Your Best to Worst games from 1-10?

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10 - Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction
9 - Fire Emblem: Awakening
8 - Rayman Legends
7 - Mass Effect 2
6 - Valkyria Chronicles
5 - Assassin's Creed 2
4 - Borderlands
3 - I Am Alive

And I honestly can't think of any games for the bottom two places. No game that I've ever played has been so functionally broken and uninteresting that it's warranted such a low score. If a game looks like it's a truly broken piece of shit, then I just don't buy/play it.

10 - Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction
9 - Fire Emblem: Awakening
8 - Rayman Legends
7 - Mass Effect 2
6 - Valkyria Chronicles
5 - Assassin's Creed 2
4 - Borderlands
3 - I Am Alive

And I honestly can't think of any games for the bottom two places. No game that I've ever played has been so functionally broken and uninteresting that it's warranted such a low score. If a game looks like it's a truly broken piece of shit, then I just don't buy/play it.

What about the free games? Some of them are painful to play even they look good.

Ok, I'm going to interpret this as the top 5 are my favourite games and the bottom five are the shit ones.

10: Tie between Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite
9: Wolfenstein: New Order
8: Long live the Queen
7: Fallout new Vegas
6: Dark Souls
5: 4PM
4: Alone in the Dark (The remake)
3: Aliens: Colonial marines
2: Rambo the video game
1: Ride to Hell: Retribution (Yes, I have played it. Direct all your sympathy towards me.)

10 - Dwarf Fortress- I have sunk far too many hours into this game.
9 - Star wars, Knights of the old republic. So many feels...
8 - Kerbal Space Program - Lacks structure, but it is great for education and fun.
7 - Total War Medieval 2- An amazingly functional game, pretty much perfect, it's a 10/10 game, really, but I'm out of room.
6 - Spongebob squarepants the movie the video game. Getting into just pretty good territory, this was a fun game.
5 - The last federation- A lot of work went into this really unfun and awkward game. A shame really.
4 - ARMA two, everything feels very floaty in this game, not fun for me, but quite functional otherwise.
3 - Mace griffon bounty hunter, a game that looked great, played well, but was far too hard.
2 - Star Drive, a buggy, broken mess of a game, the devs stopped working on it even in its crappy state, and are working on number 2, they refuse to acknowledge it is unfinished.
1 - the Polar express videogame on Gameboy advance. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad.

Tried to edit and I quoted instead. Sorry guys.

10. skyrim. i just love the amount of things you can do and modify in there. the mods are what made this game so good.
9. empire: total war. i loved it more than any other strategy game. and RTS is my favorite genre( i dont care its buggy! i never encountered any)
8. Fable: The Lost Chapters. this is the game that made me believe that video games are more than stupid plotless games. i played it when i was 9 and i loved it. i played it a couple of months ago and i loved it even more!
7. Dawn Of War: Soulstorm. i liked it. shut up
6. Dragon Age: Origins. do i need to explain?
5. Mass effect 2. the gameplay was a pain in the ass most of the times and the orange UI was pretty horrid. but i loved every other part of this game.
4.need for speed most wanted (the newer one) im an old fan of NFS games. this game while introducing new and well made driving mechanics pretty much butchered everything else NFS was good at.
3. COD: BLOPs2
1. barbie and the twelve princess. this is a game that if i could i wouldnt touch with a 100 pole stick held by a robot while i watched form the other corner of the universe. BUT my cousin loved this game (idiot little twat) and since she was too STUPID to play the damn game, my mother made play it for her. three times. in two days. it is a mess of bad gameplay stupid horrendous and offensive plot and tottaly utterly shit in every thing possible. now excuse me while i try more brain bleach to get rid of the memories *shuders*



1 - Shit I don't usually play games this bad. Anything David Cage has made maybe?

You don't know how shitty a game is until you try, don't you agree?

i havent seen freddy got fingered and i know its shit. i havent played heavy rain and i know its shit

This is a great idea!

10. Team Fortress 2

9. Fallout: New Vegas

8. Super Smash Bros. Brawl

7. Orcs Must Die! 2

6. Payday 2

5. Defiance

4. Call of Duty: Anything past Modern Warfare 1 edition


And I don't know if I can name a 2 or 1 game. Well, that I've played anyway. I tend to research games a lot before I buy them, and don't buy something that looks that crappy. Out of games I haven't played though, I'll say Action 52 and Ride to Hell, I guess.

Super Cyborg:
I loved all three of the prime games, but I actually liked 3 the most, which apparently most people liked a lot less then the other 2.

3 had the best production values, and I rate it as the very best Wii game I've played.
It's the only game where its gimmick tries to contribute towards immersion and mechanics, instead of just being a separate game with remapped Gamecube controls.

All mine are quite recent, save one or two, so here goes;

10- GTA V: I don't think I've ever had as much fun with another game, an example of a developer putting as much effort into both single and multiplayer and I'm so ready to get the PS4 version. Near perfect and I doubt any other free roamer will come close.

9- Mass Effect Trilogy: Okay, I'm cheating, but it's a continuous story so I count it as one. If BioWare had have held off EA, it could have been the best game trilogy ever. As it stands, it's still a hell of a good series and well worth playing.

8- AC Black Flag: The best game in one of the best series gaming has. I know peoples gripes with it, and the reason it's only 8 is because it does get repetitive and I find the naval stuff a distraction from the actual Assassin element. Hopefully, Unity will solve that, but for now Black Flag is still decent.

7- Battlefield 3: I can't put a game that relies solely on multiplayer too high (hence why TF2 or CS isn't on this list) and even then the PS3 community is not worth going back to, but for the year it was relevant, holy crap this was good!

6- SWAT 4: Getting into the meh territory. I do enjoy this, but it really hasn't aged well and with Rainbow Six kinda doing the core gameplay better it's outdated. Plus, I did like the challenge at first, but it wasn't a game I could play for too long.

5- MGS 5 Ground Zeros: So annoying this; how could they think charging 40 pounds for a 4 hour prequel was fair?! I mean, the gameplay is awesome, I can't deny that, but why not make it a demo and take out the side ops or if you were so determined to make money, a pre-order bonus like the sniper challenge from Hitman.

4- COD Ghosts: I have given up with this series. They just keep adding stuff. There's a reason COD 4 was the best, it was simple and focused. Granted, it still plays decently, but I just can't stay engaged to play as much as I do with BF. I really do want to get back into the series because I like fast-paced shooters, but they need to streamline the whole multiplayer experience.

3- War Thunder PS4: I'm going to get flak for this, but this list is based on personal choice. I don't know how the PC version works, but the console port is awful. The controls are ridiculous with analogue sticks, the UI is confusing and for the few weeks I tried it for, I only got into one game mode on one map! If it wasn't free to play, it would've been number 1. Seriously, if you have a PS4 and are tempted, don't bother.

2- Quantum of Solace: I should've known better, but the trailer really sold it. I thought this would be a decent Bond game, but low and behold I paid for a bad Rainbow Six clone without the tactics...or depth...or graphics. Dear God EA, you have the rights to make games on one the best properties out there, do something good with it please!

1- CSI Games: All of them are utter trash. There's no challenge and apart from the fact at least half the cast of the TV shows did VO for their characters, there's nothing that differentiates it from other point and click games.

So basically it's a Top 5 Games + Worst 5 Games list, eh? Sure, I'll play along.

Keeping with the "scoring" as described in the OP:
1: Dark Souls
I don't care if you like it, I don't care if you're good at it, to me: the game sucked. For me the challenge came more from the control scheme rather than any gameplay mechanics. Mario would be obscenely challenging as well if they had made it damn-near impossible to walk to the right.
2: Two Worlds
Rented this game, got out of the tutorial, engaged in an epic 5-day (in game) battle with a boar, and immediately returned it after that.
3: Final Fantasy X-2
Another "rented it and took it back 2 hours later" title. This was the game that officially killed what little faith I had left in the FF franchise at that point. I haven't played another FF since.
4: Assassin's Creed: Revelations
A lot of people like to say "Brotherhood should have been a DLC expansion to AC:II", I disagree. I think there was enough content in Brotherhood to justify it's own game. Revelations, on the other hand, really should have been an expansion to Brotherhood. Obscenely short, you don't pull off your first assassination until halfway through the game (and even then you kill someone you really shouldn't have) and after that there's only like, 2 targets. The problem is they filled the game with so much new crap that you had to go through hours of tutorial missions. The city seemed a lot smaller than Rome and, in general, it was just a crap game. I'd play AC:III all day before I played Revelations again.
5: Final Fantasy 9
I tried to mix it up otherwise my "worst five" would be half-filled with the later FF games. Suffice to say that FF9 was the only FF game (I refuse to even acknowledge the existence of FFX-2) that bored me to the point that I had no desire to finish the game...and so I didn't play past the first disc.
6: Tenchu Z
Now onto the good side! Picked this game up in a bargin-bin when the local Blockbuster Video was going out of business. Ended up paying about $2 for it and I've gotta say I got way more than my money's worth with this game. Sure there's only 7 different maps despite there being 50 missions, I still had loads of fun planning out my infiltration strategies, watching guards to memorize their patrols, and swooping in just at the right moment to pick one off and hide the body without getting spotted. This game was just all kinds of fun ninja goodness.
7: Final Fantasy 4
Since I only used 2 FF's for my "worst" list, I'll only use 2 FF's for my "best". FF4 is easily one of my top 3 FF games of all time. I love its story, music, and characters...everything about it is just great. It proves that back in the day Square didn't need to dazzle with graphics in order to make a great game.
8: Final Fantasy Tactics
The only Final Fantasy that I like more than FFIV. It's all about the story with this it was this game's story that inspired me to become a creative writer myself. You wanna talk about a deep plot, then look no further. So many betrayals and double-crosses and sub-plots going on, yet it all makes cohesive, coherent sense. Fan-frickin'-tastic game.
9: Alien vs Predator 2 (PC)
Easily my favorite shooter of all time, and the shooter that I've been best at through my limited shooter carrier. This is the only AvP game that actually has a damn good story to go along with it, and the multiplayer was just all sorts of fun. I played the crap out of this game and loved every minute of it. Sadly it's not on Steam for some reason, though the first AvP game for the PC is. xP
10: And my Best Game Ever goes to....
Mass Effect Trilogy.
Because fuck you if you want me to split apart my favorite all-time series just to make a list. It's the same character carried over for each game so I say it counts as a single game, damnit! :P
Anyways, yeah, I can honestly say that I've never put more game-hours into a series than this one. Each of my ME games has at least 9 different character files (ME1 and 3 have 12), each character with multiple saved games and each game with at least 80 total hours of play. Yeah, I played the crap out of these games...easily my favorite all-time.

10 (Timeless)- Resident Evil 4 (GCN)
9 (Excellent) - Shadows of the Colossus (PS2)
8 (Great) - Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (PS3)
7 (Good) - Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass (DS)
6 (Okay) - Silent Hill (PS1)
5 (Average)- Dead Island (PS3)
4 (Below Average)- Quest 64 (N64)
3 (Bad)- Nightmare Creatures (N64)
2 (Awful)- Muppets: Pigs in Space (Atari 2600)
1 (Actual garbage)- The Guy Game (PS2)

10 (Timeless)- The Last Of Us
9 (Excellent) - Bioshock
8 (Great) - Uncharted
7 (Good) - Resident Evil 4 (GC)
6 (Okay) - Halo
5 (Average)- Ryse
4 (Below Average)- Haze
3 (Bad)- Dark Kingdom
2 (Awful)- Raven Squad: Operation Hidden Dagger
1 (Actual garbage)- Beowulf The Game

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