Best videogame soundtrack?

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Richard Groovy Pants:

For me it has to be Golden Sun, with it's fast paced battle theme, haunting music of sol sanctum and the heroic theme of Venus Lighthouse it was incredible to listen to, the amazing thing was it was GBA audio and it still sounded epic.

Maaaaaan, spot on.

I never got to play Golden Sun 2, and now i regret it :(.

That series rocked.

Mia <3.
Saturos <33.
Isaac <333.
Ivan <3333.

Yeah definitely, it was surprising since it was on the GBA you wouldn't really expect such a quality rpg to be on a handheld at the time.

Also you forgot Menardi <3

Baldur's Gate II (witthout Throne of Bhaal). Amazing, particularly the options screen at the beginning.

Also, Assassin's Creed's promotion video featuring Lonely Soul was pretty good. Made me buy UNKLE's album.

I very much like the original Unreal theme, but that's just down to personal taste.

Oh and the Hitman (particularly 2 and 4) theme tunes..

My favorites would be:
Shadow of the Colossus (Particularly "A Way Opened") which has a soundtrack that punctuates the games epic nature very well.
Chrono Cross has some excellent songs but some truly obnoxious ones too (like SS Zelbess theme).

I've always been fond of Halo: CE's soundtrack, as well Oblivion, Fable's, and Fallout 3's. Saint's Row 1 had an interesting collection of indie rock in it. The Rainbow Six Vegas games were all-right, and I of course loved Portal's soundtrack.

Movie-wise, The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou and Jurassic Park.

I loved MGS series, I still listen to them on my iPod when I'm on the bus and train. Lost Odyssey is a good listen, the many different variations of the main theme is wonderful. Then again you really got to give credit to Nobuo Uematsu as a composer anyway. Eternal Sonata had pushed my love for Chopin. That commercial for Halo 3 with the epic diorama is what made me like him in the first place. Bad Company had a surprisingly good soundtrack for a light hearted shooter. Ohhhh there's just too many...

Halo 3 had a quite a good soundtrack Imo and Red Alert 3s Hell March and Soviet March are also made of win.

Vigormortis, nice icon.
Metroid Fusion.
Viewtiful Joe.

Painkiller, Doom, and Doom II: Hell on Earth

I love the soundtrack to the Donkey Kong Country series. I was up all night losing myself to the music until 1 a.m the other day.

Devil May Cry 1 and 3.

In no particular order, Id say:

Half Life 2/episodes (Used sparingly, but when the music kicks in it complements the huge fight thats coming)
Katamari Damacy
7th Guest/11th Hour (

I really like Heroes of Might and Magic IV. Say what you want about the game when compared to the rest of the series. It had an interesting blend of operatic, celtic, and orchestral themes, in addition to some really interesting experimental stuff.


I'm sure there's others but they spring to mind immediately.

Wait, wait, videogames have soundtracks? I'm going back to my rock.

P.S. I meant a pyshical rock, not the type of music. Though, Rock music, for lack of a better word, rocks!

I'll say it's a tie between Burnout, who never disappoints me with their soundtrack (except when they found it necessary to include Avril Lavigne. I couldn't hit the MUTE button fast enough, especially when it popped up in Chinese), and EA's FIFA series, which brings me so many songs from around the world that I never would have heard of otherwise.

My all time favorite soundtrack is that of Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit. It was an outstanding mix of varied techno beats and fast-paced guitar pieces, and it meshed perfectly with the surreal locales and track design. It makes you wonder why EA abandoned the original soundtracks for the NFS games and went with EA Trax.

in a feat in redundancy ill say rock band 1 and 2

The Zelda series is full of songs that stick in your head for days on end. Some of my favorite include Hyrule Field, Main Theme to Twilight Princess, The Great Sea, The Dark World, really sad song that plays in a specific part in Twilight Princess.

Other games with great soundtracks include Shadow of the Colossus, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, God of War, Okami, and Secret of Mana.

People will probably kill me for this, but any soundtrack from either Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts. The thing is, some of the songs (generally the orchestral/piano versions of songs or any that have vocals of some kind) are really good, for example 'Sanctuary' from Kingdom Hearts 2. These are the really haunting and beautiful pieces that stay with you for a long time afterwards and are emotionally moving. Anbother good song, however, is Still Alive - actually, make that 2 songs, as I enjoy both the one from Portal and the one from Mirror's Edge (although Mirror's Edge is still the better version).

Anything by Nobuo Uematsu
(FF series, lost oddesey, etc.)

Katamari if you're high though

Mr. Fister:
The Zelda series is full of songs that stick in your head for days on end.

while i do agree that they get stuck in your head, they are far from "best soundtrack". maybe "catchiest soundtrack", but not best

I think that NFS: Most wanted had a great soundtrack. Hooray for Metal.

The World Ends With You also had an amazing, original soundtrack.

For an immersive soundtrack, you cant beat Bioshock. Those swingin 50s tunes really make you feel like you crashed a modern plane into a futuristic underwater city...In 1960 (I couldnt resist) but the music is really amazing.

I'm rather surprised that nobody has mentioned the Phoenix Wright soundtracks. I honestly think that the games would not have been nearly as good if not for the BGM. The music is what made the game compelling. The gameplay made it interesting, the writing made it entertaining, but the music was the heart of the game. From the light-hearted and fun "Won the Case" to the intense court-battle themes like "Pursuit" and "Objection!" (Ooh, original name there.) the character themes just right, bringing so much life to each person you met. That is one of the few soundtracks that I would consider to be integral to the game itself. Most games have great music, but rarely is that music a real part of the gameplay experience, indispensable.

My top 5 have to be:

Fallout 3 (all the songs perfectly complement the games theme).

Final Fantasy 8 (just for that song when Galbadia garden attacks Balamb Garden).

C&C (Hell March is epic)

GTA: Vice City (80's was the best musical decade)

Shadow of the Colossus (emotional)

Knee jerk answer is zelda, but I'm starting to love fallout radio
Three dog aaawwwwwooooooo

Armored Core for Answer gets my vote. It complements the gameplay really well.

oblivion, hands down

Freedom Fighters, for the love of god that soundtrack is amazing and Jesper Kyd is a beast.

Chrono Cross
Super Meat Boy
Streets of Rage 2
Shadow of The Colossus
Castlevania Symphony Of The Night

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