What's the most evil thing you've ever done in a video game?

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Well in Bethesda games sometimes I create a new save file and basically become Dick Dastardly, only I kill people. Where that be enslaving the Capital Wasteland, luring Cazadores into towns, or forcing villagers to fight guards and get killed for my amusement. Then about 3 minutes after I've done something even remotely bad, I feel bad myself and reload my goodie goodie file...

I once did a role play if Fallout New Vegas where every human enemy i killed i would disember as much as possible - head, arms, legs, etc. I would then pose the corpse with a hand pointing towards a knife or other cheap weapon, indicating that it was the murder weapon (i didn't get too far in this playthrough, tbh: it got a bit boring). If i was in a room, i would then take the head a pose it separate from the body - maybe on a chair staring at the rest of the body, or somewhere right in room's door to scare whoever may wander in.

Now, what do you think i was role playing as?

Fable 1-3 creating orphans.

So much spouse killing and mass town killing to lower real estate prices, creates allot of orphans.

In Fable, I ate crunchy chicks.



...I'm terrible at being a bad guy in games, which is weird because I loved being the bad guy in high-school stage productions.

mass murdering the entire populations of rural villages in just cause

Mine was an accident... but I felt pretty bad!

I was playing the new MGS:V Prologue thingy for the first time, and was meant to save Chico. I found him and proceded to make my way to the RV. I was trying a non killing playthrough (yes... for my first one... bad idea!) and painstakingly decided to save all the other prisoners first, avoiding all the guards.
I finally get to saving Chico, but his constant cries and talking irritated me, so I stuck a tranq between his eyes... fine. It was as I finally made it silently to the drop off point and approached the cliff I suddenly had a brain-fart and forgot the controls. For some reason B wasn't putting him down, so I tried other buttons... then I hit RT and threw him in the sea.
I felt pretty damn guilty about throwing a teenage boy with bolts in his achilles, who I had point blank shot in the face with a tranquiliser dart, into the sea to his death. :/

Sadly...the only times I've done anything evil in games...were in both South Park games. (The FPS for the N64 and The Stick of Truth.)

In the N64 FPS, I would activate the infinite ammo code and then go to town on Cartman with the rapid fire foam dart gun. VERY fun seeing him go all apeshit and swear like a mother.

And in the Stick of Truth? Let's face it...half the crap you do in that game could be seen as "evil".

In Fable, I ate crunchy chicks.



...I'm terrible at being a bad guy in games

As am I, which is why most of the time whenever I'm trying to be a villain or just plain evil in games, I come off as either Waluigi or Dick Dastardly. Hell, I even do a Waluigi voice at times, and I'm practicing my Dastardly one. :P

Probably something I did in Postal 2 that involved burning elephants trampling bystanders.

Way back in Knights of the Old Republic, you're presented with a scenario in which two feuding farm families are at each other's throats. The son of one family has gone missing so the father believes that the father of the other family killed him. As it turns out, it was a Romeo and Juliet scenario, the son had run off to be with the daughter of the other family. Long story short, during the final confrontation of both families, you can either work things out to a peaceful resolution, side with one family or the other, or tell a lie that ultimately causes both families to slaughter each other.

I always enjoyed the last option the most. It's just so deliciously evil! >=D

Then there's the horrific things I've done to my friends' games in Minecraft. Encasing their rooms in obsidian five bricks thick after ensuring they don't have a diamond pickaxe (requires murder to get them to spawn back in their room), the ol' "Hide the lava in the ceiling" trick, but the worst when I made a friend blow up his own castle with a some well-placed TNT, a lot of redstone, and a pressure plate right inside his front door.

I'm a terrible person.

I was playing Prototype.

And I -

I killed a man.

*thousand yard stare*

A few.

Spec Ops the Line: The whole thing from the White Phosphorus incident to the end.
Fallout 3: Nuking Megaton, burning Harold to the ground, slavery
Mass Effect 3: NOT curing the genophage while Wrex was still leader.
KOTOR 2: Darkside playthrough

I have more but I'd feel like crap if I posted anymore. Especially the ones from Planescape Torment.

I stripped random people of all of their stuff, put a bomb collar on their neck and sent them through the wasteland to a slave camp. Thats probably the most evil thing i ever did in FO3.
I lured a priest to a cave full of canibals to become their dinner in skyrim, i reloaded afterwards and saved him tho since i'm not very fond of eating human flesh.
I gave away one of my assasination targets in dishonored to some pervert, i suppose killing her would have been the kinder option.
I won't even mention the shit i did in saints row games..

I was playing eador master of a broken world, a fantasy strategy game really fun but insanely slow, I was getting my ass kicked by the stamina draining effects of a desert world. I deiced to stop caring about my morality meter and just restart playing as a necromancer. So not to bad yet nothing I have not done a dozen times. Until I realized I was not producing enough mana to maintain a army of undead. The solution, hire a army of barely armed peasants, send them to the front line to be killed, tire the enemy out, and make some nice fresh corpses to turn into zombies at the front line. After the fourth time or so returing to town for a fresh batch I started to feel like a truly horrible person.

Colour Scientist:
I can't think of anything, I'm always a boring goody two-shoes in games, given the option.

I don't know why I feel guilty for being an asshole to non-sentient NPCs but I do. I'm a total wet blanket.

I've just started Mass Effect for the first time and I'm playing paragon, as usual, maybe I'll switch to renegade to spice things up a bit.

Nah, I'm too much of a wuss.

maintaining a strong moral compass in the face of a valueless system does not make you a wuss. (I know your probably joking, but people who equate being moral to being boring need to be smacked upside the head, its not true and a horrible way to view the world.)

Instituting a policy of genocide against the native americans of the new world to protect my central american trade colonies in EU4.

The first thing that comes to mind is a certain moment in KOTOR:

I've seen more evil things in games, but not things that you can actually control. Even if you play an evil character, you don't have to do this unless you specifically choose to.

White Phosphorus, nuff said.

In Deus Ex Human Revolution I was with some punks, and things kind of set off. So I killed a few of them, then settled down in the corner, relaxed, but still two more of them were coming after me, so I shot them with tranqs to be kind. Then, i took the bodies, the dead, and living alike and piled them all together, so when the two sleeping punks woke up they'd be in a pile of their dead friends. Then I lightly pushed a soda machine on top of them, I don't know why.

Colour Scientist:
I can't think of anything, I'm always a boring goody two-shoes in games, given the option.

I don't know why I feel guilty for being an asshole to non-sentient NPCs but I do. I'm a total wet blanket.

I've just started Mass Effect for the first time and I'm playing paragon, as usual, maybe I'll switch to renegade to spice things up a bit.

Nah, I'm too much of a wuss.

Make your own choices! Tell the Council to get fucked! It's more fun!

Seriously, I just finished ME1 and had a lot of fun with my Captain Kirk morality. I still got more Paragon than Renegade because I did all the side missions and tried to save everyone's life. That seems about right. Kirk is a good man, he just doesn't care about rules.

OT: I did an evil playthrough of InFamous 2. Civilians were beneath my notice. I didn't bother to count how many I zapped, crushed, blew up, and otherwise destroyed. Treating people like ants is pretty evil. Then there were the ones I ate for energy....

There's also the kill scene in BioShock. That's a scripted moment, so I'm not sure it counts. I felt dirty afterwards.

Well in Bethesda games sometimes I create a new save file and basically become Dick Dastardly, only I kill people. Where that be enslaving the Capital Wasteland, luring Cazadores into towns, or forcing villagers to fight guards and get killed for my amusement. Then about 3 minutes after I've done something even remotely bad, I feel bad myself and reload my goodie goodie file...

There is a hilarious comic somewhere about that... but I can't for the life of me remember where it is!

Although I have a nagging feeling it is a Critical Miss, which would be embarrasing!

Stealing everyone's clothes in Skyrim, so they all ended up "naked" in winter conditions. Sadly, none of them noticed.

Usually I'm the type who wants to help everyone in the best possible way. If someone can be saved, I will reload the backup save until I get it right.
However I have done my share of killing over the years.
Sure you have Infamus, GTA, Fallout or hell, anything from Carmageddon! But the first thing that comes to mind is Black & White.

See, sacrificing children yields the most magic power used for miricals. The younger they are, the higher the reward.
Once I knew that, I built a kindergarden next to the temple and told every adult in my village to make children.
The result? Unlimmited power! Power I used to feed the remaining people so they could make more babies so I could toss more fireballs.

Either that or electrocute all the small children to get the cool looking evil wonder as fast as possible.

I also tought my creature some really nasty tricks once, like only pooping on small children and eating only men.

Come to think of it... there were also a character on one of the maps that could not die. He got tossed around, set on fire, left in the water for days and all sort of cruel things just to see if I could eventually kill him.

Oh, that also reminds me. Removing ladders after putting my Sims in the pool or putting them in a tiny room and then remove the door was also kinda cruel.

I don't know. I always play the hero so I don't often do anything evil. Although playing Overlord, and before anyone points out that you're supposed to be evil in that game there is the choice between Lawful Evil and Chaotic Evil, I condemned the entire Elven race to extinction. I also burned down their sacred tree. Both of those were by accident though, I was trying to be Lawful Evil.

I've gone on killing rampages in open world games. Is there really anything more evil than that?

Pretty much anything I did in fallout 3, being evil is just more convenient, probably the highlight of this was when I blew up megaton because I wanted to have a base with a bed that wasn't dirty.

I recently played Fallout 3 again and I tend to kill everyone after I'm done with them. As soon as I finish a series of quests for someone I then kill them. Like in the Ghoul headquarters in the Museum of History in D.C., once I finished the quests for Moira Brown and got the companion from there I started throwing grenades throughout the place, it was glorious.

Skyrim, on the other hand, I try to play more realistically like an RPG. Although, as a nord I don't get along with elves, and I've taken that to the extreme and kill any elf I come across. Thalmor don't have a chance if I happen upon them.

Eh, I never really give a second thought to going evil in games. It just always eventually happens. Actually, I end up having to work really hard at being the good guy. It's so much easier being bad.

I always enjoy the Dark Brotherhood. I always loved the Blade of Woe. I remember first seeing the animation for sneaking up and slicing someones throat. Soon became my favorite method of killing. I would put on my nightingale armor from the theives guild, I would just creep around the towns with the blade of woe slicing throats, draining that life energy. Dat red glow. This is also how I do most of my assassinations in between the actual quests. Now, that I think about it, it's how I killed most people even when I'm just out exploring or tomb raiding.

Get up close and personal. Whisper in their ear "Hey, there..." then slice.

Good times.

Well, I once murdered an entire Venetian noble house because they made a fool out of my character at a masked ball which made me lose 50 prestige.

I also found out that castration solves a lot of problems. For example, a character of mine, the Byzantine emperor, had two sons. One of them was a dim witted fool while the other one was a strong, skilled warrior. So I implicated my first son in a plot against me after which I imprisoned and castrated him. Since castrated males don't inherit or get claims this meant that my second son would become emperor.

Yeah, Crusader Kings II will make you really think about your moral values after a while.

I love Crusader Kings II, sadly im not very good and barely understand the systems.

Mine is... quite dark. I decided to do just to see if something so inhumanely cruel was possible and it was. I reloaded immediately after, despite being on an evil playthrough. There are no story spoilers here; I'm just spoilering because it's a bit sick and not for the squeamish.

So yeah, New Vegas is FUCKED UP.

Encouraging Jack to be a worse person in her questline in ME2. I remember a shepard saying things along the line of 'yes, Jack, you are a killer. That's who you are.' That was pretty messed up.

In civ 5 and 4 I've nuked other countries into the ground and burned down entire cities specifically to prevent their culture from flourishing or to prevent them from launching a spacecraft to alpha centauri. (those are victory conditions) Just imagine if the USA were to nuke Russia into oblivion and when asked about it would explain 'well, they wanted to advance scientific progress further. We wanted to do that first so we genocided them.' It actually makes sense in the context of the game (you don't want them to get to the victory condition first) but it's pure evil nonetheless.

However probably the worst game I know of is CKII. I played it again today and it is just awful. I've played strategy games before and I've stopped flinching at fictionally breaking the geneva conventions a long time ago. But in CKII you are encouraged to instrumentalize every last member of your own family specifically so you can have a famous dynasty. Do you want your son to be cruel? Sure, it'll increase his martial ability so why not? Why not encourage my own child to torture the prisoners in my dungeon? Hmm, my olderst son is an imbecile but if I just kill him, my oldest dauhgter will inherit who is a genius. Well, lad, come along to the archery range, I need to show you something. In fact you can do all kinds of evil things in paradox games. You can force a female prisoner to become your concubine as an Indian lord in CKII, you can extermenate the Native Americans in EUIV, you can play as Stalin and have great purges in HoI III.

I also haven't played the campaign of advance wars: dual strike but I've heard the last level consists of two of the good guys who have already won the war testing their command abilities by marching their allied armies against one another. Again, just imagine of two generals in the American Army had their armies kill eachother until one won just to figure out who was the better general. It would be nothing short of an appaling war crime. And all that to find out who was the better commander?

I generally don't do particularly evil things when roleplaying. In fallout or on my first ME playthrough I actually tried to do whatever seemed right to me but on my second ME playthrough I wanted to max my renegade score, and in Civ V and CKII I was just trying to win the game and do well for my dynasty respectively. I'm ussually not evil for evil's sake, just for victories sake.

Not the "worst", I nuked a town in fallout after all and had he cannibalism perk but the one that always sticks out in my mine is they guys whose entire family died to plague, so he burnt his house down and was crying over the remains. He has nothing left. You can threaten him and steal the shirt off his back. That's just cruel. I think it was NWN.

Edit: Oh speaking of NWN, have you ever been playing a game with skills that you just use because they are effective and then had it dawn on you how horrific they would actually be in real life?
I was playing a bard in NWN 2. Sounds like the least intimidating class in the game right? well I was fighting Lorne in the arena. I cast the Hideous Laughter spell on him which leaves him prone and unable to do anything. It lasted the entire fight (this is what happens when you use will as a dump stat) while I used songs to buff myself and lower his defences and then auto attacked him to death. It lasted quite while even with him incapacitated since he has a skill that means he takes no damage until it runs out when he gets on low heath. He never landed a single hit on me. Wooow flawless victory for the hero! The crowd goes wild! By right of combat (which is stupid but whatever) my character is cleared of the charges slaughtering a village.
I thought nothing of it. The the next day out of the blue it suddenly clicked how god damn creepy that whole thing would be. Imagine...you've got this big mountain of man who advances on a small 18 year old girl. The girl says a few words and he collapses into fits of hysterical laughter. He can't move or defend himself at all. All he can do is laugh, tears running down his face.

The girl then walks up to him and casually begins to hack him apart all while singing a merry tune. The man takes a lot to kill with a seemingly unnatural level of endurance so this continues for several long minutes until he's reduced to a gurgling bloody mass and finally, mercifully dies.

Yeah...my character is a super villain or horror movie monster. Even if they won the trial in court and the stupid trail by combat I would questioning whether those accusation are true after all. I imagine the clapping was actually for fear of offending her.
Also my imagination is a bit morbid?

Possibly not the most evil in terms of pure depravity, but during my high chaos run of Dishonored, I killed everyone. And when I say everyone, I mean everyone. Every level, completely empty of enemies and friendlies alike. My actual target, guards, oppressed townsfolk, helpless prisoners still behind bars, entire gangs, and my accomplices, loyal or not; not a single character survived. Even poor Emily fell to her death in the lifeless hands of her captor after I shot them both with an explosive bolt. The only exception was in the last level, where guards kept respawning over and over. I had to consider them dead after a few iterations lest I still be there today.

In Hitman Blood Money in the level You Better Watch Out I killed all the security and gathered every party guest and shoved them into the hot tub (with a glass bottom that is built into the ground of the balcony.) of course I did this in a way that they would get up after my shove. Then after I gathered them all I made it seem like I was simply leaving causing them to question the events that just took place, maybe some thinking they were going to make it. When I got to the bottom floor I shot out the bottom and watched the bodies fall.

Ooooh yeah and this one.

Mass Effect 2 - It was my first and only male Shep and I was trying to play as well a hard ass bastard (but I still wasn't going full renegade) any way through my playthrough I put the moves on both Tali and Jack. Went the full way with Jack, then intentionally got her killed so that I could then go all the way with Tali. After I pretty much immediately "cheated" on her via lap dance and snuggling with Kelly.

I ordered my Wookie property to kill that annoying blue chick in Knights of the Old Republic, that was pretty evil

In Turok 4 I would grab the the enemies using the gravity gun under the suspended city and would hold them under the running sewage. There were many shits and giggles that day. - Pun Intended.

I did feel like an asshole after I got "The Dastardly" achievement in Red Dead Redemption.

For those who dont know, its essentially tying up a tavern lady, putting her on the back of your horse, riding out to the train track and planting her body on the rails until a train rolls over her.

Best achievement icon though!

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