Do you use easy mode?
NO! Easy mode is for the weak!
23.2% (191)
23.2% (191)
Yes, I see no problem with it
31.6% (260)
31.6% (260)
Depends on the game
40.4% (333)
40.4% (333)
Other (Pease explain)
3.9% (32)
3.9% (32)
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Poll: What's Your Deal With Easy Mode

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I almost always play any and all games on their easiest available difficulty setting.I like to enjoy the story in games and i do not want challenging gameplay to become an annyonce or hindrance in me enjoying the plot of the game.I am clearly in the minority here as most gamers either prefer to play on normal or hard.

never use it, how can something be fun if you're not even being challenged? that's just boring, that's like having monster hunter game in where all the monsters die in one hit, completely awful.

actually while I am on the topic of challenge, who thought it was a good idea to have certain difficulties only available after you have beaten the game already? absolutely hate that.

Sometimes it is fun to sit back and feel invincible, that's one of the many reasons the invincibility cheat codes were so prominent in games on the PS1 and 2. So yeah, easier modes have their purpose, but are not for everyone.

And yeah, I agree with you the whole, "unlock hard mode" crap is annoying, it's fake longevity.

OT: I'm indifferent, easy mode has it's purpose, and I occasionally play games like Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Mortal Kombat on easy just for a fun quick play.

Depends on the game yet not the type of game. More how lazy the devs were in making the difficulty levels.

Say normal/hard etc actually unlock parts and abilities of the AI then yes I do enjoy that kind of challenge. If higher difficulty just gives them cheat codes, or turns AI into bullet sponges, screw that. That kind of 'challenge' ruins a game for me in mere minutes.

I will use easy mode for a heavily story based game cause I hate breaking the flow of a story by dying loads but other than that I won't really use it.

I love how all the fools come in here to stroke their ego by bashing easy mode, as if it was some awful thing. Well, it isn't awful. For story-driven games, like RPGs, I much prefer an easy mode. I love easy mode, and I'm someone who can also play games on hard mode.

I don't use easy mode, but I don't have any problem with it. Gaming is all about having fun, the whole people having a problem with easy mode being in games just makes me roll my eyes so hard that I almost give myself a concussion. You want to play on hard mode fine, be my guest, have fun; just don't dictate how other people play the game.

I usually play on normal the first playthrough, but if I end up in a situation where I can't get past anyway I'd switch to easy. There's also games which I play more for the story or the characters, and I don't care about the difficulty in those. I've not played through a saints row game on any other difficulty than hardcore, since the first one. I like being challenged in those. Same with some platform games where you need to collect things, and I can spend a lot of time just trying to get one of those even if it's difficult.

Sometimes I use easy, sometimes I enjoy a challenge. It depends on the game.

Depends very much on the game. If it's a game that's focussed almost exclusively on the gameplay (driving games are the most common ones that fall into that category for me) then yeah, I feel like I'd be cheating myself if I don't at least play it on normal difficulty.

But if story is the major focus I've got no problem dropping the difficult so I can just get on with enjoying the game. In Dragon Age: Origins, for example, the moment I realised that combat was largely just a dull grind that was going to literally add dozens of hours to an already lengthy playthrough, I dropped that sucker right down to easy mode so I could get on with the stuff I was actually enjoying in the game.

I almost always play any and all games on their easiest available difficulty setting.I like to enjoy the story in games and i do not want challenging gameplay to become an annyonce or hindrance in me enjoying the plot of the game.I am clearly in the minority here as most gamers either prefer to play on normal or hard.

i kinda agree. i tend to play on the second easiest mode as the very easiest tends to be a bit too forgiving that it is no longer a challenge. i will play on hard mode if it limits my HUD or increases enemy AI or perhaps gives me something that will make it more enjoyable or challenging. however if it just serves the purpose of throwing more enemies at me or gives me stupidly low health then its just infuriating and no longer fun or challenging

hitman does difficulties quite well. the guards change routes and tend to always watch certain important locations on higher difficulties which means you need to be a bit more intelligent in how you get past them and you need to take advantage of very small gaps rather than just throwing a load more guards at you or making them omnipotent and omniscient

I rarely play on low difficulties, but I have no problems with low difficulties being present in games. If other people want to use them, that's fine, though.

If I do play on lower difficulties, it's usually because the gameplay isn't very interesting in the first place. Single player campaigns in most RTSes and fighting games are good examples of this.

Don't see a problem with easy mode. I tend to stick with normal and maybe jump up to hard on a second play through depending on the game. Having a easy mode can be good thing for new players, or even a more experience player if you're having a bit of trouble.

For games like Dark Souls/Demon Souls most people buying it will expected to die and die again.

If i like the game then i will play it on medium/hard, but if i just want to finish it as fast as possible so i havent completely wasted my money then i will probably do it on easy.

Easy mode isn't for me. I will typically play on the default setting or on hard. It definitely has a place though, specifically for people that want to experience all of the game's content but might not be skilled enough to trudge through the game's harder sections.

I use easy mode to enjoy the story then use the harder difficulties to enjoy the challenges. I just never liked it when they mix.

So what do you all think? How do you feel about easy mode in games?

they are single player games. if someone wants to play on easy, who cares? same goes for someone who wants to use every and all available cheat codes they come across in single player games. who cares? it is their game and they can enjoy it however they hell they want.

and on consoles you bet i play on easy. after 30 years of using a mouse and keyboard i simply don't have the finger dexterity to manipulate the PS3 controller with enough precision to survive most games. move with this, aim with that, shoot with this, zoom with that ... fuck that shit.

edit (added): I also enjoy and chuckle at the implied disparity when people refer to it as "easy mode".

I grew up where there was no "Easy" mode. There was "Beat it, or die trying. Probably the latter." Nowadays, I usually make my first run on whatever "Hard" would be classified as, and if I can't handle it, I re-roll and go on "Normal".

I play video games for a challenge. I don't play them if they're like an interactive movie.

I usually start games on easy mode till I get the hold of it and then try a harder mode.

I always go with the default difficulty in most games and go up another if I want to play again with a stiffer challenge.

I tend to enjoy higher difficulties like Lunatic on Fire Emblem: Awakening, which is hard as hell and gives you a damn fine challenge! Then you can unlock Lunatic+ which is outright broken (no joke, some maps early on are unwinnable if the enemies spawn with certain skills) I guess some sick fuck thought Lunatic+ wasn't hard enough.

Then there was Devil May Cry 3 on the PS2, as a child, it was fucking hard and beating it was beyond satisfying (then I learned much later that our default setting was the Japanese hard mode, fucking Capcom are just sick bastards)

I don't begrudge anyone who likes to play and even play it myself sometimes (I started a new Prototype game on easy to actually feel like an unkillable badass, it was glorious)

Most games, I play on the lowest difficulty my first time through, so I can get a feel for the game. If I liked the game, I'll crank up the difficulty on a second run. There are exceptions to this, though:
Like, "Dust: An Elysian Tail" was pretty easy even on its highest difficulty setting. Or any of the "Touhou" games: I love them, but I can only hope to have a chance of beating them on Easy.

I've been slowly leaning towards max difficulty recently thanks to some Scottish guy i've been watching on youtube, but it used to be Easy 100% when it was available.

As of late, there are only a few games that I'll play easy mode on. For the most part I play on normal, and if it's a game that I don't expect to play again, I'll usually pick hard first.

I'm fine with people using easy mode, but for me there should be a sense of challenge. Something that games do that movies and books can not is have you facing the challenges that the hero is supposed to face. And where's the fun if the hero doesn't have some difficulty succeeding, right?

Depends on the game; and how bullcrap some of their "challenges" are. Most of the time, I find harder difficulties mean "fight an AI that knows where you are from the beginning", and I play a game to have fun, not to get killed for no good reason.

That's what multiplayer is for.

For most games I'll play through on easy. I'm mostly shameless when it comes to that kind of thing since I play games to have fun more than anything. There are some games though that just aren't as fun on easier difficulty settings like Gradius III or...well any Schmup really. Also puzzle games and horror games...much better on normal or higher difficulty.

I mainly play video games for their stories so I usually play on Easy just to see the story and do everything. The very few times I play on a higher difficulty are if it unlocks a new ending, item, weapon, ETC.

I will generally play on whatever the default is. I find most "hard" modes to be garbage with the actual difficulty increased through cheap methods instead of honest ones. I also find "easy" modes to be sleep inducing, especially in more story oriented experiences. When something is too easy it just makes the story fall apart as none of the tension or struggle presented in the storyline is existent in actual play.

As for the existence of easy modes.. I don't really care for the most part unless it goes against the entire design of the game itself. I'd much rather a developer spend their limited resources creating the experience they want to create instead of spending time/money/etc. trying to make the game for everyone, even if that means it's going to end up an experience I don't personally enjoy.

I don't use it unless I'm playing with my girlfriend. She can't handle anything over easy mode. But hey, it's about having fun, right?

Easy mode doesn't bother me and I have never even considered it. Its a good thing though for people who need it. If someone is having so much trouble with a game and easy mode makes it enjoyable for them then more power to them. Another persons single player game is not going to effect me. Its not some kind of competition.

I've never seen a problem with easy mode, some people actually need it and those that don't can easily just play on hard. I don't really see how it hurts a game to have an easy option.

Usually I play on normal or hard but it really depends on the game some just flow better in easy mode and I always pick easy for rpgs. Hard mode just equals more grinding to level up, as I'm playing to experience the story it just makes sense to pick the less grindy option.

I'll usually always start at the hardest difficulty. When it's a game that gives you a lot of options to deal with enemies it's made redundant when you can just click spam or trigger spam your way to victory. I'm not against easy modes for different players, but it does change what the game's all about.

One game that I like to bring up when talking about difficulty is Red Faction: Guerilla.

Red Faction: Guerilla was a game that fair number of reviewers suggested that people should play on easy, but when you turn it down to easy it undermined the game. It makes your character not fit into the story, because you never feel lik e you're being over-matched by an oppresive military. It removes a lot of the tension, and also eliminates the need to get creative with the destructible environment.

Why is everyone so afraid of the military if some jag-off with a hammer can kill an entire army's worth of soldiers by himself without even getting bloody?

On the other hand, when you play that game on higher difficulties, your character feels like he's outmatched. You're not some bullet sponge deity, you're a guy who's fighting the military with improvised weaponry. You start using dirty creative tactics to get every little advantage you can.

The military keeps killing you before you can save the hostages? Try driving a truck through the wall, loading up the hostages, and driving off again before the military knows what hit them.

Obviously, this doesn't hold true for every game, but it's something to keep in mind. Red Faction: Guerilla is more fun when your character is weaker, because it forces you to engage with the fun part of the game. (the destructible environment)

I don't as a rule use easy mode, unless I'm after an achievement with some rather insane conditions that playing in easy would, well, make less nightmarish.

As far as I'm concerned, everybody should be able to play the game at what level they feel comfortable. Challenge for those who wantit, a breeze for those who don't.

Easy mode is good if you're:

(a) Bad at the game (no shame, everyone's bad at something)

(b) Skipping buggy, worthless, or un-entertaining content in a game without a skip function (e.g. boss fights in the last Deus Ex game: sure, they're not _hard_, but why waste your time playing fucking modern warfare nonsense in the stealth game you bought? just turn that shit down to the easiest mode, cream the stupid parts in 30 seconds, then set it back up to expert for the next stealth section).

(c) If the devs just think "higher difficulty" means "make you do the same thing more times", e.g. it buffs enemy HP/soak and nothing else. I never turned God of War up past the second difficulty level, if I can work out the sequence and run it flawlessly three times, I don't actually feel any more accomplished by running it 17 times instead. I've already demonstrated I can beat the simple combo/sequence and all the extra 80% of the health bar is doing is wasting my time on something that is boring now I've figured it out.

I play on easy. I don't have the time to fail missions.

I mostly play on Normal or Hard, except for Dragon Age.. I played that on Easy.. couldn't get behind the whole strategic combat thing.. ;~;

I always play on easy mode, even a game like skyrim that I've sunk over 500hrs into, I'll still set it to easy,
I'm in it to be entertained and have fun, challenges simply don't interest me.

I actually preferred mass effect 1 over mass effect two in part for this reason,
I found myself dying all too often on ME2 'casual' mode to be enjoyable,
whereas while ME1 combat may arguably be more dull (as though cover shooting is 'fun'), the fights were a breeze and over quick enough, which allowed me to get on with the story faster.

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