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As we all know the soundtrack to a game is very important to the enjoyablity and atmosphere of the game, yet it is oft overlooked by the majority of gamers. This is a very sad thing as they can be both horrendesly horrible, either being bad or not suited towards it's own game, or like the gift from the gods. So I want to discuss this with the rest of you all.

My two own personal Soundtrack artists are Jeremy Soule ( Morrowind ,Oblivion(I think), Skyrim, and Guild Wars II) and Paul Anthony Romero (the entire Heroes of might and Magic series(not sure about V or VI though), and the Might and Magic series)

So my fellow posters please divulge your opinions here to enjoy.

Edit: Having just remembered, whoever did the soundtrack to Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles did a fan-damn-tastic job. I still have the opening song lingering in my head to strike at the strangest times. :)

Personally, I prefer Japanese soundtracks, due to their more memorable nature (western compositions tend can be good, but never get stuck in my head).

A few examples include Final Fantasy VI, the pokemon series, 9 hours 9 persons 9 doors, virtue's last reward, and the fire emblem series.

I won't bring up Soule's work on TES as you've mentioned it.

AC2 has the most memorable music from the series, some pretty good stuff.

Of course, I can't forget Deus Ex: HR and it's fantastic soundtrack.

And my final honourable mention has to go to the soundtrack from Trine 2 for perfectly capturing the wonder and fantasy of the game.


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