Dark Souls 2 PvP Tips? Seriously Need Help..

I've read strategy guides, watched videos, and heard it all... yet, it seems most of the information isn't exactly as helpful as i'd like it to be. Granted, these bits of info ARE very useful and has provided plenty of benefits because of how many wins i've obtained ..........

But, as you reach levels 150 to 200- it changes. Why? Because people can almost max out everything that's vital.


A sorcerer at level 180 can not only max out his intelligence and faith, but also pump up his dexterity, health, stamina, and sometimes even boost that strength up to duel wield Greatswords. It throws me off on how to counter such players.

So if you guys could give me some tips on how great your build is, what build in general (strength, faith, dex, ect) is vital for PvP and any other tips for me... I would sincerely appreciate it. I'm trying to fight players at such higher levels than usual and it's became a lot harder then fighting people at 120 or less.

TL;DR - Need to get gud. Need help please. Any tips on builds, best way to go, anything would suffice.



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