Kaidan vs Ashley: who to save
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Poll: Mass Effect: Kaidan vs Ashley who to save

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I don't get all the hatred for Ashley that I'm seeing. What makes her so bad (aside from her shooting Wrex if you do that wrong which is a very bad thing though I've never seen it happen)?

I always saved Ashley I always liked her.

I hate those usual love interests where the women are pushovers.

Yea she's religious but why should that matter I only have issues with fanatics.

And I don't get why people call her xenophobic I mean she never seems to distrust tali and come on Garrus is a Turian and them and humans still have some bad blood and Wrex is a Krogan who have a history of being violent and blood thirsty and really how many other Krogan don't live up to that? I distrusted them the first time I played the game does that make me xenophobic?

Ashley, always. Kaidan was boring.

Despite finding Ashley's personality grating and her constant rambling about Tennyson, not liking Wrex (my Bro), Garrus (Super best bro), Tali (baby sister) or Liara (my space squeeze) and actually being religious; it is due to this that I saved her.

Why? Because at least she had a personality that invoked an emotional response in me. Kaiden was a boring fuck; in Citadel his penultimate moment with Shepard is cooking steak.....with Ashley you get a bar fight that had a nice Lethal Weapon comedy vibe to it.

Mind you, her ME3 design was shocking.

Ashley, always Ashley. I saved Kaiden once and it sucked. Felt bitter about it all the way to the end of Mass Effect 3.

I liked Ashley. I found her character development and motivations more interesting than Kaiden, and have always argued that she wasn't a bland character like a lot of people reckon, just subtler than the others.

I dont know ... Kaidan was just sooo bland ... newer took him whith me on any mission and ash... well ash kinda reminded me of xenophobick ash williams from evil dead... chainsaw on arm - stern look on the face and to finish it all - Groowey... yeah... wait what was the question? ooh right I chos allways ashley so i missed a lot of content of me3 (kinda?)...

Kaiden, definatly. He wasn't the most interesting character, but Ashley had too many negative qualities for me to like her.

Biggest problem with Kaiden is he's pretty unfriendly and distant. Even with a difficult past, he seems a bit inhuman for how easily he talks about it. And if he's holding in some emotion that just shows how unfriendly he is; you can never really become close with the guy.

Now with Ashley, for all that is unlikable about her, she was still willing to lay all her cards on the table.

Professor Lupin Madblood:
Everyone else on the USS Daddy Issues...

LoL, funny and interesting observation of ME1 but I'd make Wrex at least an exception.

It's one thing when you have a disapproving father (Garrus), it's a another when the man tries to murder you in cold blood.


I saved Ashley.

When I see this type of discussion point pop up I read through to check something that I've noticed occasionally happens.

People sometimes have a tendency to confuse "I do not like this character" with "This is a bad character", note here that I'm not saying you all do it (I did just say I'd read your responses), and it's fascinating to me.

Kaiden was very bland character-wise while Ashley was more characterised. Ashley had controversial views while Kaiden did not. Occasionally this causes some kind of dissonance with players where they dont like Ashley for her controversial views and so view Kaiden as the better character. Is he a better person? That depends on your specific outlook. Is he a better character? Not a chance.

I've always saved Ashley on "Natural" runs, but I have saved Kaiden on others that I do (where I find out what decisions I haven't made and go for them). Never got past ME1 with any of those yet, so I don't know how they turn out, but I'm all for balancing the saving.

In all honesty I probably only do it due to natural instinct (save the girl! save the girl!), but I find the hate for Ashley in these forums a bit concerning. Ashley was uneasy with the aliens, sure, but she wasn't full out xenophobe. That was Pressly's job, and even HE learned to like the aliens on board. She was the naysayer, sure, but as an actual military member (rather than a policeman, merc, scientist, or... Tali wasn't really anything, was she?), and a rather low-ranking one at that (a young whippersnapper, if you will), of course she'll be the most hot-headed and misgiving, it's not even necessarily the fact that everyone else is an alien. On TOP of that, she gets maybe two lines about her religion, and that's it. She's not trying to convert, she doesn't think you're a bad person if you disagree with her. All you people who think she needs to die because she's religious, remind me to never let you be in charge of myself in a life-or-death situation.

I always end of saving Kaidan.
Yeah, he's a boring tosser but I always end up leaving him with the bomb and sending Ashley to the frontlines and it just seems to make more sense to rush back to save the guy who's keeping ahold of the Doomsday Device.

Nobody gives Kaiden a fucking chance, he's one of the most interesting characters in the series, if you get to know him. Plus he has one of the best backstories if you ask me.

Does it bother anyone else than Kaiden and Ashley have identical story-arcs in ME2 and ME3, despite being two totally different and distinct characters with separate personalities? It's almost like they become quantum entangled after Virmire and thus somehow appear in all the same situations and make all the same decisions, even when it comes down to what color to wear.

I mean why?

Shouldn't their stories branch off and go in different directions? What are the odds they would both choose to go to New Horizons, survive the collector attack, meet Shepherd, and choose not to trust him due to Cerberus? Ashley is a human with xenophobic tendencies, wouldn't she be the most likely to trust Cerberus of anyone?

And that's just ME2, it gets even worse in ME3.

In ME2 it's at least a bit understandable. The Alliance wants someone they can trust to oversee the installation of those guns on Horizon. Why not send in the kid that ran around with Shepard and helped save the galaxy?
And Shepard went down with the Normandy. But wait, Shepard is alive and well here. That's cool and all, but people don't come back to life. AND Shep's hanging around with those pro-human terrorists they spent a good amount of time fighting? Something rotten in the state of Denmark I tell you what. This is probably how most people would react to seeing a close friend/ally die and then show up a few years later with some bad dudes.

That, and the Virmire Survivor gets all of five minutes of screentime, so BioWare probably didn't put much effort into their return, much less making them different.

Come ME3, they had a tight deadline to meet, so corners were cut. Also, they don't want to punish players by making them miss out on anything for 'picking the wrong one'. So, they don't get a whole lot to make them stand out from one another this time around either.

And the reason for their similar choice in apparel color is because it was only come ME3 they decided to make the Alliance have a standard color scheme/attire.

As a side thought, I can't believe she is winning in this poll... most tend to think of her as racist and a bible thumper, when they just don't realize that she is right and the Council (vocalized by the Asari counselor) was planning on throwing the humans away for more time, and generally she brings up religion all of 1 time in ME1. (off mentions of God other times but I don't see anybody jumping on the Asari for constantly saying "By the Goddess!")

True, and yet most everyone goes on about Kaidan complaining about headaches when he mentions them all of once (Chakwas likewise mentions it very briefly as well).

What I'm more bothered by is how many people keep spelling Kaidan's name wrong. X[

I've always saved Ashley, imo shes a better character than Kaiden.

On my next play through, I am considering saving Kaiden.

Ashley, because Kaiden is boring as all Hell. Also, Ashley has boobs.

Kaidan. He's bland, but I just can't stand to have that bitch on the Normandy.

I am currently set to do my 2nd run through Mass Effect 2 (I didn't like the result I got as Zaeed died, crew died and based given to TIM (Which is a bad thing)). However I found myself missing Ashley throughout the game as her poverty really added something to the games.

However my Shepard left her on Virmie as if Kaidan was left alone he thought there might be a chance that the geth could disable the bomb. My Shepard missed Ashley but didn't have time to mourn the loss of the teammate as Saren was preparing to attack.

My Shepard only began to truly mourn her after meeting Kaidan again. Afterwards he couldn't help if there was something else he should have done.

I personally like both characters but Ashley seemed to be better to me as I learnt more about her: her sisters, dad, grandfather, reasons for joining the army. While Kaidan only seem to talk about: Jump Zero, biotics and his crush. It may be because my Shepard was romancing Ashley but it seemed to me that Ashley evolved as a character while Kaidan remained the same.

I am divided about this as one is one of my close friend while the other is someone who I care deeply about.

So I need the Escapists to help decide whichever one should be save. I wouldn't mind if you guys explained your answers. Cheers in advance.

ok go back to ME 1 send kaidan with the salerians and then go save him. Why? because hes so much better in mass effect 3 then ash. don't get me wrong I love ash but she makes a better marter than a squadmate, also kaidan's a hell of a lot more accepting of what you do because the guys (forgive me for this stereotype but its true) from Canada and they happen to be the nicest people on earth.

I let Ashley die, always annoyed the hell out of me they made her religious. She is standing next to Wrex for gods sake.

I like them both. Have saved and romanced both about equally.

Don't think I've played as a Shepard who shares her faith yet, though.

I saved Ash every time. I didn't really like her character, but at least she had character, as opposed to the galaxy's blandest biotic. Besides, she improved somewhat in 3. ...well, her personality did, I'm still trying to figure out what the hell happened to her outfit and makeup. In terms of combat, I never used either of them across the entire trilogy, so I can't comment on that.

I saved Ashley every time. Kaiden was a solid bro, asking to be left behind so no one else had to. Also, he lived, everyday, in great pain because of his biotic amps. The other reason was that Ashley was in my main rotation as a party member(I'm a vanguard), while Kaiden pretty much stayed in the galley the whole game.

First play through i saved Ashley because I didn't really like Kaiden. After ME2 I felt the way they changed Ashley's character model made it no longer fit her back-story, the straightened hair and make-up didn't really fit with the way she looked or acted in the first game and it bugged me enough to save Kaiden on my subsequent play-throughs.

Ashley, never have the thought to save Kaidan crossed my mind.

I'd say a few things play into the decision:

1). Are you romancing Ashley or Kaiden? If you are, I'd save the one you're romancing. If you are romancing Liara or not romancing anyone at all, keep reading.
2). Is one of them important to your squad setup? Save the one that is more important. If they are both important, then save the person who's skills are least like your own. If this still doesn't fit, then...
3). Save the one you sent to work with the Salarians. The Salarians come back in ME3 if you save the person you send to fight alongside them.

Personally, I saved Ashley, but that was because she was my romance option in ME1 and stuck all the way through the whole trilogy. Then again, her character is more compelling, and she was a key squad member for me in ME1. Also, I always send her to work with the Salarians, and since I want their help in ME3, I save her and them. If I ever choose to play as a Soldier class then I may save Kaiden, but I don't see myself doing that anytime soon.

Never could understand hate towards her
I kinda liked her relationship with her family
And her paranoid attitude towards aliens resembled my shepards attitude
Not to mention THAT moment in ME3 :)

...yet I never hear anything about Wrex. He's a gun-for-hire that shows little care for the deaths of innocents, yet no moral outrage over that.

Uncle Urdnaut brings the boom. THAT is why.

Because Ashley is a fucking racist-ass dick.

Technically, she does have more character than Kaiden- but he's not a xenophobic bitch.

I lost all my saves before I moved on to ME3, so I had to redo things. I decided I'd leave a small derp in there, and see if the game would react. I decided that I'd seduce both Ashley and Liara as much as I possibly could, pick Ashley at the "pick one of us you manwhore" moment, then nuke her from orbit and run off with Liara. I was quite disappointed - everything worked out great right up to the point at which Ashley got fried. The game did not present me with the option of running back to Liara. Not only that, but Tali never seemed to mind the fact that I staged a thermonuclear break up with my previous girlfriend, and nobody mentioned it at any point in the following two games.

Maybe this makes me a terrible person...

I remembered that if I didn't manage to talk Wrex down quickly enough, Ashley would just shoot my favourite Mass Effect character in the back.
Also she was religious LOL
Okay, I'm not going to incite a riot. Disregard distasteful disjoke.

I simply chose her because I was closer to her and somebody had to make sure that the fucking bomb would stay intact and wasn't overrun by the enemy. :/

I left Ashley to die about 95% of the time. She just wasn't that useful to me from a gameplay perspective. Tech abilities were extremely useful in the first game due to all of the Geth, with Biotics being excellent for crowd control. I used Kaidan and Garrus as my go to team, subbing in Wrex or Tali depending on whether I needed extra damage or hacking.

With an Engineer, Adept, Infiltrator, or Sentinel Shepard, the combo of Kaidan's tech and biotics and Garrus' combat prowess and tech meant I could lock down the entire battlefield in about a second and a half, letting Garrus assassinate whatever wasn't presently overheated, on fire, in the air, or held in stasis.

The power loadout in ME3 makes the Garrus & Kaidan combo even better. My fast casting (as opposed to hard tanking) sentinel can set up tech and biotic explosions off of them, and vice versa. With explosions and bursts going off left and right, I'm able to mow through enemies like I used to in the days of Chemical and Polonium ammunition.

I did a dramatic role play run through the series where my Shepard pursued a romance with Ashley only to have to choose the mission over her life, but it wasn't even worth it. Without a living love interest in your ME import, ME2 pretty much just assumes you came down with Blue fever and hooked up a power coupling with Liara.

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