11-Year-Old's Mario Collection Bigger Than Mushroom Kingdom

| 31 Aug 2010 18:08

An 11-year-old from the UK has a collection of Mario goods so large, it could clog a warp pipe.

It's usually tough to get a good look at a capable collector's massive hoard of goods if there are enough items in it. Super Mario Bros. collector Oscar Bown was nice enough to put his 1000+ piece collection on show with a Youtube video that singles out many of the rare items. Yes, 1000+ pieces.

Surprisingly, Bown is barely out of the womb with a scant 11 years of life under his belt. He still has about 999 more pieces of Mario memorabilia than I'll ever own. Bown reaches to the ends of the Earth for his Mario collection, as we can see he's acquired exclusives from Japan and other regions.

From Mario band-aids to inflatable hammers to luggage to more than 30 different soda bottles featuring Mario characters on the caps, this kid absolutely has to have everything associated with the Nintendo plumber. He's even got a copy of NBA Street V3 for the GameCube that featured Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach as playable characters, so he definitely knows his stuff.

Bown's at least partially unhealthy collection (maybe just a little bit?) took him five years to generate: He got hooked when he was just six years young. I'm not trying to cry foul or anything, but Bown is barely old enough to drink a soda on his own without asking his mom, so I'm guessing his parents helped him out with this collection a little bit. What awesome parents they must be, but honestly, what do you do with all of this stuff once you've collected it? It almost seems like it'd become a burden after, I don't know, a few hundred items.

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