Unboxing the Halo Reach Limited Edition

| 10 Sep 2010 15:40

If you're picking up the Limited Edition of Halo Reach next Tuesday, here's what you're gonna find in the box.

Fridays are pretty awesome, aren't they? Not only do they mark the end of the work week, but sometimes you get cool packages for the weekend - like the boxes that showed up at The Escapist HQ earlier today containing the special Limited Edition of Halo Reach. Guess what we'll be playing this weekend!

In case you've forgotten, the Limited Edition contains the game (duh), a cool ONI "black box" casing, and the personal journal of Dr. Halsey, one of the most important background characters in the series. If that sounds boring, rest assured, it's not - there's a ton of really cool background information and sketches in the journal that help lend more character to the Halo 'verse. There's also a neat world map of the planet Reach.

In other words, it's just the perfect thing for die-hard Halo fanatics. Take a look at the journal (and the very atmosphere-setting casing) and the rest above!

Guess what I'm doing this weekend?

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