good for horde mode.

My verdict: 7 out of 10 from me. Good single player in terms of gameplay, lacking story so far from what I've played. Poor choice of modes in multiplayer but the map design is pretty good allowing for intense battles. Also like you said more fluid combat and movement is a plus as well.

Gears of War 2 remains my favourite so far. I'm also pleased that I got the original Gears for free, which I haven't played yet will do once I've finished Judgement.

Isn't it supposed to be more of a spin-off anyway? Kinda makes sense that a lot of stuff's been cut.
Can't say it's a good thing or I like the idea of removing stuff, but it does make sense.

Isn't it supposed to be more of a spin-off anyway? Kinda makes sense that a lot of stuff's been cut.
Can't say it's a good thing or I like the idea of removing stuff, but it does make sense.

Not quite a spin-off, but a prequel. It doesn't make sense to me at all the way they have things. It's like they backpeddled over the past few years of Gears improvements. The oddest things to me are the "It's available in (x) map or game mode but not (y)" scenarios.


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