CCP Reaches Out to Angry EVE Online Fans

| 29 Jul 2010 13:23

As angry players vent their spleens in the forums, EVE Online studio CCP says it has given "carte blanche" to a specialized development team that's working to fix lag issues caused by the recent Tyrannis update.

The release of the Tyrannis update for EVE Online at the end of May brought with it a very big problem for online games: lag. According to a number of angry, vocal players, latency issues have made battles between large fleets, one of the game's major attractions, virtually impossible to conduct. The trouble has resulted in some occasionally colorful and entirely unsurprising feedback on the EVE forums, ranging from the tried-and-true "you suck" to a claim by one player that he was able to begin a battle, make some pancakes and then eat them before the battle had concluded.

After weeks of apparent silence, CCP has finally issued a statement assuring gamers that it is actually on the case. "CCP has invested significant time and resources throughout EVE's history on increasing the performance of fleet fights," a spokesman told CVG. "We've always had a team of developers devoted to improving our technology and in recent years we made exponential headway through massive server upgrades and initiatives like 'Stackless IO'."

"Currently, unsurprisingly, this effort is our number one development priority and we have given the specialized team carte blanche in re-attaining 1,000+ player fleet battles that EVE is famous for," the rep continued. "With the help of the EVE community on the test server, we believe we are close to some investigative breakthroughs and will continue to relay any progress via our developer blogs."

Whether CCP's statement will do anything to mollify unhappy gamers remains to be seen; at the time of writing, the last two posts in the complaint thread were calling for an apology and a lawsuit.

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