What are your favorite fire levels in gaming?

Dragon Roost Island from Wind Waker, I guess. Not really into fire. I do love me some kick-ass underwater levels, though.

Also, that personal youtube link might get you mod wrath. Read the COC, pal.

Lava Reef Zone from Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

Dat music.

Crisis City (Classic) from Sonic Generations for much the same reason.

Kinda having a rough time coming up with any others, not least of all because most games these days don't tend to be quite so thematically distinct and separate in their locations as the likes of Mario or Sonic. Though depending on your definition of "level", I could probably populate an entire list just from areas in World of Warcraft.

The fire temple by far. Fire levels are hit and miss or me, with more of them hitting than missing, but when they do, you get beauties like the Fire Temple. It just felt awesome. Ominous, but not in a deliberately horror game kind of way.

The volcano levels in Donkey Kong Country 2 are awesome.

I love Blazing Flizzard's stage from Megaman Zero 3. Though I don't know if it counts since it overlaps its magma theme with a factory theme.

I like the lava levels in Donkey Kong too! I really wanted to put them on the list, but all the ones I could remember were gimmicky in one way or another (like the hot air balloons).

Anyone else remember "What The Heck?" From Earthworm Jim? Now that's a good fire level!

I'm with shrekfan246 on S3&K's Lava Reef Zone. Both acts have gorgeous music and visuals. It really looks like you are in a giant magma chamber with underground lakes of glowing molten rock or a geode with crystals growing out of the walls and ceiling. That's definitely a crowning moment for Sega's heyday (well the entire game was).

Another mention is any Metroid fire area. Considering how the series (usually) treats Convection Shcmonvection, it hammers home the seriousness of how you're in a place that's too hot to survive in without protection. Even better to convince you of the peril is when you either try a "Hell Run" or a hack (and, uh, Other M) force you to in order to proceed. The slow, ominous music of Super Metroid's upper Norfair and Fusion's Sector 3 along with Super's lower Norfair war chanting/drum theme(and its Prime remix) helps set the mood you're exploring a dangerous place possibly with deadly creatures.

I also like the Lava Tube from Jak and Daxter, where you race on you zoomer before it overheats, underground. I'm sad that one was just spent 5 minutes traveling to the next area and not fleshed out into a full level with an a-grav zoomer section somewhere in the mix.

One more I can throw out is the Forge from Trine 1. The penultimate stage where orange, liquid iron is under almost every platform and quick swinging, clever conjuring, and precise jumping skills are a must to make it through alive. The music is also somehow bleak, letting you know error is unacceptable, and simultaneously triumphant, telling you to keep pushing forward as victory is in arm's reach.

Anyone else remember "What The Heck?" From Earthworm Jim? Now that's a good fire level!

Also, this might seem silly, I'm new here. How are you guys embedding Youtube vids? I wanted to do that originally but couldn't figure out how.

Ah, Earthworm Jim. Good one, too. Night on Bald Mountain works so well when you're an earthworm, in a super suit, fighting snowmen in heck.

For youtube vids, you need to add the string after http://www.youtube.com/ in the video's url to the code youtube= (put brackets [] on both sides). So youtube=watch?v=JykNUqNNQj4 will become:

This thread has codes that will help out, too.

Thank you Hairless! That worked perfectly! Appreciate it. Good choices :D

Ocarina of Time's Fire Temple was one of my all-time favourite dungeons in the series. Same for Flame Stag's volcano in Mega Man X and Lower Norfair in Super Metroid.

There were lots of other things going on in it besides just lava and fire and brimstone, but the Hell segments of Doom 3 were quite memorable.

Can it be an ironic favorite? If so I nominate level 5 of Gradius 3. Just a minute and a half of pure awful in a game that was already well north of Too Damn Hard.

Lost Izalith, from Dark Souls.

The butts. Oh god, the butts. Oh, and say goodbye to one of your ring slots, because unless you want your ass burnt to a crisp, you'll be wearing that Orange Charred Ring.

Blade of Darkness (Released in 2001)

level : = Forge of Xshathra =

This level is full of lava , orc ,skeleton , minotuar , traps , lava golem and hard as hell
If you can finish this game without saving , you deserve a medal.

This game is DarkSouls of 10 years ago

This game is king of hack-n-slash in my heart
This game level design + music is superb
This game deserve a sequel T ^ T

Ridley's Lair from Super Metroid. Just listen to the music.

Banjo-Tooie's Hailfire Peaks is half fire level, if that counts. I found that level very challenging and a lot of fun to play.

I may be a bit biased though, the Banjo-Kazooie games are my all-time favorites.

Z, me too! I could really really make a case for Banjo Kazooie being my favorite game of all time!

Didnt read topic at first thought it said fav levels not fire lol.

Dragon roost if that counts and the music in OoT's Fire Temple is legit

I'm not super big on fire stages.

I'll throw in another vote for the Fire Temple in Ocarina of Time. It has a great atmosphere, and I love the visuals, especially in the 3DS version. Volvagia is one of my favorite Zelda bosses as well.

Lower Norfair in Super Metroid is really awesome for the music and of course it's the place you fight Ridley. I'll throw in Magmoor Caverns from Metroid Prime since it uses the same song and it's basically a 3D Lower Norfair.

I agree with Fire Temple, Volvagia is one of my favorite bosses in LoZ too. I remember thinking I liked it even more because of the shadow fight, but that's in the water temple hehe. Good game man, good game.


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