Your Best to Worst games from 1-10?

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Be a person loving making Lists, I decided to create this Thread.
Please write down videogames which represent one part of a 1-10 score scale.
Only ONE game for each number of the scale
10 is the Best game.
01 is the Wost game.

Here is mine:

08---Mercenary Kings
07---The Black Heart
06---Dehon: Monster Challenge Circus
04---Necrotic Drift Deluxe
03---Alpha Prime
02---The Path

What about you?

02-10 Everything else
01 - Alone in the Dark Wii

Pink Gregory:
02-10 Everything else
01 - Alone in the Dark Wii

Do you mean even the other versions of Alone in the Dark are better than the Wii Version?


Pink Gregory:
02-10 Everything else
01 - Alone in the Dark Wii

Do you mean even the other versions of Alone in the Dark are better than the Wii Version?

Oh boy.

I've not even played the other versions and I can answer in the affirmative.

I think the Wii is great, I love the games that I've played on it; and AITD was a port that tried to incorporate unique elements of the control scheme into it, then sort of fell in some quicksand and died.

I like all other games more than it. Probably the only genuinely bad game that I've ever played.

Off the top of my head my list would go something like this...

10- Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence
9- Bastion
8- Star Ocean 2
7- Mount and Blade: Warband
6- Ragnarok Odyssey ACE
5- Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen
4- Mitsurugi Kimui Hikae
3- Jamestown
2- King of Fighters XII
1- Goat Simulator

Not exactly accurate but I would take several hours to form a good list.

Bleh. While I wait for my crew to get back to me on movie showings...
I normally don't do scoring, but I suppose if I had a relative scale of quality I could do representative scoring.

Criteria, weighted in order of priority:
i) Functionality (bugs, crashes, UI, controls)
ii) Quality (all manner of subjectivity; un-ironic measurements of "fun")
iii) Completeness (Does this game feel finished? Is it satisfying? Many mediocre games seem finished solely by the virtue of aiming for a lower bar, while few great games ever truly feel complete.)

10: Deus Ex 1
9: Final Fantasy Tactics
8: Terraria
7: Saints Row 3rd
6: Mario Kart: Double Dash
5: Star Tropics 2: Zoda's Revenge
4: Wild 9
3: Dirge of Cerberus
2: Daikatana
1: Cheetahmen

Of all the games on that list, I actually hate Dirge of Cerberus the most, but that's a personal issue.

I love making lists as well, but I am no where near ready to make a proper best games list yet. Many I need to replay and still need to play before I'm happy with it. You should also encourage people to explain why, even just a little.

10) Half-Life 2 - It's just such a fluent game with so many moments worth playing through again and again. Each challenge really stands out and it really is designed in a way to make you appreciate both the quite and the loud.

9) Lineage 2 (Chronicles 1 to 4) - A slow game with hardly any hints, but when you know what to do it can be really hectic, especially with the freedom it used to have. And besides it's awesome soundtrack and designs, I also loved how valuable items were and how all the good quests were hidden.

8) Super Metroid - Probably the only Metroidvania I've played so far that's been done right. Great atmosphere and never feels sluggish. It also has my favourite intro out of all games ever. I believe this game had the most opportunity and it's pretty much my favourite for it, but it does fall behind because of it's flaws.

7) StarCraft: Broodwar - I feel it functions better than any other RTS. It takes a little time to get the most powerful technology and every single unit is actually useful when you know how to use them.

6) Super Smash Brothers Melee - A fighting game. I never thought I would love one of these. So much replay value, and it's mainly because the movement, design and items just gives you so much to screw around with. I never became that good, but I'll play it with anyone any time when you ask. I would put this higher if it had a better single player bit.

5) Half-Life - I played this for my first time not too long ago, and I was so satisfied with it that I even preferred it over it's sequel for a short time. The shit really hits the fan in this one and that non stop chaos is great to play through.

4) Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge - I think this has some of the most unique units, and the campaigns are really fun.

3) The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time - It has the usual lame overdone cliche' chosen hero thing and it's sequels have more advanced game play bits and pieces, yet I find this game still has the best atmosphere and the best design since most of it doesn't feel like a chore. I still need to replay Majora's Mask again though.

2) WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne - I think it has the most epic campaign out of all RTS games, and it's map editor is still my favourite, but I just don't like how the game functions as much as my other choices before this. You have to rely on those hero units and you usually just focus on making one big war band to finish of everything quicker. Unless your one of those super micro-managing pricks :-)

1) Sonic 3 & Knuckles - Fucking big plat former with many awesome boss fights. But damn is it hard.

I'm not sure I understand. Should #10 be the best game we've played, and #1 the worst, and each number represents a game that we would score that number out of ten? So, #6 on my list should be something I'd give 6/10?

I'm not sure I understand. Should #10 be the best game we've played, and #1 the worst, and each number represents a game that we would score that number out of ten? So, #6 on my list should be something I'd give 6/10?

I think so.

Boss awesome-10. Borderlands 2
Awesome-9. Witcher 2
Great-8. Mass Effect 3
Above average-7. Too Human
Meh-6. Skyrim
Below average-5. Starhawk
Poor-4. Vampire Rain
Trash-3. Destroy all Humans: Path of the Furon
Archery target-2. Superman: Shadow of Apokolips
Shotgun target-1. NRA gun club: the game

10 (Timeless)- Shadow of the Colossus
9 (Excellent) - Viewtiful Joe
8 (Great) - Otogi: Myth of Demons
7 (Good) - Puppeteer
6 (Okay) - Murdered: Soul Suspect
5 (Average)- Gex 3: Undercover Gecko
4 (Below Average)- Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom
3 (Bad)- The Scorpion King: Rise of the Akkadians
2 (Awful)- Sonic Adventure
1 (Actual garbage)- Beyblade (GC)

I don't really know how this really opens up to discussion as I have many games that fall into each category but this was still an interesting approach to these list topics. I also haven't played a lot of awful games so my pool to pick from was considerably smaller than my list of average to excellent games. As such, a lot of my picks were relatively random as to fit the random nature of this thread.

10: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
9: BioShock
8: Mass Effect 3
7: Super Mario Bros. 2
6: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
5: BioShock Infinite
4: Wii Play
3: Ratatouille
2: Sonic Labyrinth
1. Teen Titans (GC)

For the record, I consider 1-3 games to be bad, 4-6 games to be average, 7-9 games to be good, and games with a 10 to be timeless classics. I also gave my favorite game from each category. I would give my least favorite game for the 1 rating, but my least favorite is probably some flash or Android game I don't even remember the name of. Also, if you're wondering why most of them are from this last generation, it's because I don't rank a lot of pre-7th generation games. It's just too hard to know if the good memory is nostalgia. Bad memories, though, tend to be well-deserved.

I tend to base my appreciation for a game on how often I can replay it and still have fun. So most of my list consists of games that I still like to bust out now and again.

10) Elder Scrolls Oblivion - Probably some Nostalgia Goggles here, but I played it a few times and just have fond memories.

9) Diablo II - It's just so damn addictive! And the different character classes really do force you to change up your gameplay.

8) Prince of Persia: Sands of Time- Gorgeous (if not somewhat dated) graphics, fun (but somewhat simplistic) gameplay and wonderfully engaging story. Kakulukia!

7) Tie: Vampire: The Masquerade-Bloodlines - If it weren't for the bugs and the rushed ending, this could have been THE definitive PC version of White-Wolf's PnP role playing game.

7) Tie: Assassin's Creed 2 - A huge improvement over the first one with tons of replayability. And I found Ezio to be a charming yet bad-ass protagonist.

6) Jade Empire - Loved the concept of a role playing game set in something other than a version of Medieval Europe. But the gameplay gets repetitive after a while. But the rich story and interesting character make it fun.

5) Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 - Loved the gameplay, the over-the-top graphics and the mix of live action "Advisors". But after awhile the "Build and rush" strategy gets old.

4) Half-Life - I appreciate its significance, but it just didn't do it for me. The convoluted level design, first-person platforming and jump scares just irritated me after awhile.

3)Populous - You call it a "God game", I call it managing whiny employees. If I wanted that, I'd just go to work.

2) Black & White - You call it a "God game", I call it a pet simulator. If I want that, I'll just take my dog for a walk.

1) Fable III - Fuck YOU, Peter Molyneaux!!!

I don't usually judge games on a numbers scale. Numbers also don't represent how much I like the game (which I why I don't use numbers).

10 is near perfect given what the game set out to do and what it tries.
Portal did this. A simple game with a good difficulty curve, a usually unseen aesthetic and a new idea to bring to the table. It's quirky, it's simple and makes a story which only has one speaking character engaging and fun.

9 is near perfect, but is held back by something in its execution or its ideas.
Silent Hill 3 would be this. It tells a compelling story with believable characters around gameplay which is well suited for the limitations of a inexperienced teenage girl. It is held back by things like minor glitches (the last boss being the worst offender) which really don't tarnish the game as a whole.

8 is very good which probably needs to sort out a major issue to be at the top.
Saints Row 2 (the console version, admittedly) would be this. Everything about the game is well designed with a story clearly written by people who want you to have as much fun as the gameplay offers you. It expands on the first game while still retaining its identity (SR:TT *ahem*). The creation options are staggering, too and it's filled with little details which make the whole game that much more enjoyable. However it is held back by the game being easy to break if you figure out how to do it. If you do the Sons of Samedi based FUZZ activity you've basically won the game right there, for example.

7 is quite good, but something has held it back.
The Last of Us fits the bill. I'm of the opinion that the gameplay isn't awful. The setting, theme, music and characters are all well presented, written and believable. However it has really stupid AI which can't decide what range they should be able to see you at and it is very predictable. One of the biggest crimes is that the marketing focuses on Ellie and Joel being the main characters so if you see anybody else you know that something is going to happen to make them die or just not be there in a minute. While it is engaging it's formulaic because it's basically "enter location, find characters, few cutscenes, few fight scenes, characters leave the game, go to new location".

6 is just above average. It's probably mediocre on the whole but something elevates it just a little bit.
FarCry would fit into this. In other threads I've said FarCry is my favourite game so you see why I don't bother with this numbers business. FarCry's gunplay is standard, the stealth is broken but it is elevated by an excellent soundtrack, beautiful scenery which expands for quite a distance and has multiple flavours of enemy and environment to stop it from getting monotonous. It's predictable, but the story doesn't take itself seriously so that's forgiveable.
Halo 3 would be a 6 as well, since I will call it mediocre again.

5 is standard. Mediocre. Has some good points and some bad points. Some people may like it, others may not.
All three of the modern TES games fit this. Those three games are extremely deep and their exploration is just wonderful, but the characters are all exposition dumps, the gameplay in all three is passable at best and broken and buggy at worst the main storylines of the three are weak and feel tacked on because these games need a main storyline (seriously, play the Guilds storylines or the town storylines and tell me that the main story has any effect on the people).

4 is just below average. Something has gone wrong somewhere to drag this game down but it is functional and stays standing (mostly).
Mirror's Edge is fitting. When Mirror's Edge is working and you're climbing these buildings and sliding down glass it is simply wonderful and it is helped by a nice soundtrack and beautiful aesthetic. However it often falls apart, the combat is utter crap, the story is barely existent yet insists that what you are doing is important and the length is too short considering that the story has clearly been cut down.

3 is bad. There was some potential but misstep and errors or simple lack of care have caused it to delve into bad territory.
Halo 4 says hi! There was potential in bringing Master Chief back. In fact you see the potential in the Cortana rampancy sub plot of the game. The game is beautiful looking but is held back by the occasional overuse of bloom. Everything else about the game is just cynical and poorly designed. The frame rates chugs in intense fights and the difficulty curve manages to be more schizophrenic than Halo 3's. The Prometheans are basically Flood rip-offs and as such you figure out the dramatic plot twist to do with them when you notice this. The Covenant only exist to slow the plot, and the Elites are only your enemies because that would attract older Halo fans and not for any proper reason. It's over reliant on the books to explain the motivations of the villain so I don't care about him. Set pieces are re-used from previous games including the famous Gondola fight from Halo 2 and the new weapons are all useless.
See also: Call of Duty: Ghosts.

2 is insulting. It is basically as bad as 3 but it is offensive to the intended audience's intelligence.
Silent Hill Homecoming. The story rips of Silent Hill 2 just with a mostly male cast. Pyramid Head returns, as does the aesthetic of the film. It is over reliant on combat rather than exploration and world building. It is simply a bad game that clearly only existed to sucker in Silent Hill fan money because we're sheep and we didn't realise how awful the game would turn out to be.

1 is just a broken mess, and only worth playing for a "see how bad this game is" dare.
Sonic '06. I hope I don't have to give any more explanation.

10- Red Dead Redemption
9- Sonic Generations
8- Doom II
7- Pokemon Platinum
6- Fallout: New Vegas
5- Skyrim (It's a good game, but I find that if I play it for too long I just get so bored of it, like the combat is so repetitive and with little variety)
4- Cod: Black Ops II (Good ideas, but poor delivery. I mean come on, why can't we have an option to skip the 5 minute long cutscenes? Oh yeah because then the levels would be only 10 minutes long, and there's only 9 of them, 13 if you count Strike Force)
3- Halo 3: ODST
2- LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean
1- CoD: Black Ops

hmm this should be fun, ah well lets give it a go if I were to pick out games randomly that fit the bill.

10=Excels at everything
5= Standard
1=Utter..crap and Id rather spend my time watching paint dry or grass grow

(System)=what system I played the game on.

10: Heroes of Might and Magic 3 (PC)- Still to this day one of my favorite games and one that I have spent countless hours on. A near infinite number of maps and situations thanks to the random map editor and just all around good fun to spend hours upon hours on.

9: Battleblock Theatre (PC)- I beat this with my partner and I still gladly go back to it time and time again. It has a very good mixture of just all around innocent fun and then on insane mode it gets excrutiatingly difficult to the point where I personally get feelings that compare to Dark Souls Smough and Ornstein.

8: Borderlands 2 (PC) -Awesome coop game and once again, no two gameplays turn out the same if you pick different classes etc. The guns are plentiful and the quests are very enjoyable. I like the characters, the situations that occur and I find Torgue to be one of the most amazing NPC's Ive seen in gaming up to now.

7: Last of Us (PS3) - I dont often beat a game more then once, but by this one I made an exception and am working on my third playthrough at the moment. I like the setting, the moods and the overall feel of it. The graphics are appeasing to me and the psychological effect it has (on me atleast) is astounding. It actually made me care deeply about what happened to the characters and npc's in the game which doesnt occur very often. The one thing that brought it down to 7 was (what I felt, seeing as theres no news of a part 2) the fact that theres quite a few holes in the story that I very much wouldve liked to know, for instance Joel telling Ellie that he was a bandit at one point and just..leaves it at that. I wouldve very much liked to see 'dreams' of it or something. This occurs quite a few times where something is said but no further explanation is given what happened in those 20 odd years.

6: Fallout 3/Skyrim (PC/Xbox 360)- Yes Im cheating...and bringing in 2 but to be fully honest they are 'sorta' the same except one is fantasy and the other is post apocalyptic. The worlds are huge and well made. I really do thoroughly enjoy myself whilst playing. The one definete prob I have with them though are the npc's looks...and feel, donno, they feel somewhat..statueish to me and that blank stare they give you just irks me. This is also one of those things where sometimes worlds are just 'too big' (for me personally) I love a large and long game but I easily get sidetracked, to this day after sticking in probably about (combined) 200ish hours...Ive still not beaten either of them.

5: Bioshock(please dont lynch me..) (PS3) - I just..couldnt 'get into' the game. I have it and Ive tried a few times, its well made, its deep, its environment and story are very well made and its a horror themed game. Normally this is right up my alley but, I really dont know what cant get me to beat it. I really much preferred Bioshock Infinite in comparison to the first part.

4:Darksiders 2 (PS3) - It falls into the Bioshock category. It has so much stuff I like but for some reason it just doesnt grab me. I enjoyed part 1 alot, but part 2 is just..lackluster in comparison in my opinion (and alot different).

3: Assassins Creed 3 (PS3) - I really liked part 1 and Black Flag but part 3 is just..lacking in every aspect for me. I dont like the setting, I think the characters are boring and/or annoying, the story on the outside is just trying too hard, the world is bland and boring.

2: GTA 4 (Xbox 360) - I admit I like Vice City more then I like San Andreas (because of the setting and story) but 4 was just in my eyes, an atrocity. Its clear to me you really shouldnt have alot of sympathy for the characters in the GTA games, by all means they are murdering, thieving scumbags. But the protaganist in GTA 4 was just out of this world for me. I really tried to play the game, really, but I couldnt bring myself to play it for more then 2 hours. Half a year later I thought Id give it another go and the same thing happened again, I just cant bring myself to play it.

1: Final Fantasy 13 (PS3) - This one, killed the series for me. I beat Final Fantasy 1-12 happily, Im probably one of the few who actually thoroughly enjoyed FF 12. But where to start with this one? I gave it the same treatment as I did with GTA 4, I played it once for a while, about 12 hours to give it all I had along with the hope(we'll get to him in a second...) that the game would eventually get better but for me it just..didnt. Then I tried again in about 4-5 months, same thing again. I guess what bugs me about the game itself is just that I cant feel any connection to any of the characters. They all seem, bland and boring in comparison to the other characters of the series, none of them have the charm for me. Oh and not to forget, the all that is holy, the footsteps.. 'clop clop clop clop'. Call me picky or whatever but the footsteps just burned themselves into my mind and are to this day still there...clop clop...

Honorable mentions: (without points now)

Great games for me : Viva Pinata, Disgaea series, Castle Crashers, Dragons Crown, Might and Magic 6 and 7, The Witcher 2, Digimon World 1, Alice: Madness returns

Crap games for me : Might and Magic 9, Digimon World 3, Duke Nukem Forever, CoD series (sorry..just dont like them)

Here's a go, mostly from a gameplay perspective, but some will be there due to story

10-Rome Total War. Simply one of the best RTS games of all time. The degree of customization with mods is also admirable.

9-Dungeon Keeper 2. The best narrator ever with excellent dark humor backed by a solid game. It's good to be bad.

8-Ascendant. An interesting rogue-lite with a 2d brawler combat system and a really pretty aesthetic.

7-Bioshock(and it's various incarnations, still some of the best stories) Except Bioshock 2...

6-Final Fantasy VII. This is the game that got me into RPGs at all. I replayed it recently and was shocked to find out how deep the materia system can get. Of course little kid me didn't really get it.

5-Company of Heroes. A solid RTS. Nothing particularly special, but it's a generally enjoyable game. Also it's one of the few games that let you play as a German(I got the edition that came with all the expansions).

4-Need For Speed Most Wanted. A pretty mediocre racing game. It needs more accuracy to the cars. Once they get fully upgraded, it doesn't really matter what they were to start with. I want my WRX to be aerodynamically limited to the ~160mph it's supposed to be limited to.

3-Halo Wars. A fairly shit RTS game. Not enough there for someone who really likes the genre but wouldn't make for a bad introduction. However, never keep playing it. It'll introduce you to the basics, but you'll never learn that way.

2-Medal of Honor Warfighter. The only thing that keeps this from being #1 is that it generally functions like it should. It's an insult to all gamers that don't want to be led around by a fucking choke collar all the time.

1-Too Human. It seems like everything in this game exists to frustrate the player. That fucking death animation... I just can't take it. The story might have had some merit if the characterization and voice acting were half decent. The combat system might have been OK if they let you control the camera.

10-THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME!!!. Team Fortress 2-My first ever multiplayer shooter, and I think I picked the perfect place to start. All of the classes have unique but balanced play styles, the art style was fantastic until recent times (but the maps still look nice), the sense of humor is great, and overall it's much more fun than the Call of Honorfield 7 nonsense these days where the graphics are washed out and ugly, and the gameplay is a frustrating experience in getting instantly killed after spawning by some wannabee 1337 sniper making a dubstep montage. It's by far my most played game on Steam, probably of all time.

9-Amazing. Saints Row IV-I thought that this game was going to be a disappointment like SR3. It looked like a repackaged SR3 and to be honest that's kind of what the finished product is. I thought SR3 was too over the top for its own good, and hearing that you get superpowers now made me think that I was gonna hate it. But holy shit was I surprised at how good it was. The Super Powers turned the combat from a clunky inferior GTA wannabe to something actually fast, fluid, and fun. Using telekinesis to throw one Alien jet fighter into another, and then performing a Death from Above on a squad of enemies who just emerged from a car, only to activate my fire buff and run through a crowd of civilians to regain health? Yes please. It is by far the most fun I've had with an open world game. It blows GTA 5 out of the water in terms of free roam gameplay. Yes, GTA 5 has great missions and an immersive world, but SR4 just has something about it that makes it so much more fun. Maybe it's just the superpowers. Top it off with a funny story parodying sci-fi and RPG games, a great main villain, easy modability on PC (I like to replace all of the regular enemies with Wardens for a big challenge), and you have one of my favorite games of all time.

8-Great. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory-One of my first PS2 games and my personal favorite stealth game. The graphics are great, level design is nice, gameplay is tense and satisfying, soundtrack is amazing, and overall there's not much I can say that's wrong with it, aside from the wonky A.I at times and frustrating controls on PC, plus the fact that you can't play multiplayer on PC anymore. I really liked Spies vs Mercs with my friends, and now it's all gone :(. Blacklist's Spies vs Mercs pales in comparison to the original. It's far too fast paced and favors reckless strategies, like charging directly at a merc for a knife kill.

7-Good. DOTA 2-I have a love-hate relationship with this game. Sometimes I'm on Cloud 9, playing with skilled and good-hearted people and helping out in the big plays of the game. Other times I'm stuck with 4 Russians/South Americans who spend most the game pinging furiously whenever they dive at a stupid time and expect me to help them. Overall I usually have a good time playing though. I like how all the heroes are unlocked from the start but there's still cosmetic items, some of which are really cool. I went to the International this year and was even willing to spend hours in line at the Secret Shop for some swag.

6-Average. GTA 4-Probably my least favorite of the GTA series, but it's still a good game. I like the cover system, improved A.I, improved graphics, and funny characters. However the missions and city are by far the least memorable for me. Maybe I just don't like big cities, but everything about Liberty City just felt samely to me, in contrast with GTA 5, where there's cool stuff everywhere you look. And the city has the same washed out look that most modern shooters have. Look, I get that the tone is supposed to evoke depression, but it's so unpleasant to look at. On a clear and sunny day in GTA 4 the sky looks like something out of a horror movie. Contrast with GTA 5 which has one of the most beautiful lighting systems of all time. A good game, definitely, but the lowlight of a great series.

5-Mediocre. Watch Dogs-Where did we go so wrong? The shooting and on foot controls are light years better than GTA, but, pardon me if I sound cheesy, the love is missing. The driving controls are sloppy. The multiplayer is a train wreck, with nonsensical design choices, such as the inability to perform "blending" actions while hacking somebody like sitting on a bench or otherwise acting like a civilian. The story is a haphazard pile of cliches. It focused to much on Nichole and should have been solely about serving up cold vigilante justice to those who deserve it. Stop acting like you need to throw in a damsel in distress to make a story interesting, we've seen it all before. The draw distance is also a big problem. Cars quite clearly pop into existence just a few hundred feet away. I like the controls and the world is fairly immersive and detailed despite the draw distance issues, so it's not a bad game, just a misguided one.

4-Bad. Call of Duty Ghosts-Like GTA 4, it's the worst game in the series. At least Modern Warfare 3 had some cool co-op modes and an awesome final level where you go on a heavy-armor rampage. The problem with Ghosts isn't that it's exceedingly terrible, it's just... not good at anything it does. We've seen all the gunfights before. We've played through the helicopter sections before. We've heard this story before. We've even been able to lean before. There's nothing remotely original about Ghosts, and no reason to pay money for it. Oh yeah, and there's that tie in with Snoop Dogg. Are they fucking high? This game is kind of similar to Arkham Origins-both shouldn't have existed. They don't exist to tell an interesting story, bring in awesome new game mechanics that change up everything we thought about the series, or even just be good games. They just exist without justifying themselves, and that's what offends me.

3-Poor. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs-This game also shouldn't exist, but for different reasons. The story is nice, but the gameplay... oh my fucking god did they drop the ball on this one. No inventory system and regenerating health take away the tension of encounters. The monsters aren't that scary. There's no sanity meter. The story is good, but everything about the gameplay takes several steps back. The trailers looked so good too, making the game look scarier than it actually is. Amnesia the Dark Descent was dripping with tension and suspense. This one is more like a teenager with a bucket of water hiding behind some bushes. It'll get you for a second, but that's about it.

2-Trash. Defiance-A poor, sad excuse for an MMO. The mechanics are eerily similar to Borderlands, but it has none of the charm or humor. Borderlands, Diablo, and all other similar games are best played with 4 players. That way you can have a shoot and loot (or slash and loot) experience with your friends without a bunch of other assholes getting in the way. Unfortunately Defiance gets this wrong by being an MMO. There's too many of them already, and many are well established. Defiance sounds like a novelty with its third person shooter gameplay, but it's basically an action game disguised as an MMO. There's not much crafting or any MMO-like features to speak of. It's basically a Third Person Borderlands with an MMO skin taped on. There's not much to do besides shoot things, which gets old eventually with the laggy shooting, terrible enemy A.I, and complete lack of challenge. Oh yeah, and I'm from where the game takes place (Marin). This game looks absolutely nothing like the real place. Yeah I get it's post-apocalyptic, but Fallout 3 looked a lot like a nuked Washington D.C. There's San Quentin, but most of it is conveniently underwater to disguise the fact that the developers couldn't recreate any part of it somewhat realistically. Mount Tam? What mountain? There's no distinction in terrain from the rest of the game world. Did it level out over time? Why's it still called Mount Tam then? Stay away from this garbage.

1-WTF is this bullshit? Mindjack-The absolute worst thing ever, no exceptions. I don't even want to talk about this game. Just watch Angry Joe's review and you pretty much know all that you need to about this abso-fucking-lutely fundamentally broken monstrosity.

10. Half life 2- No game manages to seamlessly switch between gameplay styles better. At no point in this game did I think "this is getting a little tiresome". As a bonus the story telling is fabulous.

9. Mass Effect 3- I feel bad for people who can't enjoy how great this game is. While the ending might not be great I always have thought the journey is more important than the destination.

8. infamous 2- This is just a really enjoyable game but it doesn't make me feel nostalgic about my first time playing it.

7. Dishonored- This is a mostly enjoyable game. Dishonored really needed a bit polish on either it's gameplay or story to be a really good game. If both aspects were more polished it would have been great

6. Gun- Pretty good

5. Watch dogs- No game ever has earned the mediocre label to this degree. Watch Dogs is just barely good enough to make you finish the story.

4. Mirrors Edge- Sure it is probably better in your second play through but after 4 hours of dying and getting lost I'm not up for another round.

3. Haze- I played this game several years ago and I can comfortably say it lives up to it's name. When I try to remember playing it I just feel a weird hazy frustration accompanied by Nashua.

2. Sonic generations- Holy shit this game is terrible.

1. Borderlands - I feel like I shouldn't give this game a 1 but fuck it. No game makes me feel more anger when I think about it. Had I not been pressured into playing this game by a close friend I might not have such an irrational hatred of it. The point is this game is painfully fucking boring.

10. System Shock 2
9. inFamous Second Son
8. Far Cry 3
7. Metal Gear Solid 4
6. Kingdom Hearts II
5. Final Fantasy XIII
4. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
3. Assassin's Creed Revelations
2. Halo Reach
1. Halo 3

No explanation really. Well, I have none right now, anyway.

Let's see if I can find a game that i think deserves a 10 and doesn't happen to be my favorite game of all time.

10. Cave Story - It took a lot for me to not give this spot to Mario Bros. 3

9. Street Fighter: 3rd Strike

8. The Walking Dead: Season 1 - Because fuck Season 2

7. Tomb Raider - The new one that came out last year

6. Remember Me - Baaaarrrreeeellllly good enough...

5. Halo - Throw a dart. No matter which Halo game it is, it fits nicely with that score

4. Batman: Arkham Origins - If the Arkham games were reflective of the Dark Knight Trilogy, this one falls in line with The Dark Knight Rises.

3. 007: Legends - Hey! Let's add Moonraker as one of Bond's highlights, because everybody loved that fucking movie...

2. Call of Duty: Black Ops II - I haven't played Ghosts yet, but I'm surprised how each game that comes out just gets worse and worse...

1. Thief - The one that recently came out. It may seem unfair to give a score like this to a game that seems forgettably inoffensive, but it's the fact that it's a reboot where all of the changes they made from the original to make it "fit" into this modern gaming world doesn't really make me feel great...

Well, that was sort of fun. That 7-4 range was tricky because games that fit into that category were ones I don't even remember playing all that well.

Pink Gregory:
02-10 Everything else
01 - Alone in the Dark Wii

Pretty much this (it was so bad that the Wii version is competely different from the other version)!

However if I have to give-

10- Xenoblade Chronicle
9- Guild Wars 2
8- Command and Conquer General
7- Boderlands 2
6- Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon
5- Spiral Knight
4- Da Gata Defender
3- Diablo 3
2- De Blob

Just to be clear, I specifically picked these games to go to the specific ranks so some of them aren't my favourites.

Naturally everyone seems to have varying criteria of how to score games. For me, a 5 would represent an experience that has no overall positive or negative impact. It kills time, but any positive aspect is negated by it's flaws. Higher would represent a more enjoyable experience, lower would represent an experience that was actually bad. With that in mind:

10: Portal 2. I never really give 10's but this is one of the closest. It was thoroughly enjoyable, funny and innovative. I'd give Portal the same but for the short length. Simply amazing.

9: The Witcher 2. I'm playing through this right now and just started the 3rd act. It's one of the most complete experiences I've had in an RPG and the world is both beautiful and well thought out. If the combat mechanics were tighter it'd be my first true 10.

8: Crysis. People always dismiss this game as "just a graphics showcase" but that's a bit simplistic in my view. Sure, it's still one of the best looking games out there, but it's also a great FPS experience for so many reasons.

7: DmC. It's good. I get the criticisms about Dante and I think this is definitely a case of technical achievement over artistic vision but it's a fun game with great combat mechanics and awesome boss fights.

6: Deadpool. This game got slated for having dull, repetitive combat and naff bosses, all of which is true, but it's still enjoyable enough and it's worth playing just for Nolan North as Deadpool.

5: Dragon Age 2. I think this was hated more for being not as good as its predecessor than actually being an awful game, but it's hardly a gem. Still decent enough though.

4: Sleeping Dogs. I was so disappointed in this game. It was just incredibly dull and the mechanics were pretty bad which resulted in me really disliking it after a few hours

3: Castlevania Lords of Shadow. A highly derivative game that falls far short of the ones it's trying to copy. I fail to see what the hell people saw in this game.

2: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. OK, pretty obvious. I didn't like the Black Ops campaign, but the multiplayer was quite enjoyable in small doses. This one is just terrible and astonishingly they keep on getting worse. I actually fell asleep after about 40 minutes of playing.

1: Battlefield 4. I don't really do 1's either but what the hell. This one is predictable and is frustrating since I'm certain there was a great game in there somewhere. However I can't take potential into account with a game this broken.

I don't really think about the bad games I play, so this could be hard. Let's see...

10. Metal Gear Solid 3. I wouldn't call it the best game I've played (that would be the ever-reliable Half Life 2) but it's my favourite.

9. Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I have so many '9s', but I had to settle for this one.

8. Ratchet & Clank 3. The only one I ever 100% completed, and it's always held a special place in my heart.

7. FTL: Faster Than Light. I binge this one occasionally- it starts out fun, but so quickly do the deaths get frustrating. The Captain's Edition mod is really cool.

6. Jade Empire. I hate fighting ghosts. I adore everything else.

5. Modern Warfare 3. Fun with friends, but a bit bland on your own. I prefer Halo.

4. Lord of the Rings: the Third Age. I'll freely admit this is terrible, but it's kind of a guilty pleasure for me.

3. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. So disappointing next to the first one and Outlast.

2. Long Live the Queen. I watched Totalbiscuit's video and thought 'this could be fun'. Turns out, having fun watching someone mess around on Youtube doesn't translate to having fun playing it yourself. Especially considering there's no real agency and it will just kill you for not following an optimal path.

1. Every PS2 movie tie-in game that isn't Spiderman 2, Revenge of the Sith, or the two Lord of the Rings games. I rented so many of those when I was a kid and was dumb enough to enjoy them.

Boss awesome-10. Borderlands 2
Awesome-9. Witcher 2
Great-8. Mass Effect 3
Above average-7. Too Human
Meh-6. Skyrim
Below average-5. Starhawk
Poor-4. Vampire Rain
Trash-3. Destroy all Humans: Path of the Furon
Archery target-2. Superman: Shadow of Apokolips
Shotgun target-1. NRA gun club: the game

Gonna steal this listing thing since it helps me understand the question, hope you don't mind, mate.

Boss awesome-10. Saint's Row IV. Putting this here since I haven't had more fun with any other game, though yes, it does have issues.
Awesome-9. Metal Gear Solid 3: Sub Sandwich
Great-8. Any of the Super Smash Bros.
Above average-7. Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Meh-6. Dark Souls (I know a lot of people love this game but it isn't the hot shit to me as a game. Reading the lore stuff online is awesome though)
Below average-5. Castlevania LoS2
Poor-4. Spider Man for PS1
Trash-3. Any licensed game
Archery target-2. An other licensed game
Shotgun target-1. Uuuuuhhhhhmmmmmmm..............Custer's Revenge?

RPG only edition

10. Persona 4
9. Morrowind
8. Earthbound
7. DOTA 2
6. Torchlight II
5. Final Fantasy XIII
4. Kingdoms of Amalur
3. Baldur's Gate
2. Mars: War Logs
1. Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love

10 Baldur's Gate 2
9 Civilization V
8 Baldur's Gate
7 Super Mario World
6 Albert Odyssey
5 Shinobi III
4 Tapper
3 Forgotten Realms Demon Stone
2 Dead Space
1 Not sure I've played anything this bad - even Beat 'em & Eat 'em is good for at least a chuckle. I hear E.T. is bad, but I've never played it. Same for Back to the Future on the NES.

10. Minecraft, infinite amount of possibilities for stuff to do. Most of the annoying bugs have been tackled quite well, with even more looking to be eliminated in 1.8

9. Morrowind. Incredibly fun RPG. Always lots of interesting places to explore and stuff to find. None of that annoying scaling stuff which Skyrim had which ensured loot be predictable. Could have benefited from more difficulty however.

8. Heroes 3. Probably the funnest of the series, plenty of large maps that could play out almost like an RPG with armies. Interesting turn based combat. Some of the campaigns could be a little easy, well except shadow of death...

7. Zelda - A link to the past. Every fun open world game. Well you sorta had to do things in an order but you could explore the map as you chose. Fairly tricky game, with interesting boss fights.

6. Doom 3. Plenty of fun shooting moments with interesting enemies to take on. Did not find to be particularly scary however, and did wish at times that there were a few more enemies to fight.

5. I Wanna Be The Guy. Got curious after hearing just how freaken hard this game is. The platform parts, despite their crazy difficulty, were actually quite fun and enjoyable. What was not however, is hearing duh duh duhhh duh for thirty seconds while waiting for the first boss to appear, then twice again for the other two. It was probably the repetitiveness of this more than the difficulty that put me off during the boss fights.

4. Warcraft 2. When I first played this game I found it incredibly fun and incredibly difficult. After nostalgia hit, and I played it again, not so much. Not sure if I was bored when I played it or if I just wanted to go full completionist, but I did end up beating the campaign. Maybe if I was doing multiplayer it would have been more fun. The AI suffers from a common type of RTS issue where it decides to just send small trickles of units at you which can easily be dispatched by towers. This leaves you with plenty of time to build up an army with which to steamroll the enemy.

3. Worms Forts. Never really got much in to this. Might have been that the weapons didn't feel like they had a great deal of skill to them.

2. Prison Architect. Many of the features in this look incredibly fun and I may try it again eventually. For now however, the room building bugs are just too annoying for me. When you don't build something in a certain way your workers sit about doing nothing because they don't think they have access.

1. ScribbleNauts. The idea soundded cool at first, yet the game just ended up being incredibly boring. Most of the things you type doesn't end up doing much, and only works in an incredibly boring way.

10 - Team Fortress 2, most played game ever and most enjoyed game ever. I would be lying if I listed any game higher then this.

9 - Fallout: New Vegas, probably my favourite RPG of the past generation. Tuned up on PC with some unofficial patches and some mods and it's one of the best RPG's period.

8 - Batman: Arkham City, a super polished game and so far the closest method human being's have devised to being Batman.

7 - Metal Gear Rising, excellent hack n' slash with a great soundtrack and solid gameplay mechanics. It could use some more polish overall though and I'm itching for a sequel.

6 - Deus Ex: Human Revolution, a pretty good game overall with lots of good ideas but suffers a bit from execution issues. Listening to the commentary it seems most of these were due to budget/resource issues, hopefully these constraints ease up for future games in the series.

5 - Far Cry 3, managing to just rise above the standard Ubisoft mediocrity, I couldn't call Far Cry 3 a bad game but it didn't have much standing out aside from Vaas. Pretty much the defining "5" game for me.

4 - Skyrim, HOLY SHIT GUYS AREN'T I EDGY I don't really hate this game, but it got really dull the more I played it. Aside from the Dark Brotherhood questline most quests were basically "go in this dungeon and kill things" and it got really boring really fast.

3 - Bioshock Infinite, EDGY OPINION TRAIN CONTINUES I'd have liked Infinite's plot a lot better if they focused on one of the many themes they tried to cover. It suffered from classic long development syndrome and a more concise vision could have done it wonders. Also, gameplay.

2 - Mass Effect 3, damn this game. It was so poorly written, even aside from the ending. The gameplay felt boring and even more generic TPS-y then ME2 and really wasn't satisfying in any way.

1 - Shit I don't usually play games this bad. Anything David Cage has made maybe?

10: Mirror's Edge
9: Myst Online: Uru Live
8: Beyond Atlantis
7: Minecraft
6: Far Cry 2
5: Beyond Atlantis
4: The Elder Scrolls: Arena
3: Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness
2: Beyond Atlantis
1: Candy Crush Saga

You may notice that Beyond Atlantis is on this list three times. You have to play the game to understand why.

Interesting. Hmm...

10 Sid Meier's Civilization
The only game I have literally spent a full twenty-four hours straight playing. No, I'm not proud.
9 Half-Life 2
Some games show everyone else how it's supposed to be done; this was one of them.
8 Command & Conquer: Red Alert
A nostalgic favorite from wasted late hours in a college's computer labs, but also a helluva multiplayer game with a lot of depth and modability.
7 Blood
At 7, we're down to guilty-pleasure levels. Still, it had a great atmosphere, made good use of a limited engine, none of the weapons ever became useless (something modern FPSs still don't always achieve), and multiplayer was a blast.
6 L.A. Noire
Some games you want to like, because you can see the work, effort, and technology that went into them... But while you admire them as set-pieces, and even perhaps want others to make use of their tech, the games themselves are lacking.
5 Resident Evil 5
...And then there's games that... well, you get the feeling their creators have been told they're great so often they've become content to do the same thing over and over again without asking why they do them or if they could be better. RE5 felt as though after adding multiplayer, the makers didn't feel the players had any right to ask for much more. Competent, solid, an okay way to pass the time, but absolutely nothing special.
4 Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords
There are few things more heartbreaking than the almost-theres. Games that have three-quarters of a plot, three-quarters of an implemented idea, bleeding from their amputations. Dammit, Obsidian.
3 Don't Starve
But then there are games that didn't work because of what was put in intentionally...Games about exploring and surviving shouldn't punish you for trying to explore or doing "too well", especially if they're gleefully willing to destroy the entire game world for failure and teach the player nothing in the process but that the world is arbitrary and sadistic. There have been various attempts at rebalancing (some after ill-considered attempts to appease a perverse hardcore that seemingly kept spreadsheets and flowcharts of optimum actions and performance in front of them at all times); the current version may be better, but it's wasted enough of my time.
2 Duke Nukem Forever
They literally would have done better to just re-make the last game in a 3D engine. Instead they cribbed ideas from different games for more than a decade, sometimes while simultaneously mocking those other, better games; they changed engines multiple times and wasted years of work; and they finally deposited an ugly mess lacking vision, coherence, humor, charm, and even a basic concept of how it expected to be played. The kindest thing I can say is that it didn't crash.
1 Shirley Muldowney's Top Fuel Challenge
From the days of the Commodore 64, the least-fun racing game ever made. Spend long minutes in the pit repairing and tuning, then seconds on the race track before your engine or tires explode. All it needs is a way to pay real money for repairs, and it will be ready for a modern-day remake.

Ok, I get you. So each game pretty much has to be synonymous with the number. I'll even add a Yahtzee-esque verbal equivalent because, why not? and then follow with my justification.

10(An omelette made out of Cadburry Creme Eggs). Persona 4: The Golden. A perfect blend of Life Sim and RPG, and with more goodness added (like the Valentine's Day event, which was so very needed for all dem heartbreakers out there) The only way this game could get better is adding the weapon system from 3. But that's a nitpick. Story? Characters? Art Style? all absolutely wonderful.

9(Renting out a movie Theater to play your favorite movie). Warioware (the Gamecube one). I had to add a party game on here, and it was between this, Mario Party 3, and the vastly underrated Dokapon Kingdom, but I've had much more fun with the stupid silly microgames. Especially with three others. My personal favorite is Kat/Ana's stage, for the 4-player Minigames

8(your favorite reviewer on the internet has just covered your favorite game, and loves it.). Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. A truly astounding game, but certainly not the most complex of RPGs. You only have three upgradeable stats and no other customization besides badges. A great story, some of the best turn based combat, and a creative cast of characters, but just not as complex as I would like.

7(Finding out there was one slice of pizza left after you thought you'd eaten the last one). DanganRonpa. A wonderful murder mystery, and a very nice blend of Persona-depth characters and Ace Attorney (below) style crime-solving. Now, don't get me wrong. I love me some Phoenix Wright, but I believe the trial system is so very much better in this game. The timer adds more challenge, the variety of minigames shakes it up a bit, and customizable skills! Wheeeee!

6(Much like a thoroughly cooked steak, Well Done). the Ace Attorney Series. See? Told you it was below. Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright was a big deal in my life. It introduced me to the visual novel, It was what got me to stop emulating and actually go buy the games to support them, and it got me into the Professor Layton series, to get in the know when their crossover comes out. I would have put it in the number 7 slot, but like I said above, Danganronpa's trial system is just better in every way to me. Also I haven't played Duel Destinies yet, but Apollo Justice is my favorite.

5(good nuff). the Blazblue series. I don't have much to say here. It's my absolute favorite fighting game, but fighting games have always just been kinda ehh to me. And because I'll rock the house when playing with friends, but I get my ass kicked around the corner at cons, so I can never really tell if I'm actually good at the game or not.

4(Dropping a slice of cake, then applying the ten second rule). Telltale's Sam and Max. Probably my favorite point-and-click, and my favorite Telltale game, this game blends puzzles and humor as good as Sierra at their finest. Why isn't it higher then? Well, with an adaption like this, It's a little blurry where "I like it as a standalone game" starts and "I like it because I was a fan of the series anyways" ends. And some of the puzzles would frustrate me sometimes.

3(finding out nobody on the internet supports your shippings). Sonic Adventure 2. Ugh, this game. I had such fond memories of this game as a kid, but replaying it today... well, today there's only two things good I can say about it, Escape from the City is one of the best BGM tracks of all time, and I would totally play a standalone Chao Garden game. Everything else is pretty terrible, but especially things like the camera, the Sonic/shadow duels, and most of Knuckles's stages)

2(Playing spin the bottle, and landing on a cactus.). Goat Simulator. I know that "LOL teh randum" humor is big on the internet and all, but I still don't understand how this mess of a game got it's five minutes of fame. It's a glitchy, buggy pile that I wouldn't pay two cents for. (and I didn't, my experiences come from playing co-op on my friend's steam) This game to me had all the same problems Birdemic 2 had. It just seemed to be trying way too hard to force itself in to the "So Bad It's Good" niche. and I just wasn't buying it. Also, fact that that game can sell bucketloads will just make others think that they can pull a Call of Duty and release clone by clone. Say what you will about the fishy shooter (I know I have) but at least they don't brag about how actively terrible and zero effort their game was.

1(Needing to vomit after a long night of bloody Diarrhea, but not having time to flush). Plumber's Don't Wear Ties. Yes, I have played this game. Yes, it's terrible. I'm firmly in the camp of "Visual Novels are games too guuuuuys" but even still, I don't think I can call this a game. I couldn't even call this a festering pile of shit, because I don't want to insult fecal matter. I'd call this the Foodfight of gaming, but at least Foodfight had some enjoyable scenes with Christopher Lloyd. This has nothing. Except for my hate.

Whew, that was a loooooooooong post.

I tried to think of some creative choices...

10 - No More Heroes (my favorite game of all time)
9 - Dark Souls (my OTHER favorite game of all time)
8 - Kingdom Hearts II (Amazing game, but I do consider the original superior)
7 - Skyrim (It's a vast, atmospheric ocean that's ankle deep)
6 - Rocket: Robot on Wheels (google it)
5 - Bioshock Infinite (OH NO I DIDN'T!)
4 - Shadow the Hedgehog (although I do admit to loving it as a kid)
3 - Chameleon Twist (again, google it)
2 - Iggy's Wreckin' Balls (who made this game and what were they on?)
1 - Putty Squad (THIS IS PS4!)

Atmos Duality:

I loved all three of the prime games, but I actually liked 3 the most, which apparently most people liked a lot less then the other 2.

Okay, I'm going to take a crack at this, though the low ones are going to be hard, because they will still be games I like, but not as much as others, because I have played few games that I really dislike, and only remember one of the names.

10- Super Metroid: Yes it's an old game, and yes many consider Fusion or Zero Mission to be better. I didn't actually play the full game till mid 2000's, so I don't have nostalgia goggles for this game. The controls are tight, they did well with the environments with the tech they had during the day, and it's so damn memorable with the various bosses, and the music fits so well with each place. I play the game at least once a year, and can beat it between 2-3 hours. Every minute of playing it is pure awesomeness.

9- Persona 4 Golden: Such a great game. Great music, characters, story. It mixes things well with the life sim part and the dungeon crawling. Only downside? Having to investigate before being able to go to the new dungeons. While not hard, it's annoying and can possibly eat up time for other things you might want to do. Love this game because of some of the music remixes.

8- Recettear An Item Shop's Tale: Everything is so upbeat and the main character is so adorable. Also, being able to loot dungeons and then sale items is so much fun. Having a variety of characters to use in the dungeon is fun. Down side? The woman who keeps coming in to break my combos. No, I'm not buying a piece of candy at 500% of the going price.

7- Valkyria Chronicles: A franchise that could've gone far, but bad decisions made it not happen. I have played the first and second one, but the first one holds up better because of a much stronger story. Being able to use various troops and run around in a 3D environment for a tactical RPG is awesome. It starts out easy at first, but then later you have to be much more careful with which troops to use and when moving around. It's really cool later on when you are clearly at a disadvantage but can still pull a victory. Main problem is that enemy AI's start shooting at you really quickly while your AI takes forever to do anything against an enemy.

6- Paper Mario (64): While nothing ground breaking, it's my guilty pleasure of gaming, which I play once a year. The environment is just so nice and whimsical that It's hard to put down.

5- Final Fantasy 7: Love the game, but the other ones I like more for various reasons

4- Pokémon: The games are good overall, but get repetitive really quick with little to no motivation to continue on after beating the elite four. Lack of story doesn't help.

3- Chantelise A tale of two sisters: the game was fun but camera was an issue many times, and later fights were a problem. Also getting money for upgrades was a pain.

2- Halo: Not big into FPS's overall, and I just don't care about it. I've played a few of the games and it's done nothing for me.

1- Metroid Other M: Just did not feel like a Metroid game. Very linear, atmosphere wasn't there, and it had a terrible story.


1 - Shit I don't usually play games this bad. Anything David Cage has made maybe?

You don't know how shitty a game is until you try, don't you agree?

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