How do you organize your game library?

Particularly on PC, where you have them spread out across a dozen shops. You have games on Steam, GOG, Origin,, Humble Store. Hey, if you're feeling particularly out of the box you might even have some on Uplay, the Windows Store and

How do you keep track of all your games? Please don't tell me it's a Word document or Excel spreadsheet...

I feel like there are games I end up neglecting because they're not in the stores I use the most. I don't even remember which games I have on Origin, probably from some bundle years ago. There are even times where I considered buying a game on a sale just to remember that I actually already owned it elsewhere. And then there are games I don't even give a chance at all, like some experimental indies on, because I don't want to add yet another store and library to the list to keep track of.

Ah! My favorite subject!!! How to List!!! I list the Videogames I Played you ask?

First I create files which each represent a Platform which I played the games. PC, DOS, PS3, PS2, Super Nintendo, N3DS, etc.
After that on each of these files I create files each represent a letter of Alphabet and one for symbols and numbers.
Finally I just take a picture of the game I played and intall it to the respectful title with a score I put for my taste. 10 for the best, 1 for the worst.

I hope I helped.

I use like four gaming platforms (GoG, Steam, Origin, uPlay), so I just keep it all in my head. Generally speaking, my memory is good enough that I don't forget games that I want to play and I occasionally stop by the different platforms to see which games are there and if there's something that might catch my fancy at the moment.

As an OCD completionist gamer, I really don't buy that many games - maybe a handful a year - and I only play one game at a time. When I start a game, it is always with the intention of finishing it and completing every quest/mission in the game at the highest difficulty setting. If the game ends up sucking, I discard it, and usually don't go back. If I didn't complete it on first try, it was probably for good reason.

Also, I know you said not to mention it, but I do have a spreadsheet. On it, I list every PC game I have completed, going back to Zork I in 1980. The list is currently up to 64 games. The spreadsheet also has a list of games that I am considering playing next, and a list of games that are in development that I will consider buying when they come out.

on steam i spent 4 + hours organising my collection by genres that make sense to me :) along with a section for unplayable/not interested

Most of the games I have it on Steam, and when I buy from other online stores, it's to play immediately. My Steam library, on the other hand, I have it organized in 5 categories (besides favorites): TO PLAY, CURRENTLY PLAYING, FINISHED, 100% COMPLETED, NOT INTERESTED.

On shelves. I buy physical copies only. I do keep a folder for every console with .jpgs of the game covers though.

Like this:

Emulators and clients like Steam are on my Start menu, as you can see.

GOG, Uplay and other PC games are on the corner of my desktop.

Sometimes I update my account on that website with new games. It helps me remember old ones. I tried learning Excel, partly because there's no really good website for listing movies, but quickly gave up.

I seldom feel overwhelmed. Most games just aren't that interesting.

For psychical copies, I go by console, publisher, and have it all in alphabetical order. Except for the console part. On my PS4, I have folders labeled Brawlers, Racing, Old-School FPS, and PSN favorites.

Psh. I just use Steam, and GoG for games not on Steam.

Physical games though...I like organizing. I generally do alphabetically, but I tend to keep a series together. So I keep most "Dynasty Warriors" games together. So for my 360 games, it goes DW: Gundam, DW5 Empires, DW6, DW6 Empires (cause I keep each game in its "era"), DW Strikeforce (A DW6 "era" game), DW7, DW8, THEN Samurai Warriors 2, SW2 Empires, Warriors Orochi, Warriors Orochi 2.

Most games dont really mess with the alphabet organization like the various Warriors games though. And order of games > Alphabetical, should it matter.

I've got my physical games and my GoG games.
If I want to check what I've got, I just check my games shelf or my gog collection.
Really not that complicated.

I have them on shelves, separated by console and in alphabetical order. The only games i have on PC are on gog, and my memory's good enough that I don't generally forget what games I have. I don't go on wild spending sprees. I prefer to keep my backlog of unplayed games to a minimum, so I own maybe 200 games in total that I've gradually amassed over the course of the last 20 years.

For my absolutely massive collection of PC games on Steam I separate them by genre. For my console games I have them on the shelf and separate them by console, and I put games in the same series together...


That's about it.

I generally don't. For all of my console games I just have them in a stack that's kept in order of most recently played. I don't have the motive or space to organize them all in a proper fashion.

I'm 'that' organizational heathen. You know the one.

I occasionally make a few categories on Steam and GoG, usually along the lines of things like: "Played" "Favorites" "Coop/Party/Lan" "Play Now" "Need to Play" and/or subcategories based on developer (if I have a LOT by the same dev) But really, it's just a jumble in the library of each respective client. Same goes for physical. The most I do is separate them out by console. After that it's just a pile of cases or cartridges in separate boxes.


I keep things fairly organised. I have a map set to my taskbar with all my loose games in it. And I list them from most to least played, bottom to top. Game launchers like steam and such I keep at the very bottom of that list below the games, and I only launch them when I want to play a game on them.

Then again, I only have a few dozen games on my PC. If I had over 100, I would probably make separate maps. One for the games I play a lot, and one for the others. And I'd probably put the game launchers on my desktop at that point.

I've tried categorizing physical games in different ways over the years, but right now, I've got all my physical games in two cupboards. Each are in piles sorted by platform, with each pile going in title order (A-Z). Each title is placed within chronological order of the series.

So, for instance, I've got a Halo pile that goes Halo Wars>Halo 3: ODST>Halo 3>Halo 4>Halo: Reach*, which is located in the middle of the overall Xbox 360 pile (actually about 2.5 piles in terms of height). Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2 are in that order in the Xbox (original) pile, and Halo 5 is within the Xbox One pile.

*Place Reach at the end as per its epilogue, which takes place after Halo 4. Some of the chronological placements may look funny to some eyes.

I barely have to so I don't really think of it. Steam is already alphabetized, and my installed PS3/4 games are in order of install date, respectfully descending down/right from the most recent. I keep my physical copy cases in alphabetical order on a shelf for console and PC game cases are stacked randomly in a nook of my desk.

The rest of my installed PC games are so few that they fit as Start Menu shortcuts in one section. I sold all my other physical console games older than 7th gen, as I have nothing left to play them on anyways.

I keep mine simple on Steam.
There is a "Finished folder for games I am done with in some way, usually just the main story is done. There is a "Meh" folder for games I have tried and didn't like/given up on and then everything else is just in the open.

Um... I have a scrap of paper sticky-taped to the side of my PC tower with an incomplete scribbled list of games I intend to complete.

Beware my organisational prowess.

Also I use the Steam wishlist for games I want to buy when they go on sale. It sends you an email whenever one does, which is super handy.

i have all of my game collection on two shelves and i arrange them by console category.

N64 games with the N64 games. 360 games with the 360 games. Wii U games with the Wii U games. etc....

I literally just have a folder on my desktop labeled "Games" which has all my titles in it.

Steam is its own thing, I don't keep the shortcuts for those since it's just a waste to bother with that when they're already in one place. Same for Origin and Blizzard's games.

GoG and any game that's not connected to those services, I have individual shortcuts for, within said Games folder.

Physical copies range from being strewn around my desk to being safely filed away with other collections.

I use depressurizer every couple months or so to automatically organise my steam library by genre
and then I have a couple custom categories (visual novels, open world, don't dead open inside, etc)
the other digital platforms I generally have so few games on that A-Z functions perfectly fine

At this point I keep any physical games right next to the console itself, since they're few enough that I can do that. I have about 80 games for the Gamecube, but I have lost so much interest in playing them anytime soon that I just keep them in boxes in the basement.

I do have a somewhat-large steam library though, which I have organized into categories so I can better discern what games I have that I might be in the mood to play.
Good Singleplayer - Multiplayer - Co-op - Favorite Singleplayers - Puzzle - To be Played - and Trash.

To be honest, it doesn't help me find games I want to play. It just helps me assure myself that I don't want to play anything.

Top shelves with deluxe/collector's editions sorted by publishers/franchises, the rest mostly just random, except whoever came up with the idea of those bluray sized steelboxes needs to be shot, because those are on their own which makes my OCD sad.

On Steam, I sort games into the following categories:
Fight (for FPSs, RPGs, action adventure, combat sims etc.)
Fink (for RTSs, puzzle games, simulators etc.)
Foaw! (For weird stuff that doesn't fit into the above, like arty games and walking simulators)
Freebee (free crap I get in bundles, which came with the games I actually wanted to play)
Played Out (stuff I've played to exhaustion and want to not look at)
To be Played (stuff I should really get on playing)
Unloved (shitty games or free games that I'll never play)
Upgraid required (things I bought in the sale, despite them being too intensive for my computer to run for now).

As for my real library, I have a fiction shelf sorted A-Z by author, a non-fiction shelf A-Z by subject, and a shelf for oversized comics/cookbooks.

I've only bothered to create two of my own categories: "Stealth" and "Flash". Now, I doubt any of the games I add in Flash were actually made in Flash but I put those type of games... The kind I could find on gaming sites like Kongregate, ArmorGames, etc. Except on Steam they're usually more robust and longer-lasting.

I like Game Dev Tycoon, Rebuild 3, FTL and Windward but they could all easy be on an internet app. (In fact, Rebuild 3 is just a more robust version of 2, which is on the internet).

Stealth is obvious, it's one of my go-to genres. All of the AC's are on there, along with Far Cry, Sniper Elites, Shadow of Mordor. Splinter Cell, some Hitmans, and even Watch_Dogs because it does have a stealthy element to it thanks to the silenced pistol.

I could use more organization. I sometimes sort by "Recently played" to see what I've been in the mood for in the past month or two. Sometimes I scroll down and look at all the uninstalled and "hours played" and see if anything strikes my fancy. There's a lot of stuff I got during some super sales and didn't bother to play more than 20 minutes of.

I don't. I just put shortcuts on desktop for games that i will/might play eventually, if they are gone from there then it's unlikely that i will touch them again.

While I do not bother to organize my collection in a physical manner, I have found a few useful sites that I deem helpful in keeping track of games I've played across different platforms.

First off, GameFAQs has added some handy functionality in recent years that allows one to list games in one's collection, right down to particular editions.

Another site is called Grouvee, which, among other things, lets one organize titles into various folders.

Then there's Darkadia, whose primary asset I find to be its fairly extensive options for flagging individual games with assorted metadata.

I just use Steam favourites. I put in there any game I intend to play.
I don't leave most games installed on my computer when I finished them. Everything that is not in favourites, I either finished playing or am not interested. The exception is a situation like Dishonored or Skyrim, which aren't in favourites but is still installed. I only have a few achievements left but am not keen right now. Or Witcher 3, where I will eventually do those DLCs

My Steam page (much like my GoG library) is nothing but freebies and MMOs stay outside the favorites where they belong; physical copies are divided into a rectangle-bag for movies and another for games. (Wii/GC, PS2, and mostly PS3) Inside the game bag is a parade of X-Files blu-ray cases to condense my collection as much as possible. Nearly anytime a franchise I like has an anthology disk, the cover-art is used and any good game from the series (or if necessary, the most similar titles) fill the case.

Ratchet & Clank, for instance, has the original trilogy, Deadlocked, the Future trilogy, and the Jak & Daxter trilogy. My Metal Gear Solid Collection includes The Twin Snakes, Guns of the Patriots, and both parts of 5 in addition to the promised selection. Resident Evil: Revelations includes 0-4 for the Wii. My Far Cry Collection not only has 4, but every Asscreed between 2 and Rogue with PoP: Sands of Time for Gamecube to replace the slog that was Asscreed 1; I chose Far Cry over Asscreed because the future plot was founded on and never justified garbage science-fiction. My God of War Saga has all games thus far, plus both [Prototype]s.


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