If you were to make a video game company what games would your company make?

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As it says on the title, what kinds of video games would you make if you were to become a video game maker?

As it says on the title, what kinds of video games would you make if you were to become a video game maker?

Racing games because those seem like the cheapest to make and can award the quickest gratification to the user.

I wanna say "the bestest most openest sandbox world ever" but deep down I think I want to see games defy genre more and more and start exploring some actual boundaries, rather than simply doing more of the same buy slightly bigger, slightly prettier and slightly better.

Well, I would start out with my favorite genres.

4X games. I've played almost all of them, and there is still something missing in them to me. I would try my damnedest to rectify that.

Freelancer-likes. A way to underrepresented genre.

I'm not sure what to call the last genre. Think Dwarf fortress/Gnomoria and Terraria/Darkout.

Then I'd let the team brainstorm a few of their own ideas. See if they've got some good concepts brewing.

Complex city sims in post-apocalyptic or really cool locations. Such as underwater, zombie outbreak, etc. Each would vary, like in the zombie outbreak you need to manage survivors, food, ammo, etc. Assign task for your survivors to do and build a fortified camp. Which will eventually become a city.

Next is several open-world true A-RPGs. Guess what that means? A whole shit ton of stuff to do. I had a zombie idea, but to say everything would take forever.

Lastly, a few RTSs I've always wanted to see, such as an Elder Scrolls, Fallout, or Mass Effect one.

"Full games. No DLC. Final Destination." - How to make money and respect 101.

Ok now to the meat and potatoes... Hack and Slashes. Fun, complex, full of enough replayability to choke an EA, hard as diamond, stylish as f*** hack and slashes. The graphical department has to follow one simple yet strict rule: Art style>Graphics. I want mah gameplay clean and silky smooth before moving on to a dumb campy story... oh yeah, and then we can move on to graphics, and whatever. If we need to take an extra month or two to complete a project, so be it. I want mah games balanced.... and sexy. Most likely with core mechanics unique to the game's setting/characters/etc to keep each game fresh and new.

Basically my company would be a beefed up version of Platinum Games, there I said it.

Well, I do make video games, on a very limited scale. But I'm certainly curtailed in my aspirations by what I have the time and resources to make, not to mention the time to learn how to utilize various engines and platforms properly and the money to buy or license tools and engines for that creation.

All that said, what I'd do- and what I hope to do- is role-playing games. Not fetch-quest and combat-centered games, but ones that actually involve you in the lives of characters with their own goals and priorities, with plots that venture beyond "you're the chosen one, save the world." Ones where choices matter and the player has responsibilities, but not necessarily in the "everything is shades of gray, we will make you regret your choices" way that seems to have recently come into vogue. Games where playing as a bad guy might actually make you feel bad because you were doing bad things to characters that were more than two different things to say depending on whether you chose "give money" or "set hair on fire".

I would make FPS games.
I would make RPGs.
I would make strategy games.
I would make hack and slash games.

Nobody becomes successful by making only one thing, even Valve, known best for it's FPS games, made it's three most well known games very different from each other (Half-Life, Counter-Strike and Team Fortress 2).

Basically I would make good games over "original" games, or "broadening my audience". If my team take someone else's game mechanic (that isn't trademarked), I want to know why they've taken it, and what it could possibly add.

I'd make lots of those stupid artsy games where nothing really happens.
They seem quite popular at the moment.

Half of the releases would be games full of things the general public wants to play regardless of originality.
Half would be the games I want to make, experiments like attempts to revive the shoot 'em and beat 'em up genres, and an isometric strategy game set in a universe similar to Bernard Cornwell's Warlord trilogy.
That way we have much less chance of going out of business if the latter isn't well received.

That's simple.

I would make a revolutionary third-person cover-based visual-novel shooter with realtime RPG elements and turn-based hack & slash combat called Dark Katawa May Fallout Cry Revengeance II: The Line

Seriously: More style-based Hack & Slash games with a focus on technical depth within the combat system.


- Devil May Cry's approach to an endless string of combos where you are rewarded for mixing up your moveset and not repeating the same combo twice in order to keep up your style-meter.
- Metal Gear Rising's focus on precise timing.
- Bayonetta's situational awareness regarding enemy movements and attack patterns.

Also the combination of: DMC's cutscenes, MGR's music, Bayonetta's playable characters.


I would make a standard controller but motion sensitive. Then make some FPS games that let you aim by tilting the controller instead of messing around with the right analogue stick.

As I said In another Thread, we really need a "Cat Smuggler Simulation 2014".
The origin of the idea was from the user ""Grimh"[I think] and a user "Vern5" helped me a lot, but DAMN I want to become real!!!

Most likely action/adventure games. I would also try to create some fun new sports games maybe. That's all I got.

Hack-and-slash action-RPGs. Like, take the feel of .hack and Kingdom Hearts and make the fighting style closer to Devil May Cry and Bayonetta. Peanut butter and chocolate, man...

Also, RPGs ripping off Final Fantasy X's combat system. The story of that game is kind of stupid, but damn was the combat awesome.

I'd make old school 2d sprite bases games. I remember playing puzzle quest on the ps2, and thinking that we need more games like that.

I'd make puzzle games and port over Japanese games, because we need more companies doing that. I miss you Working Designs! :(

I'd want to make an action/adventure/shooter that revolved heavily around the soundtrack, ideally composed by Darren Korb or Kelly Bailey.

I would make games from multiple genres. what i would do is i would make sure to incorporate latest technological advancements into them and respect my costumers (no DS3 "optional" microtransactions, no content cut for DLC, ect).

I would allow a longer game cycle as i saw what good developers can do when they are given 3 years instead of 1. and while i may not be the most profitable company out there, im sure respecting costumers still goes for something in this industry. after all CDP managed to do that just fine.

I'd want to make RPGs. Something with a good story and a good battle system.

I'd have to start with 2D side scrollers but ultimately I'd like to do 3D RPGs, adventures, and shooters (as it strikes me to do)I don't have many ideas for shooters right now.

Mine would be like Rare. We would make any game we wanted provided we had the confidence that we could do the genre justice. I think I would mainly focus on story driven 3-D platformers/action adventure/role playing games though.

what ever kind of games i want anything new and different in a good way.

Hopefully, good games!

Seriously though, I'd love to focus on games that had a non-combat focus or an alternate-combat focus - perhaps games where not killing anyone in a level is a sign of skill, or games where a player has to scurry around avoiding enemies in order to assemble a bigger machine which can actually damage enemies.

I also have a soft spot in my heart for 'edutainment' stuff - I think that in some ways educational games have been swept to the side, and those that remain and are recent instead of as old as I am have lost their teeth. I actually have a theory about how Oregon Trail fostered the revival of the roguelike that's happening now, because in many ways, Oregon Trail was a 'educational roguelike'. More edutainment games that step back and give you perhaps a vague warning but don't stop you if you are going to fuck up. They just let you fuck up. And then try again. Or if you're much older and drunk, you can create insane mini-challenged like trying to set out with the minimum required number of oxen and one wagon and the rest of your money spent entirely on chickens and whiskey. But I think it's a super important element to have in educational games to teach students that it's not actually the end of the world when you screw up... and perhaps that sometimes you can be prepared and do your best but still fail because of events outside of your control, and that is ok too.

That's fairly difficult. I wouldn't stick to any one specific gameplay style, though I'd predominantly do RPGs. I'd focus on lore -- the idea that any game can have a rich, believable fictional world behind it. No matter what genre the game was, it would never take place in historical or present-day settings (all future, alternate history, or fantasy games). Each one would have lore hidden in various places: through the environment, through characters, through weapon designs, flavor text, logs and codex entries, etc. to the point where someone could easily do spinoff stories and roleplay campaigns and such. In essence, all of my games would be very very fanfiction-friendly, and we'd strive to include those deep stories in games where people wouldn't expect them -- and hopefully, we'd be able to incorporate bits of the universe into the gameplay as well.

i'd make a cute remake of Aerobiz for phones.

then i'd make a version Pirates! that was open ended, had a bit more ship customization and finally nailed down the on land bit.

maybe as an official expansion for 2004 version if i could get permission.

then i'd make a Pirate MMO with cartoony art direction, where you had your own ship, featuring ever Pirate/Caribbean cliché and trope in the book....and every famous figure from that genre (all of which no one can own pretty much).

then maybe take a good hard look for some ideas to use for a series of games all featuring turn based gameplay and aim it at "the older gamer" who have a life that goes on simultaneously alongside their proposed gaming time...them and tea drinkers & smokers ;P

if i had a whack of money after all that...maybe set about "the game" which is a object orientated online gameworld combined with a plugin based engine design me and my brother have been talking about for nearly 20 years...

basically the program of a virtual reality world...

complete with trade-able code/in game objects (an object in your inventory in the game would actually sit on your PC), a player object submission program, in game real world shopping, a demonstration/learning/practice based skills system, a "cops and robbers" crime system involving the ability to commit "real" crimes (such as item theft and violence) against other players only to have that have life like consequences at the hands of yet more players playing as the law or freelancers, and endless engine upgrade/compatibility potential.

"The game" would also feature servers in geographical locations which would be represented in game as the same place. so for example if you went to Japan...everyone there would be predominately Japanese and so would the shops and the language people used in game.

it would be like visiting another country.

outside the major citys (in which btw guns are illegal) the legends, myths and storys of every nation and region would be "made flesh" and this would effectively form the bulk of the games "PvE".

all these legends, myths and storys would exist at the same time as "the modern world" of the games player inhabited citys...although smaller towns and the like might be somewhat more historically themed/designed depending on context.

player housing and even player building design would be a huge thing.

media, such as TV, radio and film, would exist "in game" same with sports and performance.

companies could place shops in the game world selling real world goods. so for example you might buy a disc of music in game (for real money) you can then either

A. have it delivered to your house as physical object in the real world.
B. give it to someone: it would be downloaded to their PC.
C. play it on your own PC
D. play it on a disc player in game.
E. throw it away (it would still exist in the game world)
F. destroy it in game somehow (it would be destroyed)

i can't remember the rest but we have a whole "design document" lying down in my mothers house somewhere lol a lot of it is based around the idea of object-oriented programming.

for example a gun would a compressed file containing not only the details of the guns performance and capabilities in the game world but also all the skeletal animations your character would need to use it and ofc the in game model.

it would a be stand alone self contained "object" and you could, if you wanted to, even removed it from your inventory, stick it on a disc and physically hand it to someone in the real world who could take the file, then put it in their game inventory, and use the item in the game world.

many of the engine plugins would be also "open source" (such as the sound & video renderers and the control plugin).

oh ye and when you log in there's a "loading screen" that looks a lot like the star gate travel sequence and ends with your character spawning in an arrival tube (think Futurama) in 1st person, in the games world.

your tube journey would amazingly take exactly the same amount of time as the loading ;P

iPhone games. I would make the casualest games that were ever made, and destroy the "hardcore" gamer. Mwahaha! Mwahahaha, I say!

I don't know. If I had the run of a company, I'd probably do whatever I felt like. Action, puzzle, shooter, sandbox. I'd probably try and get a music-related game in there somewhere.

XD I would try to keep the money in check and see if someone can help me program and make better art and sounds. I already study game design. My dream is to make games where people discover things about themselves. Understand what makes them tick, what kind of people they are.
I have ideas ranging from indie to AAA, and yet I can't decide on what I want to make. I'm struggling to get through college. Making games is difficult work and the teachers are very strict.

Grand Strategy Games (Crusader kings, EU and the like). Lots of history (real or imagined) lots of detail, bare minimum graphics.

I actually have had one in my head for a while, but I am in no way able to produce an actual game (especially on that scale)

I would probably go small and cheap first.
So I'm inclined to go for a World of Tanks "clone", but mine would be sprite based and sci-fi. Very much in the Gratuitous Tank Battles style with a gigantic span of customization and future tech, but this would be real-time goal based multiplayer as the start. Being sprites and 2D mechanics the game could probably be done pretty darn cheap, and more open to unrealistic silliness, yet be heavily stacked with precision mechanics (directional armor, armor types, weapon/damage types, module damage, energy management, smoke screens, mines, spy drones, field repairs,...).

And if that worked out as intended things could be taken forward, possibly with Commandos like campaigns(you get an enemy base to defeat), maybe take the ground combat to space, more campaigns for space, then possibly pull all together for an RTS,...

I would also be pushing for lightweight game builds and immediacy. So the game would just start with basic visuals almost instantly, and you would already be in a tank which you then drive up to a game testing area, match que, garage, friend hangar,... just everything being done in game rather then menu boxes, load screens and ticking timers.

Hmmm. I guess I'd try my hand at everything really. Start with some nice open world roguelikes, then some puzzle sidescrollers, a shooter here and there and an open world sandbox if get serious dough.

Oh oh! And a remake of Tyrian!

Megaman, so poor Neronium can have some peace from the evil known as "Mega Man Legends 3 being cancelled"

Otherwise, probably Visual Novel style games, just to see what crazy crap we could come up with.

Johnny Novgorod:
I wanna say "the bestest most openest sandbox world ever" but deep down I think I want to see games defy genre more and more and start exploring some actual boundaries, rather than simply doing more of the same buy slightly bigger, slightly prettier and slightly better.

How do you do that?

I wouldn't know what kind of game to make. Maybe I would create a new genre...

Dungeon crawling action RPGs like Diablo because those are my favorites.

I'd make GOOD games. ::Drops mike and walks off::

::Comes running back::

Sheesh, you bitches took me seriously?

I'd build a world(s) and fill them with games that eventually spread out. Something like what would happen if Capcom's Street Fighter world had taken Nintendo's route with Mario.

Grand Theft Auto set in Metro City with the Mad Gear gang.

Call of Duty with Shadoloo terrorists instead of (or teamed up with) Al Qaeda/Russians/Chinese (Whoever is in vogue this week)

Need for Speed with teams sponsored by Ken Masters.

L.A. Noire again in Metro City (but I'd have more than just Metro City)

But one continual world like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, any game we thought would be a good game would be made and worked into the mythology but officially. I like world building.

If I had to stick to a single genre I'd probably end up with some breed of RPG.

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