3D Best Enjoyed on Big Screen, Says Sony Boss

| 9 Sep 2010 09:47

Nintendo's 3DS may have captivated audiences at E3, but Sony's Kaz Hirai remains non-plussed.

As convenient as portable, glasses-free 3D gaming may be, SCE boss Hirai doesn't think it's what the videogame industry needs to make the feature commonplace. In his opinion, it will be home consoles that push the technology forward, and he says that Sony is playing a big part in that.

In an interview with MCV, he said that every PS3 was 3D capable - or could be, at least - thanks to a recent firmware update, and that Sony's upcoming motion controller, Move, was just as capable at handling 3D games as it was 2D games. He said that he thought a big screen was the "right" way to experience 3D media, given the available technology. This isn't the first time Hirai has taken a pop at the 3DS, back in June he said that a "naked-eye" portable experience was limited and imprecise.

Hirai also said that Sony was willing to share its expertise in creating 3D content with anyone who wanted to learn, as the company wanted to do its part to drive the "mass adoption" of 3D throughout the industry. He added that 3D support was also a big deal for other parts of the Sony Empire, with its movie studios working hard on 3D movies, and its electronics department working on 3D TVs.

It's no great surprise that Hirai would champion his company's 3D experience over that of its rival's, especially as the company as a whole seems to be pulling out all the stops to make 3D media commonplace. With a coordinated effort from all of Sony's branches, it might just succeed as well.

Source: MCV

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