Taking PSP to gamestop..How much $$?

Im taking my old psp to gamestop and im wondering how much do you think they will give me?

probably about $30 trade-in credit

Don't do it.... just find someone to buy it. Gamestop will give you like 15 bucks and turn around and sell it for 100. The fuckers.

Or better yet.... if you got a slim and are upgrading, mod the old one and put homebrew on it.

Ive already looked for people to buy it and Im not gonna sell online

You'd get so little it wouldn't be worth the trip to the store in my opinion.

You're not going to get very much for it. Selling online is your best bet if you want to get a good return, but if that's out of the question you're looking at only maybe thirty bucks.

The amount you get for it at Gamestop (that's EB Games if your Canadian and rock) probably wouldn't cover the gas money it took to drive down there.


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