10 year old saves three lives, takes the wheel at 60mph, credits Mario Kart...

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Games being shown in a positive light? HIT THE DECK!!

Seriously though, good on that kid. He deserves a medal, and his grandmother deserves to have her license suspended.

Jamieson 90:
Why isn't Mario Kart getting more attention? Can you imagine the shitstorm if the headline was something like:

"Ten Year old hijacks car - Blames Grand Theft Auto."

"When questioned about his unconscious Grandmother, the child responded by calling us all f*****."


Seriously though: my hats off to the kid. It's always great hearing about tragedies being averted, especially when video games are credited as the reason said potential tragedy...didn't...happen.

Aw, that kid has some really good instincts. Good for those people.

That's pretty cool. That's a story he'll be able to tell for the rest of his life.

Although every time I hear "credited videogames for it", I doubt it will do videogames' reputation any good. Even I must admit this can be read both ways. If your experience in videogames can make you act so drastically different in such situations, how do we know you'll act positively? A lot of games make you shoot people, so why wouldn't you be more inclined to do that by that logic?
Of course, that's painfully oversimplifying things, but that's Fox news bread and butter. People read information to suit their beliefs while refusing everything else, and here, it basically says videogames can have drastic effects in life and death situations.

I don't want to be the party pooper, the kid did great, but I wouldn't keep my hopes up he did videogames a favor.

Your move, Fox News.

Tell him this will lead to murder. I dare you.

It's amusing, but the problem is if we start accepting positive behaviour attributed to games, we're accepting that games impact behaviour.

In the end, that's a win for Fox News.

I hope the grandmother is alright. Nobody seems to be mentioning that. That's probably a good sign that she doesn't need to be behind the wheel of a vehicle anymore, especially at her advanced age.

Still though, the kid did a good job. Not sure what Mario Kart has to do with anything other than it being a game where you also drive, however. This is really only related to Mario Kart in the smallest of tangents.

If only they had triple green shells. Would have totally protected them from traffic and bana peels.

Z of the Na'vi:
I hope the grandmother is alright.

They said no one was hurt, so I think the grandmother was fine, outside of passing out.

Also I agree, not sure how much mario kart actually helped, but still.

t's nice to see stories like these where gaming is cast in a positive light.

The only thing I thought of when reading the title was:

"I wonder how much of Rainbow Road he mastered before doing that."

Kudos to the kid, hope granny is OK and may he continue to be good at what he does.

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