Villains you feel sorry for

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Kadaj from FF VII Advent Children because at the end after Cloud makes Sephiroth all kinds of messed up and he turns back to Kadaj the way they made Kadaj look like a confused child plus the music i just felt bad for him

I agree, but I think it's fair to include Sephiroth and the other 2 children aswell. Hell imagine being a badass Soldier, looked up to by everyone only to realise there's nothing special within you really... you were just one of the survivors of horrendous Mako Infusion experiments. As for the 3 remnants, well they said it themselves "Every child misses their mother" if a little misguided...


Jinno's story is a sad one, a life destroyed by another's quest for vengeance that would spawn a similar hatred and malice in another as a result. His story is an object lesson in the vicious cycle of revenge. One person's actions to punish an enemy will inevitably cause another to hunt them in turn. It's a self-perpetuating cycle of death and self-destruction in which there is no escape.

now thats deep as in so Deep that it proves so much about people nowadays

the Villian i feel sorry for is

is that guy form Naruto who was a master of water Jutsu (i'm really sorry people but i can't seem to remember his name)

in order to pass the ninja exam he had to kill all his class mates everyone who he trained with , the one's he he shared the same passion with, the one's who would support him all the way so they can fufil their dreams

he had to kill them all only to become the greatest

(i can remember very little so i'll just stop now before i say something thats not true)

and also Sauskay he watched his entire family be Slaughtered by his own brother who he looked up to

and now for the ones that i can remember very well

the Beauty and the Beast unit from MGS4 after you defeat each one you here Drebin tell their story which are all sad because War tore them apart but i think that Crying wolf had it the worse (Soffcated her own BABY brother without knowing,,,,,her intentions were to simply stop him from crying so the gaurds won't find them and kill them)

Haku from Naruto. OK, maybe he's not technically a villain but his back stoty and what happen to him is really sad. The way he ended up with Zabuza and why he does the things he does go a lot deeper than most villains.

The Demon Zombie Ghost Pirate LeChuck. C'mon, he (and Guybrush) got robbed on the five game contract. How could you not?

John Henery Eden

"President" of the U.S. in Fallout 3

Let's see: W.I.T.C.H, Bratz, Winx club, Barbie and any other show where the writer's brains have been sucked out with a straw... Every time I was stuck watching those shows and a villain came along, deep in my heart I hoped that he would end the nightmare of retardation, I mean the villains are even more intelligent and the world they'd make can't be worse than the one they're in..

I always feel bad for the villains in movies where they get ditched by the woman for no good reason other than that they aren't some girly-boy protagonist (e.g. Pirates of the Caribbean).

Ryan from Bioshock. poor guy, poor insane guy :(



...How could it get worse than that.
Anyway, I don't really feel bad for many villains, if only because their motives are often poorly explained.
Villain protagonists, however, are different.
Dexter is a guy I can agree with pretty much all of the time.

This may not be a good thing to say, but while reading the books and watching the series, I rarely disagreed with what Dexter did. He did what he had to to prevent becoming an ordinary soulless serial killer, instead becoming an evil guy killing serial killer. He doesn't kill innocents, and a few bad guys...disappear. What's not to like?

Edit: added some sentences

It's not a bad thing. He's necessarily evil. He can't be helped, and he's providing a service to the city.

The Madman:

The dastardly guy that is always tying dudley do-right's girlfriend to the railroad tracks.

Hes only malicious because of the moustache.

Snidely Whiplash: Villain extraordinary.

He also had a black top-hat and a cape, if those don't make him evil I don't know what does!


Blame the black cape, yeah thats okay...
Blame the black top hat, I'm a-okay with that...
Blame gaming on corrupting his upbringing, it's a load of bullocks but what ever
But never
Blame that glorious mustache, that simply superb and beautiful mustache
Its so... Stunning!
It lures you in with its glorious... glory!
Oh, its so beautiful...

Magneto. Come on, he only wants to rule the world! But, I honestly root for the villain most of the time. They are more complex characters then your grizzled hero-type.

seconded... they submitted him to a fate worse than death for him...

oh yeah and davy jones from pirates of the carribean...

Angus Young:
John Henery Eden

"President" of the U.S. in Fallout 3

hell yes.. in part cos he's voiced by malcolm macdowell who is a legend...

Coyote, he tries so hard to catch Road Runner, I want to see him have a decent meal.

Andrew Ryan, although he wasn't strictly a "villian", but an aspirational figure who saw his dreams corrupted, and desperately tried to salvage them.

It's also the reason that when I play through Bioshock again, everytime "Atlas" speaks it fills me with a sense of dread.

Saren, Hes a true soldier who tried to protect people by paying the ultimate cost but he was tricked into doing the opposite

Colonel Augustus Autumn(fallout 3) because his plan was more sane and like though controlling the water, gaining the support of the people and killing the undesired would eventually tame the wasteland a lot faster then say the presidents plan to kill everyone and start from starch I wish they made an option for me to join him instead of the president.

Ganondorf. In Wind Waker especially, he comes across as a character almost in need of pity, rather than scorn. Yes, he's an evil super-villain. Yes, he unleashes hordes of monsters. Yes, he keeps trying to conquer the same Kingdom over and over again, endlessly thwarted by a ten year old boy, but despite that there is a side to him that pulls at your heart strings.

My personal theory on Ganondorf is that, like Link and Zelda, he is enslaved to the role he plays. However, whereas each Link and each Zelda endure the saga once, then live out the rest of their lives largely trouble free, Ganondorf is always the same individual; doomed to spend eternity being shot with Light Arrows and stabbed with the Master Sword.

Moreover, since the 'reinventing' of the Series in Ocarina, each character has been bound to a piece of the Triforce. Ganondorf is bound to the Triforce of Power, and he has used that to consume the world in Darkness. One could assume, therefore, that the Triforce itself may exert itself upon him; he is enslaved to the rage and fury that were his strongest traits when he first touched the Triforce, now forever doomed to follow that destructive path.

In the rare moments of lucidity before and after his duels with Link, Ganondorf often appears a sorrowful individual. Born into a harsh, unforgiving land, bound to an endlessly repeating Legend, consumed by powers mortals were never meant to wield, and cursed with immortality to ensure he can never end his forsaken existence.

I feel sorry for Ganondorf.

The serialkiller in my closet who threatens to kill me all the time but he really just wants to be hugged. Poor guy...

I'm sure someone has already mentioned this, but I think Dagoth Ur from Morrowind evokes the most sympathy from me, personally.

He's basically Boromir. Left alone with a corrupting influence, told to guard it... and he does, in a sense.

Also, I'd like to mention Isair and Medae from Icewind Dale II. They sort of neatly lampshade the whole "These races are evil so let's wipe 'em out!" side to D&D by playing it from the other side.
It's a sly dig at the old 'racial cleansing of goblins and assorted nasties' archetype of most old-school D&D adventures.
Like Dagoth Ur, Isair and Medea ask you about your motivation for stopping them at the end of the game and it's a tricky thing to answer (And yes, one of the answers is "Uh... Because I was told to?".) without sounding as bigoted as they are.

for me Its some of Organzion XIII fronm Kingdom Hearts. I all just wanted hearts. Others like their boss was just power hungry and used them.

Dr Horrible of course!

Andrew Ryan from Bioshock. Just thinking about it makes me want to go back and read "Atlas Shrugged" again.

basicaly all of the vilains from the pokemon series, most of the are just trying to get pokemon and then you come in and get them all arested!!!

I would say the Joker from The Dark Knight, not really because i sympathize with him, but 'cus he was SO EFFING AWESOME. Smith and The Architect from The Matrix. I loved watching the scene in the first Matrix with Smith and Morpheus, where Smith tells Morpheus how he is trying to escape the machines and free himself, and just seeing 10 million of that kind of villian was pretty epic as well. I know the scene with the Architect wasnt really that long, and he couldnt be called a major "villian", but I loved listening to the speech he gave Neo.
And also the Devil from Fantasia. Now WAIT NO im not sympathizing with the devil! 0_o But just the character artistry, the way he never actually talks or communicates with the audience, how hes just this ominous intimidating prescence is so powerful, i had to mention him.

I kinda feel sorry for Saren in Mass Effect.

cave troll - LOTR:FOTR
He's big and mean looking but he is clearly led in by a chain, tormented by the goblins and orcs that have captured him and maybe tortured him, his scared body might not be all battle wounds.

He looks pretty intent on killing Frodo I'll grant you but the ring drives good things bad, tortured bad things are already on its side so it would be easy for it to control them. Plus he's (pressumably) been trained to kill/tortured into being nasty.

He's death wail is so sorrowful that he makes me sad, and I'm only glad that it's a clean arrow through the brain that may not have hurt as much as being bludgeoned by dwarves may have done.

You see more cave trolls on top of the black gates being whipped into their immense task of pulling open the gate and it makes me a little sad.

Of course it is implied that trolls are generally nasty creatures - the 3 that try to eat the dwarves in bilbos adventures in The Hobbit for example, but what if the cave troll would have just left any passing travellers alone, living in his cave or something I don't know.

Ok i don't feel THAT sorry for him but still - it stands to reason.


From the top of my head, magneto ( when i saw X3 and he was moving the chess pieces at the end i was hoping he would get his powers back and kill everyone ), alma of course. I mean if i were in her place i wouldn't even bother with all the psych, i'd get my sons together, have a nice sit down and talk. If they help me i'll let them live, if not then i'll kill them for being ingrates. Then i'll go on to take over the world with my two boys. =D

Dr. Victor Von Doom from Fantastic 4....what a sorry sap.


...How could it get worse than that.
Anyway, I don't really feel bad for many villains, if only because their motives are often poorly explained.
Villain protagonists, however, are different.
Dexter is a guy I can agree with pretty much all of the time.

I can understand not feeling bad for some villains, but not Alma? She really was a victim of the whole thing. Or what about Saren from Mass Effect? Sure, he's a bastard at the beginning, but you really have to feel sorry for him once you realize he's indoctrinated.

Yeah, I kind of felt sorry for Saren, he's a very interesting character I might add. I don't know if any of you guys have played Kingdom of Paradise on the PSP, but I also felt sorry for the villain Gikio, he only wanted to be with his son after all, but his son just couldn't bring himself to love him back and ended up killing him.

The androids in Bladerunner. They didn't really want to have to kill all of those people; they just wanted to not die. You can't help but feel sorry for Roy Batty as he dies on that rooftop.

I also felt sorry for the villain in Lost Planet. But that was mainly because I had no idea who he was. "I'm sorry, but I'm going to have cleave your giant robot in half with my giant robot."

Superboy Prime... NOT!

I really do feel bad for Magneto. He's just looking out for his homies, it's just that he does it in a violent way because he had a traumatic childhood in internment camps that he's sure is going to happen to his own kind unless he does something. Strangely, his instincts are kind of right considering how often the government gets stupid and decides giant mutant-killing robots are the answer. (Lately however, anti-mutant tensions are quite low, if only because there's only 198 of them left in the world. They're an endangered species.)

Oh, and the Alien Queen in Aliens. She watched her poor babies get fried by Sigourney Weaver!

I feel kind of sorry for Andrew Ryan. He wanted to create a utopia and ended up turning into one of the very 'Parasites' he was trying to escape. Plus he got a golf club wedged in his bonce.

Ninenty nine nights...the cave troll....not sure of his name, but that story is truly a tear jerker.

I feel bad for Gabranth in FFXII. He's truly a broken man on the inside.

Darth Malak: He wasnt a particularly deep character. In fact he seemed for the most part to be just your generic genocidal power hungry Sith Lord, who only does all he does to become even more powerful, only to die because of it sooner or later. However, after you beat him, and answer his question of if you are to blame for his fall by telling him to accept responsibility of his, Im pretty sure he delivers a line about him being "nothing". Actually I think regardless of what ending you go for, he delivers a similar line. I thought it was pretty sad, and it said to me that through it all, just by some twist of life Reven was always better than Malak. I dont know, it just made me pity him. Maybe its just the fact that, despite what idiots would have you believe, not everyone is a winner, and not everyone is born for great things or able to reach their dreams.

Are we allowing movies in too? If so then Vincent from Collateral. Hes such a stone cold killer, yet due to brilliant writing and Tom Cruise's brilliant acting you occasionally get to see these flickers of serious emotion. Like when he kills the Jazz man, an artist he clearly has respect for, and I think you can see the regret in his eyes afterwards in that he was just contracted to kill someone who in reality he just enjoyed his music. Plus I think his points about the bleak meaninglessness of human life are really spot on. "Millions of galaxies of hundreds of millions of stars and a speck on one in a blink. Thats us, lost in space. The cop, you, me... Who notices?"

Liquid Snake: Maybe he was wrong about it all, but partly due to how well the line is delivered, I couldnt help but sympathise when he says to Snake "Can you understand what its like to know you were garbage since the day you were born!?!" Again though, the fact that I feel sorry for him is probably due to how awesome he is in other scenes.



I feel sorry for Ganondorf.

I agree 100%, completely and absolutely. While I dont believe Ive ever seen any Zelda game hint at this (probably a bit too deep and real life for its absolute good and evil), when it talks about Link's "destiny" all the time, the only other logical conclusion I can conclude is that Ganondorf is also destined like a slave to repeat this role of villain over and over. How is it possible for some higher power to have Link be destined to repeatedly defeat this villain, yet the villain remain to continue pursuing this hopeless endeavour over and over of his own volition? I feel sorry for Ganondorf, because he is such a poorly written, baseless villain that the Zelda games constant desire to have him be this villain has instead made him a victim in my mind.

Another vote for Roy Batty. He is completely and totally innocent, created as a slave to serve in combat and despite this fact he still considers that he has "done questionable things". Infact, he is so good, it makes me question if he even is a villain. Deckard has as much right to be considered the villain of Blade Runner. Anyways, instead of letting Deckard fall to his death, which he would have been well within his rights to do since he murdered (retired) two of Roys friends, he pulls him up. Then of course he delivers that famous line, which if the music wasnt so damn good too, would have made that entire scene on its own, but luckily both work so well together to create something even more special.

Im somewhat ambivalent about Irenicus. He does such a good job of making you hate him, manipulating and using you as if you were nothing. When it comes to finally fighting him and he delivers the classic "WHAT? WHO DARES!?!" villain line, it was very satisfying to say "I dare! Your plans are ruined Irenicus! You will die here!" Still, while I cant fathom why he attempted to sap the tree of life and become a god originally, or perhaps why Bodhi convinced him, but I do feel sorry for him because of his punishment. Those typically arrogant Elves cursed him in the worst possible way and I do believe his bloody revenge was the only possible course for him to take. Its the stealing my soul to once again try his original wacked out plan. If his goal were only to slaughter the Elves of Suldanesselar, I mightve been tempted to step aside and let him given the chance. Pity you cant put that arrogant bitch Ellesime in her place, damn her!

Argh, there are so many more to choose. I definitely fall on the side of villains usually, as they almost always seem to be much more complex and realistic than the heroes.


The Ur-Quan

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