Poll: Do you like Nintendo?

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Nintendo is a great company. The best part is that they actually learn from the mistakes they make (most of them at least). Focus on motion controls wasn't good for a long lasting console, so they pushed it back a bit for the Wii U. The 3DS was to expensive, so they slashed the price and gave free games to those who paid full price.

I love Nintendo. They brought me into gaming and their first party games will always give me a reason to stay. More then half of the series i'm invested in are by their hand. I don't always agree with the path they take, the later Wii period in which we could only beg them to trow us a bone dissapointed me greatly. Them being somewhat storyphobic annoys me a bit but thats one of the few problems i have with them.

Despite their sometimes shady dealings with other companies Nintendo remains one of the more honest brands in this industry, at least to the consumers. No day one dlc, on disc dlc, online passes or always online crap. Its true they never really bothered with dlc untill recently but that can be counted as a good thing. Their first venture in dlc in Awekening seems to be of the good kind, extra content for a content heavy game.

I grew up with a Playstation. The only thing I am nostalgic for related to Nintendo is Super Mario Bros & Super Mario World.

I had a bad view of Nintendo in years past. Sometimes when I found a friend that had it, I played on their Nintendo 64. I never hated a controller quite as much, and I disliked every game I ever played for it. Even the bits of Ocarina of Time I was allowed to play. I thought they had been left in the dust by Sony at that point, even if my memories of playing their Super Nintendo were fond. The Wii's complete lack of interest in implementing a decent controller was not alluring to me at all. Motion control was implmented in games simply because the tool was there, even when a button would have been better.

That changed when I got my DSi. Mobile gaming had become The Last Homely House west of the Japanese Sea for japanese RPGs, platformers, everything that wasn't gritty, enfatuated with realistic graphics and guns. They still serviced niche markets because the games' development costs weren't through the roof. They could be more innovative than in the consoles because games didn't cost as much to make. They could be more old shool because they didn't need to make so much money back.

Now I have a 3DS. I've enjoyed playing Super Mario 3D Land and I'm playing The Ocarina of Time again. Only this time I'm enjoying it. The gyroscopical control is a lot better for aiming than the original analogue was (you still can use it though), the touch screen is used to add virtual buttons in addtion to the physical ones, with big enough icons that it's very comfortable to use.

So I like Nintendo more than I did when I was a kid. They're a good game developer and their portables have a pretty good library of games. Also, if I were to buy a console this generation it would likely be the Wii U.

I like Nintendo, always have, hopefully always will. I like their IP's and I like their balls. Yeah. Their willingness to at least be different.

I mean, there are some things that piss me off about them like region locking their home consoles and the 3DS (>:I). But overall, those aren't really that big of gripes.

I'm going to try and support the WII U & 3DS by trying to buy a good library for them and try to get my friends to buy them. Their the only real first party developer that feels like a video game company first. Can't really say the same for Microsoft & Sony.

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