Hilarious steam tags

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Hawken is tagged F2P, costs thirty dollars.

Boo, Valve. Let people have their fun, I'd say. Just filter all naughty words, remove spoilers and the system would've been great.

Browsing "Nanomachines, son"

11 games, including Deus Ex, Crysis, E.Y.E, and ... Professional Farmer 2014.

That is some next level farming man.

Hardcore Tag = Dota 2, Arma III, and Dark Souls.... seems about right

Mass Effect 2 - Functioning Toilet, Needs Sequel (good one)
Civ 5 - Ghandi did no wrong, Life-Ruiningly Addictive, One More Turn, Anti-Life
Star Wars Battlefront 2 - Darth Vader on a Tauntaun
Resident Evil 5 - Boulder Punching Sim
Dark Souls - Casual
FTL - Procedural Death Labyrinth
Team Fortress Classic - No Hats

Nice. I had to add my own for Darksiders 1 and 2, Zelda Simulator

I fucking love this. Dark Souls: PTD edition is tagged 'casual'.

Seems Steam has already taken out everything except predetermined "correct" tags, so it was fun for a day but the meme train happily won't persist.

err...what? there are still plenty of them up there?

I believe it has more to do with giving it a slightly more constructive content rather than just "bad", such as the "rome wasn't patched in a day" one or the "procedural death labyrinth" one to name a couple.

OT: Enjoying the "nanomachines, son" one and definitely enjoying the jabs at dev's for being pain in the asses about certain things, such as "overpriced" and whatnot.

Also, it is actually helpful getting a nice list of local co op games to pop up.

Original Deus Ex has "Nanomachines, son". Deus Ex: Invisible War has "Disappointing" lol.

Some silly ones are still floating around, such as 'Rocket Lawnchair' for Metal Slug 3, and 'REAL SOVIET DAMAGE' on Skullgirls.

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