A new Command&Conquer game: why not?

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I certainly wouldn't complain of another C&C game, but RTS games (with the notable exception of StarCraft 2) have kind of run their course at this point.

C&C and a good chunk of its sequels hit their stride during the RTS game explosion of the mid to late 90's, when pretty much every company was cranking out RTS games like mad. Now, PC RTS games are sort of a dying breed, so another C&C game doesn't really have a place to go unless they really overhauled or changed everything, and then to me it's not really Command and Conquer anymore.

A good question is: why can't we have RTS anymore? What's wrong with that? Do videogamers nowadays no longer have the patience to play anything that isn't superfast and immediate (just look at how rpg games changed, from Neverwinter Nights 2 and its slow strategical combat to Mass Effect which is more of a shooter than an rpg)?

There's nothing wrong with RTS games, but the video game industry simply moves in phases and trends, and one genre will be insanely popular for a while and then simply fade away or become highly reduced in number of games. RTS games became enormously popular for a while both due to the success of Warcraft 2 and Command and Conquer, but also because they're relatively cheap and easy to make.

Some other previous examples include space sim games (used to be everywhere, are now quite rare), adventure games (now pretty rare outside of the Indy community), and "pretty slideshow puzzles games" (as I call them) that were everywhere after "Myst" was a smash hit. Heck, look at the tons of fighting games that featured "fatalities" after Mortal Kombat came out.

Cashing in on popular trends is just the nature of the beast in the video games industry.

Personally, I would love Generals 2.


As for Generals... sorry, that wasn't C&C. C&C is cheesy cutscenes and ridiculous tech.
Generals was a good game series, but it really didn't wasn't C&C.

Meet me outside with my tire iron.

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