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Them's Fightin' Herds slated for February 2018. Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection announced and honestly looks great.

Wow so the thread is accessible again. I tried the demo for MVCI and er I really did not like it its not a bad fighter its just something that doesnt do it for me on any level especially when the competition is this strong. At this point even if Psylocke got in I am not sure I would buy it, thats how much of a negative effect the demo had on me. Netcode worked flawlessly for me in my very limited time with it though.

The Arika fighting game (EX layers?) is out on PS store atm limited time so download that if your interested I will be giving it a go later. I also tried out the VR fighter on JP PSN stores Steel Combat (think thats the name havent played it in a while). Only played the demo and its bloody weird in that imagine you are in the center of a tyre and the fighting takes place on the wheel around you so you have to turn right around to see the action sometimes (pretty much need to play standing up). Other than that it plays like a 2D fighter with 3D models. Not something I will be buying but not a bad game at all and I would love to see a fighter in VR only with a less annoying viewing method i.e just keep it in front of ya. Gotta say though the victory celebrations are awesome in it as the robot comes into the center space with you and celebrates like with a fistbump or something its so cheesy and awesome.

SFV had an announcement that didnt suck with the Anniversary collection but no price so will wait on that and honestly im only interested in SF2 Turbo (not Super Turbo) and to a lesser extent 3S both of which I have already multiple times so probably wont get it tbh.

Their character pass 3 is better though in that they actually revealed all characters (no stupid silouettes) and Sakura, Sagat and the best SF character of all time Blanka are coming back. I will likely jump back in for a little while with Blanka but not sure how long I will stay.

Biggest news for me however was the news Soul Calibur is coming back.

SC is my favourite fighting game series by far so I am really happy its coming back and we at least get some of the old cast back which is great unfortunately we may get back some of Vs who are not Viola or ZWEI which is a big negative as they all sucked.

Fighting games continue to be back in a big way and i am really happy about it only downside is there are to many :)

Hopefully DOA6 and VF6 are announced soon as well actually no announce them next year there is to many this year as it is.

Kinda annoyed Monster Hunter, Dissidia and DBFZ are out pretty much the same time and Uniel thinking about it.

EDIT: Just tried the arika game demo and had the most bizarre feeling matches I have ever had in a fighter put it simply at this moment the connections are not good I never felt in control of my character often even jumping forward was difficult enough and either I am missing something massive or I have had huge drop frames in bizarre places because no matter what I did (never felt like) I was never in priority seriously even when I am hitting them I am scared to push buttons and its not that they are doing invincible reversals.

They block a super they are in priority ok fair enough only only when they do the same super to me they obviously are in priority my end same thing with jump ins I land a deep jump in and somehow they have recovered in that fraction of a second it takes me to land after it. Also had that weird thing I had in SFV a few times where block would stop registering but luckily none of that taking control of your character for 10 seconds and start going crazy even though your not touching the controller.

Offline it feels fine definitely a slower based fighter which is ok and the gougi system seems interesting but damn online is terrible atm even when I won it never felt satisfying just felt like I was battling the bizarre frames than the opponent.

ah3lmsix stars is out. who else is plqying it? having fun learning minori stuff, and loving minori

Anyone want to get some practice games in with Tekken 7 on steam?

I got Arcana Heart Six Stars, definitely looking forward to games on that sometime.

I got Six Stars as well but have not had the chance to play it yet.

it seems 6 stars netplay maybr starting to slow down, n soon itll br the same regulars. its a shame because i tend to prefer examu over asw, french bread and other makers.

its the fg of the year imo, but doubt it gets mentioned anywhere, as most ppl go wtf is arcana heart.

if you haven't played theres one thing thats good to know. it seems old tactics, and combos seem to still work for everyone. so it's not like blazblue where often you have to forget a lot of old strings. there are lots of new things that I don't think you can do before, and of course Minori, and blood arcana.

2018 is looking decent for fighting games.

I believe the Dissidia open beta is up now for western regions but be warned its a big download like 18gb or so I am told. I played the japanese beta and it was mostly amazing although I did have one weekend when the matches became near unplayable I can only assume everyone was on the internet that weekend or they were testing how to match people up. Last weekend of the beta in particular was really smooth.

Dragon Ball Fighters z beta is also up soon think it may be monday for those who did not pre order.

I say beta but think demo would probably be more accurate.

Hoping to hear more on Soul Calibur 6 soon.

DBFZ beta is up for everyone saturday night, for preorders it'll be open tonight!

Looks like Dreiko already mentioned it but DBFZ is up for everyone now at least in EU regions (guess its the same everywhere). Seems pretty fun although ive only done the tutorials definitely having more fun with it than I did MVCI (really did not like that game unfortunately). You can only play a few characters but with first impressions I like the balance of depth and accessibility at least it feels good so far.

Also anyone heard about BB cross tag battle? 20 DLC characters which is literally the same as the included roster and Blake from RWBY (and by extension I assume Yang) is one of them. I mean damn I hope the game is budgeted accordingly or they better make way for some well deserved crap coming their way. Shame as I was actually looking forward to that game I mean Makoto, Chie, Ruby and Blake are characters I really like.

Sounds like SC6 will have some reveals at EVO Japan where its got a demo so should know more on that by the end of the month.

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