Poll: Will you buy the PS4 or Next Xbox at launch?

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So, with Microsoft preparing for their big console announcement next month, Sony showing off what the PS4 has to offer and both to show more off at E3, are set buy either of them at launch or at their launch window? I'm thinking of doing it with the PS4, but with rumors of the next Xbox's always online DRM and the $500 price, I'm thinking of just re-purchasing an Xbox 360 and get some games for it.

Stopped buying at launch the beginning of the 360/PS3 and Wii gen its just not worth it usually. Its nice for a while and then it just sits there while I wait for some decent games to actually come out in a few months time.

I find its better to wait then the price is usually slashed there are a few good games out and some of the worse kinks have been straightened out hopefully anyway.If the rumours of the new Xbox are substantiated then I wont be purchasing it at all tbh while when the PS4 is released I am hoping it will cause Nintendo to lower the price of the WiiU allowing me to pick that up then 12 months later or so I will get the PS4. I have enough games to tide me over for bloody ages if need be I dont need to buy day one.

There are always exceptions though if they announced one of my dream games as a launch title I would get it day one money permitting, unless its on the next Xbox and it has its always online and games locked to profile shit then I will just cry and not get it.

I will most likely buy a PS4, but not at launch...as of right now.

E3 hasn't happened yet and I want to know what Sony has planned in terms of what games will be available when the thing finally comes out. That and how much since I really want to know if they learned their lesson from the PS3, and if they're smart they will.

As for Microsoft? HA! As it stands right now I have zero interest in buying it. However, that doesn't mean that I don't want to know what their console is gonna be like and how they're gonna contribute to the next generation. E3 will be important for them too, so I will be paying attention to them as well.

I typically don't buy consoles at launch, so I don't think this generation will break that tradition for me unless something comes out of E3 that impresses the hell out of me.

The general rule I have for most consoles is that I wait a year or so after a console is released so that all the the little bugs and shortcomings are resolved, fixed, or at least improved so that I get a console that isn't broken or a pain and a half to own.

Also, the slight reduction of cost, a larger selection of titles, and certain deals might also be present, which I like.

Seriously . Who buy these things at launch? I really want to meet the guy waiting in line outside walmart on launch day and be likr " Whyyyyyy?" . There is absolutely NO reason to buy any console on launch day . I thought people would have realised that by now .

As for me , i'm going to wait for the PS4 lite/slim/pink whatever it's called because that's the only time it's worth it .

I will most likely end up getting a PS4 within a year or two of the console being released. I can't see myself going the Microsoft route again as the rumors have me less than thrilled, and my 360 died on me three times before I boxed it and got the elite version with the better heat sync (this was after my PS3 got stolen, I did not have a good time this generation) and that is more for entertainment like Hulu, Netflix, and HBO. I actually want to get another PS3 this year so I can catch up on a few select titles, then I've got a bunch of PC games coming out later in the year, so I will have more than enough to keep me occupied while I wait for the kinks to be fixed with the 8th gen consoles and for the price to come down.

I'll wait to hear more about both of them before I make a decision.

I'll wait until it has enough games that interest me that I can't play on a platform I already own, and if I can justify spending the money at that time. So, I'll probably get one (PS4, most likely) after two years after launch, if not later. I may end up getting a WiiU before then, depending on the games Nintendo releases for it, but it's impossible to say for sure at this point.

Microsoft needs to drop some official info on us before I can make that decision, and both Sony and Microsoft need to give us a direct answer on the DRM issue too.

There are still plenty of games coming out for the PS3 that I'm interested in. Maybe in a year or two, when the price has dropped a little and there are some better titles for the PS4, I'll buy one.

Not decided at all yet.

Need to hear more about both consoles before I get anywhere near deciding if I buy either of them.

No, I won't be buying either at any point in time. Not interested in consoles.

Got a sneaking suspicion that Rockstar are gonna pull a GTA5 for next gen console move in the next few months. If they do then I'll buy a next gen console when GTA5 arrives.

Naah, I'm saving for WiiU.
And then maybe when it gets cheaper, PS4. For the last generation I had 360, now it's time for Sony to show their cards.

There should probably be a poll option for those of us who prefer not to bother with consoles at all.

The PC gaming master race, that is.


In an ideal world I'd have a rich friend or two whom I could use unscrupulously in order to be able to play console exclusives. In a really ideal world they'd also be of negotiable virtue and be attractive and female, but just being able to play the exclusives would be nice.

I'll get my PS4 at the very least a year after release, if I feel I got time for video games by then. Never bought a console near launch due to the high cost and lack of games.
My PS3 will probably last a few more years. Got a shitload of games and there's still plenty I'm missing. Though I'm not entierly sure I want to get addicted to achievements on yet another platform.

I doubt I'll ever personally buy a console at launch unless I get really rich or something.
As of right now I have more interest in PS4 compared to "NextBox" but even so I'll wait and see how that comes along.

I prefer to wait a year or two before buying a new system. That way, they're cheaper, have more games, more people to play online with I know from around town, and I can get people who couldn't wait to buy one's input on which one I should buy.

When it comes to software & consoles, I like to wait for all the kinks to get worked out. I'm primarily a PC gamer, but I'm expanding into "just buy everything, especially the ones that aren't made anymore."

Bad side = For games, everyone else has already finished & gotten over the game by the time I get it. Can't join in any console-exclusive multiplayer games at friends' requests, miss out on the bonus free early launch game.

Good side = Price drops, hardware revisions, size of list for list of games I want for one console vs another, service package updates, mods, larger variety of reviews, walkthroughs, tips, patches, DLC, expansions, GOTYE, PC port might come out, price may be low enough that I can buy multiple consoles, don't really enjoy multiplayer anyway.

::Looks at poll results:: Doesn't surprise me at all. & we need those early buyers, few as they may be, or the hardware developers/publishers might just pull the consoles after a year & bankrupt the companies.

We also need those hasty buyers to point out all the problems with early console models so they function better when we get around to buying them. For instance, the Ouya apparently needs some fine tuning with it's policies & Nintendo increased the size of their 3DS.

At this point with consoles, I'm out. I was both a PC and a console gamer. I'm converting completely to PC next gen.

Nowadays there's not enough exclusives to keep me interested, and with all this crap surrounding long updates, installations, and online connectivity, consoles no longer have the convenience factor over PC.

I'll take the option with the cheaper games and free mods.

Almost certainly not at launch. Maybe launch window, if one of them impresses me enough.

So far the one that's closest to doing that is the PS4. The Durango just keeps looking worse and worse over time.

Nope, and I really have no interest in the consoles right now. I'm just going to complete my migration to PC gaming.

Queue people only going for PC (as usual) and ones just skipping to PC in this thread.

I'll be going for a Wii U and then maybe a PS4 to see how things go from there but I do remain optimistic instead of being a cynical tech asshat that needs to tell everyone consoles are dead and PC gaming is the only way to go route.

I also await the future where consoles are still around and PC only people will yet again whine about how a console exclusive should come to their platform lest they have to snoop down to a "casual" level.

I'd also recommend that if you're a PC only person then visiting this thread to declare you were not getting a console would be ultimately useless since you never wanted to go for one in the first place.

I may buy a PS4 on release depending on the price and the launch titles.

I think the ps3 is my last console for a while. If the ps4 is supported well (not just good games that work but good firmware too), I might get one after it drops a couple of price points. As for the nextbox (even if all the horrible rumors aren't true and it has no major defects this time) I like playing online, just not enough to pay extra for it.

Buying a console at launch has never seemed worth it for me, mostly seems like a bragging rights contest whenever one of my friends does. Besides, we know NOTHING about the next Microsoft console, so the question being between the two is a bit silly, because there is only one informed choice here at all and we still don't have all the info on the PS4 either. I'll wait about six months to hear what problems they have and maybe decide then, that said, I've moved toward mostly PC gaming now anyways.

So far, the only console I want at the moment would be a Wii U, once it has a few more titles out.

It depends on if it gets more launch titles. If one of them is Versus XIII or whatever it will be called then, then I probably will. If not, and unless the director was lying and Kingdom Hearts III somehow becomes a launch title, then no. I can wait for when games that interest me actually come out for it.

Eh. I'm mostly still apathetic. If I get anything, it will probably be the PS4 after the first couple of price slashes. I haven't seen anything that makes me want it yet though, so I just might not buy anything this time around.

Microsoft is horrible to their customers and paying for multiplayer is stupid, so the NextBox is right out.

I probably will upgrade my PC though, could use a new graphics card as the current one is nearing 3yrs old. Might also invest in a SSD.

The most expensive the console will ever be?
Only about 2 worthy games, both at full price too?
The lowest tier possible of the console? (remember how the 360 only came with 20Gb at launch? Yeah, that was a nice deal...)
Having to deal with bugs and issues due to it not being prepared for a worldwide launch?

Yeah... I dont think so, I think I will wait probably 2 years

So far, I don't really have any interest in either one. If the Microsoft rumors are true I may never get one, which is a shame because the Xbox has been my console of choice for a long time. Hopefully it will turn out better than we're hearing. The PS4 didn't really catch my interest at all either. Basically, it's going to be a while. I'm going to have to wait and see what games come out and what people have to say about the actual system. I wish I could be excited. In the past always looked forward to seeing what new things were coming with each new generation. This time though, it just feels like a chore.


Somewhere between buying it later to not at all, but I most certainly won't be buying at launch.

It all depends on the specifics of the consoles, for example we have nothing but rumors about the NextBox, and the games available.

I almost never buy at launch, but I fully intend to buy. This is more because I'm always tight with money and it takes a long time to make that leap. Almost certainly going to be a PS4. Having to pay for online is a clincher, but it looks like Microsoft might want to make that an even easier decision

I'm waiting until at least post-E3 to decide anything. Even if one wows me, I won't buy it at launch.

I never buy at launch. I bought a slim PS2, have a slim PS3 and won't buy the PS4 for at least a year or two less a very good price comes around. Plus my PS3 can do so much more than play games so for the interim, I need not do a thing.

So, with Microsoft preparing for their big console announcement next month, Sony showing off what the PS4 has to offer and both to show more off at E3, are set buy either of them at launch or at their launch window? I'm thinking of doing it with the PS4, but with rumors of the next Xbox's always online DRM and the $500 price, I'm thinking of just re-purchasing an Xbox 360 and get some games for it.

I'll be buying the PS4. Not sure when, though. Might be day 1, might be a month or two later. Sometime within the first year anyway.

I didn't vote because A) I'm not sure and B) your options were a bit overly specific.

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