Theories about the new God of War

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I'm replaying God of War II and fighting Medusa right now. I wish they'd stop activating rage mode with L3 and R3. I have a habit of accidentally pressing down on them in the middle of the action, wasting the meter. Damn controllers...

I'm actually replaying II myself right now to clean up trophies. Did you know you can stop the rage by pressing them again? I'm not sure if it's because I'm on new game+ but the meter can be used as needed which helps.




I still don't like the idea of Kratos traveling to another pantheon, mixing universes. I'm not that big on Thor as a character either. I would prefer playing as an original character who maybe defeats Thor and becomes the god of war.

What do you mean mixing universes? The first GoW had references to Christianity in it, so it's clear there are other beliefs in the world. And just because the Greek gods are real, doesn't mean the Norse ones aren't also real. So I don't get your dislike of him going to another part of the world, and encountering another pantheon of gods. The GoW games only really hung around the Greek areas of history, so it's entirely possible the "end of the world" he triggered, was just a localized geological disaster.

But again, if they can reference eventually having Christianity in the GoW line, I don't see why the Norse can't be in their too.

If there were Christian references, I don't remember them in God of War and God of War II. I did find on the page below that there is a mural of three wise men in God of War II, but thankfully the game isn't more specific than that.

I didn't read the information for God of War III, written beneath that, because I haven't played it yet, but I'm guessing there's more.

I'm sorry, but I'm not changing my mind on this. As I said before, it makes the world less credible. The pantheons have opposing explanations for the nature of the universe and their own astrology. Polytheistic and monotheistic religions especially can't coexist, so whatever God of War III might have said about Christianity is retarded.

I dislike Alien vs. Predator, I dislike the presence of Metropolis in some versions of Batman, I dislike Scott's idea of Alien and Blade Runner coexisting, I dislike King Kong meeting Godzilla, and I dislike this.

I don't remember them either, but it's been years since I've played it and am now only at the Steeds. The three wise men was part of an idea Jaffe had if he had directed 3, but I wasn't aware it was ever explicitly referenced in any of the games.

As for religions and their various belief systems, doesn't whether they coexist or not depend on wherever their respective believers happen to be in the world? It would be ideal to think they are each self-contained and mutually exclusive but the world has seemed to prove that impossible as time goes on.

Agreed that a lot of the movies often especially take things too far though, and this also seems to be as much if not more for commercial reasons than artistic. People generally love playing the association game, but to me it depends on the source materials and how plausibly they can make the connection. Some of it is absolutely ridiculous, while other examples can be downright intriguing.

The most recent example as far as movies are concerned that made me want to go back and watch an earlier film was the

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