People who have played the original Fable! Maybe you can help me?

So I was browsing around YouTube and found this video:

Now the uploader says all the music was done by his friend and that the first incarnation of the video was taken down for music copyright violation but as I'm watching the video and listening to the new music I can't help but hear a similarity with a music riff from the original Fable soundtrack with some stuff added on top. It's so close in fact that it's all I can hear and I'm sure of it but I can't place the exact song. I'm going through the soundtrack now but I do have things to do so I was wondering if anyone here would be kind enough to help me out with this.

While slightly reminiscent of the music from Fable, it certainly isn't a piece of Russell Shaw's music from that game or any of it's sequels.

Certain parts do sound similar to parts from the pieces Summer Fields, Bowerstone and Oakvale, but that one piece from the Youtube video doesn't contain enough similarities for me to think it's actually contains anything from the Fable soundtrack itself.

If I had to guess, I'd say it's just a generic "medieval/fairytale/fantasy" music loop from a program like Garage Band, or a piece composed from generic loops found in such a program.


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