What difficulty do you play co-op on?/Hilarious co-op difficulty stories

To clear this up, I mean games that have a set difficulty for both players, not individual difficulties like Gears Of War (although I do think that's pretty cool).

I prefer to play them on the easiest difficulty, even though I never play on the easiest or hardest on my own. Don't get me wrong, I've gotten some enjoyment out of some hard co-op runs. My friend and I have done Legendary runs for almost all of the Halo games and we both had our fair share of hilarious moments and deaths, most of them were mine because his a way better player than I am but still. In fact, I have a pretty funny story about that but I'll tell it at the end.
We did our Legendary runs but for no reason, and I don't remember which game it was but it wasn't a Halo game, I just put the difficulty down to the easiest and I was having leagues more fun. I don't know, I guess I hadn't felt the freedom that easy difficulty allows you for a long time and I really liked that freedom. Now I play all my co-op on easy. My friend is pushing for a legendary run for Halo 4 and I'll probably do it, it might be nice to get back into that field but for the most part, easy.

How difficult do you like your co-op?

Now for the story.
For those of you who haven't played Halo's co-op, a dead player will respawn on his partner only if said partner is out of combat and/or in a safe place, out of immediate danger. Now, I was dead, waiting to respawn, and my partner was in cover. But apparently he was just barely in that zone that the game judges as "safe" because I spawned next to him but I was out of that cover and literally (and I use "literally" literally, no exaggeration here) the instant I spawned, bam, headshot, dead again. To try to make this more clear how quick this was, when you respawn in Halo, you respawn about a foot off the ground and really do "drop" into battle. Yeah, I didn't even touch the ground before I was shot. Those Sniper Jackals man, they do not mess around. But I'm not a man without a sense of humor, that was one of the funniest moments in my gaming lifetime, my friend and I were freaking rolling.

If you've got a good/hilarious story that came from co-op being too easy or too hard, I would love to hear it, I can't be the only guy with an awesome story.

Captcha: it is different.
Between easy and hard? Yeah, Captcha, I would imagine.

I don't really play Co-op games for a challenge. When I play Co-op I usually play to have fun with friends. Not to say that a challenge can't be fun, but in my experience very challenging Co-op missions can become frustrating pretty quickly
I'm instantly reminded of a segment in Gears of War 2 where you and your partner get seperated in the underground Locust stronghold. If either you or your partner goes down you an start all over again, because AI revive lolnope. On Insane difficulty this got hopelessly annoying after a while.

And to add to that that not all my friends are of equal skill at certain games. When playing Nintendoland for example we never go with the level 5 stages because they are oftentimes too complicated and hard for most.

I have had quite a few hilarious moments playing through Resident Evil 5 with my best bud. Since we're mostly trolling each other rather than helping each other out.

Or the level in DK Country Returns with the red and blue platform switches. Oh the rage aimed at your partner :p

My favourite co-op is CoDz, and that has 2 difficulties- normal or easy if you have trouble deciding if you move the buttons and press the analogue, or vice verse.
I prefer easy in general though. It's not fun if you're getting mad at each other trying to figure something out.


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