New Okami game?

Apparently, Capcom's Japanese Twitter account for Okami appears to be teasing an upcoming announcement.

Will this be a sequel? Or will the orginal Okami be moving to a new platform like the WiiU? Excited?


I love Okami! But I already played the game. If it's a new port, I don't care; and if it's a sequel, I don't much care anyway, since I never played Okamiden on the DS. Also, call me silly but I never fully got over Clover Studio getting shut down. I know most people say devs come and go but... I dunno, maybe I'm just being silly thinking it wouldn't be the same. Whatever this is, though, cool news.

Willing to bet that it's a WiiU port of either Okami or Okamiden (or both?)

I hope it's a new game instead of a port.
I actually kind of like the idea of a sequel (of a sequel), or perhaps a prequel featuring Shiranui? They'd have to be careful not to retread the same ground. I've fought Orochi enough!

Eh, never played Okami before.

So yeah daystar.... Okami is shit :3

Never played Okami, probably won't for a while, so this news means nothing to me...nothing at all...nada...

Cool for fans though, looks like Okami HD did well enough to bless them with a sequel (if that is what it is)

How the hell to people type in Kanji/Chinese anyway? That's gotta be hard as hell to learn. Also, what has that account been tweeting all this time considering Okami hasn't done anything in ages? Well that was unrelated...

OT: Neat. I thought the idea of Okami was cool, loved the art and everything, but it just didn't hold my interest. Hopefully this will.

I just want a new game, preferably for the 3DS or Wii U

Knowing Nintendo, it's a port to the Wii U. I wouldn't get your hopes up.

Where the hell is DayStar? I thought he receives a text message whenever someone in the world mentions Okami.
Oh, well, I've never played Okami, but after lurking around the forum I've become more and more intrigued by it. So, if they ever release it on Vita I'll be all over it.

I'm willing to bet it's a port of the original game to the WiiU, to make use of the touch screen controller thing for drawing.
A sequel wouldn't work so well, in my opinion, because the story is self-contained and doesn't end with a cliffhanger.
A follow-up story would just ruin that.

Got Okami on release and absolutely loved it I have finished it a few times over the years and may have another playthrough soon but if its another remake I am not interested I still have my PS2 original and its still looks great.

If its a sequel I would be extremely skeptical since the original team is now basically Platinum games so unless they were doing it I dont think they would be able to capture the spirit of the original I mean look at what happened to DMC after the first one. Lastly Okami doesnt need a straight up sequel its was self contained and worked great but another story set in that world would be very welcome.


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