Let's make a GTA Online Crew (for the PS3)

HEYO! I know it's a little early, and that GTA Online isn't even launching with the main game, but I was looking to join, or perhaps create, a crew for when that time comes around. As the title says it would have to be on the Playstation 3, and I'm fairly positive you would have to become a part of Rockstar's Social Club, but I'm not 100% on that. Personally, I just think it would be pretty cool to pull off some heists and have jet races with my fellow Escapists.

My PSN ID is trty0, and you can message me there, or even here, either one is fine. Let's blow up some pedestrians together!

I would, but unfortunately I do not fulfill the credentials. I own a Xbox 360.

All my friends are on Xbox 360 so I'm down

PSN Arehexes

Just message me with GTA escapist and I'll lknow...

I won't be online for the next week or so, but i'll be on the game straight after that.
Feel free to add me,
PSN: Mozza444

Not sure how often I can get online due to my current workload but yeah, that sounds fun, im in.

PSN: Silver-3-7-4


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