Sonic Boom Gameplay this hurts.

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I would honestly rather play Sanic the Hedgehog than this

At least it doesn't charge me money for ear-bleeding

..... Oh come on.... People -still- aren't finished recovering from Sonic 06 and Shadow the Hedgehog, to the point that taint from them -still- affects the rest of that era. Some of this game doesn't even look entirely finished!

Then again, it probably isn't entirely finished. I can only hope the rest of the nuts and bolts get put onto place... or that whoever is currently in Sonic Team right now can give us another good Sonic game.

The voices would get annoying very quickly...I mean "Rings! Nom nom nom nom nom!", really? And I am still not a fan of what they did to Knuckles. Thank god this is just for the cartoon and not a part of the main series.

I have to admit I found that last part with Dr. Robotnik a little funny though and the gameplay itself looks alright.

It looks like Ratchet & clank, minus the cool weapons, the charm, the likable characters, humorous dialog, and general quality.

So basically its got the same color palette, and my total disinterest.

I have NEVER enjoyed Sonic, aside from the old cartoon show from the 90s. I'm sure there have been several, but I'm referring to the GOOD one.

They're trying something new, this has me saying shut up to anyone whining about it.
When they try new things with devs it gave us Colors, (Day Levels) Unleashed, Generations, Lost World 3DS/Wii which were totally different than the norm and wound up being interesting.

Likely...okay, HOPEFULLY they have a thing to turn off the character voices. Not a bad option to have for repeat plays but Sonic finally has a decent voice and decent mix work done. The guy who played Chris from RE5 apparently, likes huge opposites voicing giant armed doods and skinny armed cartoons, I'm for it! :|

It actually sounds like more of a mixing problem than anything else, to me. Like the voices are coming through a lot louder than the music or sound effects for some reason. Some of those lines actually did make me smile though ("It's like these tracks were built for me!", "Hey, there're things inside these things!") which is nice because I thought their other attempts at humor in previous promos were completely lame.
The combat looks better than in any other Sonic game... which is saying pretty much nothing... As for running, I figure it looks the same as any 3D Sonic... I dunno, I've always been more of a Sonic fan in theory than in practice (as if that makes any sense) and this looks like just another mediocre one for the pile to me. Not painful, just... nothing.

The gameplay actually looks pretty fun, but I have to admit I agree that I wish they'd shut up.

I hate the voices already, too much banter and it isn't even good.

Wow, I couldn't finish that video. The only good things I can think of right now is it's a spinoff and the game isn't finished, so they can mix the audio better or cut some of the cringe worthy quips. I guess I'll wait and see what this turns into and force myself through the rest of Sonic Heroes to get ready for the pain if I ever play this.

Meh. Just meh. Minimal button pressing. I know it's a Sonic game, but the platforming parts seem almost too fast, with very little chance of failing a jump or much of anything and most of it seems to be those tether thingys so there's such minimal button pressing to do! I feel disappointed. I wish we could just get more of generations rather than a new sonic game. The character design is also quite poor in my opinion, I feel the animation of their legs seem a bit strange too but I can't quite put my finger on what it is or why.

I guess someone totally forgot Sonic's original appeal that made him different from the moment he competed with Mario in the 16-bit era: attitude and personality.

Unless I'm reading this totally wrong, Sonic Boom's gameplay styles vary from character to character, despite them being the same levels (albeit with variations) isn't this the kind of strength that Sonic3 and Knuckles had, when playing as Sonic/Tails and Knuckles?

No, we shouldn't be scoffing at the dialogue, we should be analyzing the level design from a mechanics standpoint and an artistic standpoint. Honestly, I'm not getting that "wow!" vibe I got from Lost World, or the bright and colorful vibe I got from Sonic Heroes. It's as if the game is totally opposed to brightness, like you have to fill out eight different forms and a cover letter providing a damn good argument as to why any kind of bright lighting should be in this game.

This looks terrible... TERRIBLE! This looks like a god damn PS2 game, the environmental design is bland, it doesn't look bright or colourful, the arena combat segments... ehhh throw in a couble dozen combos and team attacks and could be fun... but aesthetically.... awful... just awful.

I suspect the talking will be greatly spread out in the full game and was condensed in this footage because E3. At this point, though, I wouldn't recommend going into any Sonic game with high expectations.

Not being a player of recent Sonic games I think I missed the part where him and all his friends gain the power to shoot telekinetic lightening grips from their hands to grab and throw stuff.
That's just weird.

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