Your most anticipated game(s) at the moment.

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That's Space Pirates And Zombies. It's getting a sequel this year and it's going to be amazing. Top-down 2D shooting gameplay on a 3D playing field, combine direct piloting and RTS gameplay involving many customizable ships. Play as a pirate captain commanding your fleet against 200 AI captains all trying to survive the galactic zombie apocalypse by building, scavenging, mining, cooperating, but mostly murdering each-other's fleets and ultimately succumbing to the infection themselves.

It has its own steam store page and you can see a trailer there for it.

I'm not really looking forward to any other games. There's Half Life 3 I'm looking forward to playing before I die, but that seems a bit optimistic

In my mind, SPAZ 2 is going to last me hundreds of hours while I also work on my huge backlog of other games I'm going to finish to my 100% completion satisfaction at the age of 110 while I'm on my deathbed surrounded by hot babes all sad that I'm going to die and not be able to sex them all the time anymore. Okay, maybe the part about getting through this backlog is a bit far-fetched.

Not many, but I'm really anticipating the following:

"SOMA", Frictionals next game. It seems they are going for a more original, deeper story this time. It will be interesting to see how the reception will be. Obviously, this time Frictional, not thechineseroom, is making the game, but since Thomas Grip has been referring to Amnesia:TDD as being a bit shallow, there certainly will be changes.

"Torment-Tides of Numenera": I'm certainly not the only one waiting for that, considering that there isn't exactly a shortage of Planescape-/BGII-fans.

Same for "Pillars of Eternity".

Possibly also "The Long Dark".

Also, "The Witcher 3", but I don't think I will still be able to run that in a reasonable manner with my poor old GT240M.

Shin Megami Tensei IV is finally being released in Europe for £17.99.

Buying that shit the second it comes out.

...why the low price compared to other 3DS titles?

Do Atlus have the right idea about digital distribution or is it a fluke?

OT : Bayonetta 2.

Otherwise I'm planning to get hold of a PSP so I can catch up on some things I missed. FF Tactics in particular, also Metal Gear Acid and Gitaroo Man Lives!

Beyond that, Ground Zeroes and MGSV, if it's released for last-gen or PC (not that I'll be able to run the latter).

Also for the finished release of Prison Architect and Rust, I guess.

Also Don't Starve Together.

...huh, more than I thought.

The Protoss extension to Star Craft II.

Dragon Age: Inquisition - I didn't totally like DA2 but it wasn't game breaking as some whiny gamers wanted to claim. It was just a DA that had its corners cut and watered down from what DA1 was.

The Witcher 3 - ( Still slowly enjoying the fist Witcher )

Far Cry 4

The next installment to the ME franchise. ( We need for SF RPGS out there with quality)

Star Citizen --- Only because I'd really like to see if all of this hype and people donating their hard earned money will actually result in a quality product.

Disney's next X-Wing simulator. ( Oh yes! PC X-Wing dog fighting here we come! )

Not too many at this point in time if I'm honest. Apart from The Witcher 3 and Pillars of Eternity, there's nothing that has caught my eye at the moment.

Hmm. Beyond Earth is the only one I'm genuinely excited for, with the hope that it will deliver a break from the Civ historical gameplay which is starting to grow stale for me.

Other than that, I'll be interested to check out Pillars of Eternity, Wasteland 2 and Cyberpunk 2077 when they're done. But most of the upcoming stuff really isn't grabbing my attention. Maybe it's the new console generation forcing everyone to try and fall back on tried and tested ideas, but there's nothing particularly innovative coming along. I had hopes for some more mobile games to push the boundaries, but even that's gone a bit stale.

I would also like to try out the Elite Dangerous game. That might be interesting.

Beyond Earth (easily logged more hours playing Civ games than any other franchise)

Battlefront 3 (fingers crossed, but I loved 1 and 2, if all they manage to do is clean up the graphics, I'll be happy)

Mostly just Metal Gear Solid V. Having beaten GZ a few times I really can't wait for it to come out. And all the stuff they've been revealing about it lately has got me extremely hype. I can't wait to sneak into other people's bases and steal their stuff and also spend tons of time and GMC upgrading my own. Gonna be so much fun.

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