So, anyone played the new Star Trek game?

Generally, I stay the hell away from movie tie-in games. Their quality, or lack thereof, has been made so well known that taking the risk just doesn't seem worth it any more.

Still, as an admittedly fairly casual fan of both pre- and post-reboot Star Trek, and being in desperate need of a new sci-fi game, I've been keeping my eye on this. Going by the trailers, I can already see it's nothing to write home about graphically, and I've also heard that picking between Spock and Kirk is a largely cosmetic affair, but I did think that the potential for varied gameplay, the odd RPG element and the fact it's an original story, not a rehash of either movie is enough to make it intriguing.

Honestly, I think I'll inevitably pick it up sooner or later, unless it really gets hammered by reviews. But 40 is also a big asking price, especially for a digital download on Steam. So I guess the best summary of Star Trek's quality would be at what point it becomes worth a buy.

I can see it getting maybe 10 or 20 percent off on a weekend/midweek madness sale in a couple of months. But unless it really does turn out to be an unpolished diamond, that still probably won't be cheap enough to match my level of interest.

So, people of the Escapist, who's played it? What are your general thoughts on it? And what sort of price do you think does justice to its level of quality? For that matter, who's in the same boat as me - who wants to try it but is tentative about putting down the cash? And who doesn't care in the slightest? Any of you think it simply looks awful?

Captcha: 'be careful'. Too sodding right.

I have heard some negative things mainly concerning the coop not working and being buggy as hell but I have not been really following it so take that with a grain of salt


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