Slinky Black Dress Doubles as Handy Cell Phone

| 25 Aug 2010 12:44

You can keep your gaudy gold pins and chest tapping, I'm wearing my communicator.

It's always a little exciting when actual science catches up - or overtakes - science-fiction. Case in point: The M-Dress, which combines a cellphone with a dress and makes the communicators on Star Trek: The Next Generation seem needlessly bulky. Ok, it's not going to make calls to your orbiting ship, but as long as you don't mind being limited to just planetary communication, you should be fine.

The M-Dress accepts a standard SIM-card underneath its label and has an antenna built into its hem. The wearer answers calls by lifting their hand to their ear, and ends them by dropping it again. The dress is limited to making calls to just a single number, but can receive calls from anywhere.

According to its creators, London-based CuteCircuit, it's constructed from soft circuits, and was designed to stop women missing important calls when they were in a situation where having a cell phone in easy reach was difficult.

While the dress looks pretty nice - and that's about as in-depth as I get when it comes to dresses - I'd love to see the same technology built into other garments. CuteCircuit plans to sell the M-Dress in London's Selfridges store later this year, and if it sells well, perhaps phone slacks won't be that fair behind.

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